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Other Tips to Think Green, Live Green

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:35 PM
October 12, 2010

As the seasons change, everyone thinks of ways to save energy and lessen carbon footprints.  Notice the new cars people are buying lately?  They are smaller with boxed shapes, more compatible with wind flows.  These designs result from government and corporate efforts to cut down carbon emissions.  Other necessary steps demand changes in national economic and cultural priorities.  But tensions arise when people worry that these changes will affect jobs.   Thus, this new era requires workers to retrain in green job skills.  None of this will be easy, but it is necessary if the country does its part to save the planet.

 Additional steps that individuals and families can take to help reduce carbon footprints, include: 

1) Checking with neighborhood associations to see if there is a ban on drying clothes outside.  Electric and gas clothes dryers use a great deal of energy.  Their use arose when suburban planners demanded uniform “beauty,” and generally banned outside clothes lines.  Community leaders may now resist any changes, but energy-wise citizens should stress necessary priorities at neighborhood meetings on this and other Global Warming issues.

 2)  At those meetings, ask about certification on the quality of the water.  If the water quality meets basic government standards, stop buying bottled water cold turkey.  Or purchase a water purification system that can be attached to kitchen faucets.  And urge everyone else to do the same.  Billions of tons of plastic bottles dumped in oceans interfer with ecosystems, affect healthy air, and kill sea life.
 3)  Leave cars at home.  Use public transportation as often as possible.  Or organize neighborhood carpools for shopping. 

4)  Stop purchasing items that are filled with paper and plastic packaging.  And write the producers, asking them to stop excessive use of paper and plastic.  Also urge them to use only recycled packaging.  As an example of this packaging craze, Jaymi Heibuch reports that “of the 66 million tons of solid waste generated by Californians each year, approximately one third is packaging.”  So much of this is just unnecessary waste!

 5)  Try to purchase locally-grown produce.  This will cut down on on cross-country trucking which produces incredible amounts of carbon. 

6)  Do not reuse plastic containers from new food purchases.  Most are not suitable for reuse and could be dangerous.  

7)  Rather than running hot water continuously when washing dishes,  put all the washed dishes in one place, and  pour the hot water over all of them at one time.   And heat water in a kettle, rather than from the hot water heater.

 As they hang Christian childrens t-shirts on outside clothes lines to dry, believers should remember that faith is measured by the love of God shed abroad to others (Romans 5: 5), including the best examples of good stewardship over neighborhoods, nation and Earth.

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