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Warning From the Crisis of Deformed and Extinct Frogs, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:49 AM
October 28, 2010

While some 6,700 species of frog and other amphibian populations have been declining around the world since the 1980s,  according to Wikipedia, declines have been overtly intense in the United States, in Central and South America and in Australia and Fiji.  In this country, frog populations are severely threatened in California, the Rocky Mountains and all the southwest.

 While Global Warming may be the major cause, over-development in natural environments for amphibians is also a factor.  For instance, in California Dam construction and redirection of river flows for farm irrigation has reduced native habitat of one yellow-legged frog species by over half their normal living space. 

 In addition to warmer weather, pesticides, erroneous policies from local and national governmental agencies, and loss of habitats, these animals have also been hard hit by chytridiomycosis, known as chytrid, which is a deadly fungus that has already driven over 200 of the species into extinction.  Moreover, Erica Rex, reports in The New York Times that chytrid threatens the lives of over a third of all the amphibian species.  Thus, in addition to the other hazards facing these animals, just one fungus can wipe out over two thousand species, killing millions of frogs.

 Because they believe the massive decline of amphibians is urgent, a group of scientists from around the world formed an organization called “Amphibian Ark” in 2007.   Other international organizations have joined the Ark’s efforts to keep some 6,000 species of these animals from going into extinction.  They are working to move some species to cooler areas, and to influence national governments to take more aggressive action to save frogs, by setting criteria that local officials must follow.  One scientist remarks that if action is not taken against this fungus soon, it will wipe out the entire amphibian populations around the world.  And then perhaps it would start working on other animals––and perhaps people!

 So far there is little scientific study on ways to combat this fungus.  But frogs may yet have their revenge against the human negligence allowing their demise.  In the Book of Revelation, as the Apostle John looks into the future, he sees armies from Asia marching across a dry Euphrates river preparing to attack Israel.  Then he says:  “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.  For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, [which] go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” (16: 13-14)  Wonder why these devils decided to look like frogs?  Wonder how humans can let evil persuade them to march into the unwinnable Battle of Armageddon against God’s heavenly hosts?  Maybe it begins with the negligence of ignoring nature’s signs––like the messages of frogs!

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Update on Bed Bug Invasions

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:41 PM
October 27, 2010

Well, even the major press is now reporting on the country’s bed bug invasion.  And what draws their attention?  Not that these pests now appear in most states of the union, where they radically resist extermination.  Not that scientific research has not produced effective pesticides to war against them.  Not that most cities and states are loathe to advertise their existence, or to finance research investigating the bugs’ rise.  Not that the scientific community is not agreed that these bugs do not spread disease.  But the fact that the bed bug invasion scare is now hurting the tourist and shopping industries of New York City––during its most lucrative time for business, the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays!
 In fact, major media’s slight handling of the matter could well be based on the locations and affiliations of those reporting the news about bugs attacking NYC––even in the Waldorf Astoria and Wall Street Journal offices.  News media in Miami, Toronto, Chicago and several other cities in Europe and Asia have carried the story.  And one must wonder if a motive could be to have potential tourists shunning New York come to their town for the holidays instead.  Moreover, several stories about these bugs have strangely disappeared from the internet, as if political or other officials do not want it publicly known that the bugs have come to town.  For instance, camps have been shut down in northeastern states because children have returned home complaining of bed bug bites.  Other cities don’t report that the bugs have even moved into rich suburban communities across the country.

 Only an energetic blog reporter on, who says that the information comes from an entomologist, has gotten to one of the best explanations available about this bug uprising:  the bugs come with foreign imports of items now sold in America’s stores.  This bug expert says that this is why so many stores in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere have had to shut down until the bugs could be controlled––because everything they sell, like towels, sheets, clothes, etc.––are not made in the United States, but come instead from places like China, Indonesia, etc.  And in most of these exporting nations, bed bugs are no big deal!

