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“I Started Gettin Ready For Winter in Early Summer”

posted by Mr. Jude @ 12:04 PM
October 16, 2010

I read what John said Bea, and let me say that he is mostly full of his usual foolishness.  And typically for John, he is very late in getting ready for winter.  Jael’s probably right.  Its gonna be a hard, cold winter.  But believe me, I’m ready.

 I started doing all those things he talks about early this summer.  Even doing my own canning.  I even froze some of my cooked foods in containers labeled with permanent markers and masking tape.  And every time, I went to the grocery store I looked for things that were on sale for canning or freezing.  And I put a storage shed out back with shelves and cabinets.  So if a power outage comes this winter, I can take the stuff out of the freezer and put it there to stay frozen.

 So I can stay healthy this winter, I have exercisers in one of the rooms to stop me from gettin’ lazy and stiff, staying indoors.  Also, by hanging them over fences, I made sure all the water hoses  are thoroughly drained so they won’t freeze or crack.  I store them in sheds for winter.  And all my outside grills and other cookin stuff are covered with strong heavy material so they can survive snow or rain.

 Of course, if the weather gets too bad, I seal all rooms but my bedroom, bath and kitchen and I heat them with space heaters.   And if there is a power outage, I have plenty of wood pellets, dried tree branches, and newspaper logs to keep warm by the extra wood stove in the kitchen or fire place where I’ll sleep by in sleeping bags.  Having these substitute heating sources on hand in cold weather really lowers heating costs.  I do other stuff too Bea but I ain’t givin’ folks all my secrets.

 Well I guess I’ll go now Bea.  I got my two piece sweat shirt sets to sleep in from wholesale Christian sweatshirts.  And like I said, I’ll pray for you and John and Jael at least.  Like my namesake Jude instructs, I “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (June 1: 3).  God bless.  I’ll see you soon.  Your brother, Jude.

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