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People Who Love One Another Help One Another

posted by Aunt Bea @ 12:09 PM
October 17, 2010

That’s ok Jude.  We appreciate your prayers.  I do wish you and John would try to get along better.  I’ll pray about that too.  You certainly have a lot of good ideas about getting ready for winter..  And I appreciate all you and John do to help me as I get older.  Thank you so much for digging up my tulip bulbs.  It is so kind of you to plant them in spring and store them for me before winter.  And Jude, you were so gracious to bring me one of those ceramic space heaters from your attic.  I can use it in my bedroom after I turn down the heat at night.  I know we have to be so careful of expensive heating bills this winter. 

 John went to the hardware store and got one of those special water heater jackets to cover the hot water tank downstairs.   That way hot water won’t cool off so quickly.  And he put a timer on the hot water heater so that it wouldn’t make water hot during the night hours when I’m sleep.  He says he will try to come back later and put insulation on my hot water pipes too.  That will not only save money on energy, it will also help to stop frozen pipes.

  And my son and his wife’s brother came over and put insulation in the attic, and caulked up all the cracks around the house.  That should also cut down on those drafts I was feeling so much last winter.   And them two boys put a new  ceiling fan up in the kitchen too.  That fan will not only be good to keep things cooler in the summer.  It will also circulate the heat this winter.

 Wow!  That’s wonderful that you know about wholesale Christian sweatshirts.  I got some of their sweat shirt and sweat pants sets to wear outside and indoors too.  And I already started getting gifts for the kids and grand kids there too.  Well, I’ll let you go.  I’ve made some apple pies to go in the freezer for cooking later on this winter.  Remember my brother, to always “fight the good fight of faith” as Paul says in 1 Timothy 6: 12.

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