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Bad Winter Coming, More Things To Do

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:22 PM
October 13, 2010

Although the New Farmer’s Almanac says the opposite, government officials expect the coming winter to be rough and cold, especially in the mid-western United States.  These officials insist that a combination of Global Warming and El Nino wind currents will lead to increasingly freezing cold, snow and ice.  According to Joe Bastardi, Chief Long-Range Meteorologist for, “Chicago, Omaha, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Seattle, Alaska, central Canada and Portland” will receive “the worst of winter’s cold and snow.”

 And, discouraging winter travel, Lindsay Godfree, of Cross Country Travel Examiner, expects ice storm damage from Oklahoma to Kansas.  Moreover, predicts that Russia will have its worse winter in 1,000 years.  In addition, the unusually successful forecaster Stephen Adams, also of Arctic Snap, says that Great Britain is “for another bitterly-cold winter, with widespread snow and Siberian temperatures.”

 In view of these dire scientific findings, this blog presents further things to be done in this winter of continuing Global Warming’s traits––i.e. boiling hot summers and freezing-cold winters:  1)  Close off all rooms that will not be used.  Close their heat and air ducts.  Seal their windows and put draft stoppers at their door bottoms; 2) Use rugs, blankets, heavy drapes or other linens to cover windows that are not double paned or air tight.  Try to avoid using plastic panes if possible;  3)  Avoiding heat sources, wrap the hot water tank with blankets or other thick insulation to avoid frozen pipes;  4)  Put towels, rugs, flaps or other types of closures on all under-the-door drafts on all doors leading to the outside;
 5)  Tightly close all outside faucets and wrap them with cloth or insulation to prevent freezing;  6)  Also wrap pipes in basement that are prone to freezing;   7) Put bags of ice in freezer storage areas in case of power outages;  8)  Try to cut down use of the hot water tank by: only wash clothes in cold water; rinsing dishes with hot water warmed on the stove; taking showers instead of baths, etc.  9) Try to use artificial logs, newspaper rolls, discarded wood or other burnable waste in fireplaces.  Clean air demands that healthy trees must remain in place and uncut everywhere possible; 10)  Wear warm layered clothing to stay warm.

 Many in the world see winter as a time of death and sorrow.  But the Bible says that winter was made by God (Psalm 74: 17), and is intended to be a blessing: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Genesis 8: 22).  So while preparing for the holidays with wholesale Christian gifts, everyone should take precautions to preserve life!  Global Warming won’t last forever, because Jesus is returning soon!

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