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Who’s Right? Sir Isaac or Them Others

posted by Uncle John @ 16:34 PM
October 4, 2010

You’re right Bea.  I do wish Jael would write more about the History Channel.  They have the coolest stuff about the last years, like all the people who believe that 2012 will be it!   And that channel shows how so many other countries around the world have prophecies agreeing on the last days being early in this century.  The only one who made the last year further out than that was that famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton. 

 And he was basing his conclusions on his heavy research into the Bible, God’s Good Book.  But even he said that the last year of earth as we know it would be 2050.  But the History Channel also shows so many native Americans who have built hundreds of years of history on the early 21st century date.  And they also show native Americans in Central and South America too who have the same beliefs.

 Course none of those stories mention Global Warming like Jael does. Even Mr. Newton don’t say nothin bout that––at least the stories about him on the History Channel don’t say so.  Does that mean that we’ll be able to do somethin about this Global Warmin before the end?   I sure hopes so.

 Anyway Bea I’m gonna lace up my hoodie I got from wholesale Christian sweatshirts, and get my fishin gear out.  Since Jael says that pretty soon there won’t be any fish left on account of Global Warming and overfishing and stuff.  So I needs to catch all I can and put ‘em in the freezer!  I do hope that’s ok with Jael.  See you later Bea!

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