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It Was A Hell of A Show

posted by Aunt Bea @ 16:34 PM
October 5, 2010

You’re right about the History Channel John.  The things they show on the History Channel are awesome.  And last Saturday it was absolutely frightening.  They did a two or three hour show on Hell! Honestly, John it was gruesome, horrible and . . . well words can’t express . . . anyway you get the idea!

 They showed all these awful beast-like creatures hitting people who are writhing in pain and then bitting on them like they are pieces of meat.  But the people never die.  They just go from one awful state of tortuous pain to another.  Of course there is the constant fire with darkness all around everywhere. 
 The pictures are taken from art work based on the works of the classic writers Dante Alighieri and John Milton.  Dante wrote first in the 14th Century and his book, The Inferno, has circles of hell showing levels of eternal punishment, each circle going down deeper and deeper as the people being punished came closer to Satan in the deepest pit.  Milton, who wrote in the 17th Century, doesn’t depict hell as much as he illustrates the deceptive personality of Satan.  And just talking about that evil one, brings the dangers of Hell closer to mind.

 The Bible says that Hell is “everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25: 41).  But that same verse also says that people who follow Satan and don’t accept Christ as Savior will go there too.  While watching that show on the History Channel, I felt so sorry for the people shown to be in hell.  So much so that right now, John, I’m gonna bust open my wholesale Christian Bibles, and start looking for prayers of intercession, asking God to send true revival so that we can keep as many people as possible out of Hell!

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