 Yahoo Daily News reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is holding another Bed Bug Conference before the year is out, but time and place have not been announced.  Perhaps, EPA is not sure if the public should know that these bedbugs now resist all known pesticides, including the already-banned DDT.  Perhaps, they also do not want to shed light on the possibility that by importing things NOT made in the U.S.A., politicians and businesses have not only hurt the nation’s economy, but may well have affected its health.   This blog site speaks often about bug invasions in the Book of Exodus in wholesale Christian Bibles.  In God’s Word, there are no effective cover-ups, for It shines the light on all hidden things forever!  Now is a good time to read about bug  judgments in Exodus.

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Warning From the Crisis of Deformed and Extinct Frogs

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:05 PM
October 25, 2010

Biologists have been shouting warnings that increases in extinctions of amphibian species and weird frog deformities are messages of impending doom to all of earth’s populations.  Scientists have divided opinions about what is causing these galloping statistics among frogs and other amphibians in the United States and around the world.  Some think the problem is excessive insecticide seepage into ponds, lakes and other affected waters.  But most believe that the problem is the massively growing number of disease-carrying parasites in frog habitats caused by Global Warming.

 Deformations in frogs are extreme, including a frog with three heads and six captured in Orlando, Florida.  Other depictions show frogs with missing legs, or three or four legs or mismatched legs as if a different frog’s legs had attached.   And, as if these weren’t odd enough, there is a photo of a worker holding one frog’s mouth open, so that another frog inside of that frog is clearly seen.

 In a National Geographic article, “Frog Extinctions Linked to Global Warming,” Brian Handwerk reports that Global Warming “may cause widespread amphibian extinctions by triggering lethal epidemics.”  His article is based on a study by scientists J. Alan Pounds, et. al, who, for instance, “suggest that many harlequin frog species (Atelopus) across Central and South America have disappeared due to deadly infectious diseases spurred by changing water and air temperatures.”

 Similarly, David Rodrigue, Director of the Ecomuseum in Ste. Anne de Bellevue told the Montreal Gazette that “In the past 50 years, 120 different species [of frogs] have disappeared forever.”  And he warned that, because frogs eat mosquitoes, declines in frog populations mean increases in mosquito populations, and mosquitoes carry diseases that affect human beings.  Because frogs drink through their skin, the causes of air and water pollution, as well as increasing temperatures on their cold-blooded bodies, combine as multiple killers against the species.  Writing that some climate scientists calculate that half of the species on planet earth are already affected by Global Warming, Handwerk concludes that endangered frogs are “canaries in a coal mine.” Their deaths and deformations simply foretell epidemics from Global Warming that will likewise threaten human existence.

 Likewise, in Exodus, chapter eight, of wholesale Christian Bibles, frogs served as a warning to a powerful nation.  Just as the frog population overflowed river banks and then died out, God gave the enslaving nation warning, through the demise of frogs, to repent or face their own self-extinction.  That nation didn’t listen to the warnings exemplified by the frogs.  Hopefully, Christians are praying that nations around the world heed the warnings from frogs this time!

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Uncle John Calls Aunt Bea

posted by Uncle John @ 13:42 PM
October 24, 2010

“Hi ya Girl!  This is John.  How ya doing today? 

 “Whoa! Bea did you see that blog that Jael wrote about these here horsemen in that book at the end of the Bible, you know they calls it Revelations I think. 

 “You saw it did you?  What do ya think?  Yeah, yeah, I agree.  I didn’t know we’s suppose to go that deep into the Good Book.  Never heard tell of stuff like this in all my years.

 “Oh you talked to that grouch, Jude, about it too!  What did he say?  That he knew all about it!!!  Now, Bea you know that ain’t true.  That ole cougher ain’t opened a Bible in years.
 “Yeah, yeah I know you want us to start trying to love each other.  But that ole coot is so hard to like, much less to love. hee hee hee.  But I’m gonna start working on that love your enemies stuff too.

 “Anyway, these things Jael talks about sho’ make a fellow think.  Well, I knew Jesus is coming back, but I thought when stuff like these horsemen was happening I’d already be gone to heaven.

 “Oh my Bea.  I ain’t ready.  I just ain’t ready for all of this!

 “What’s that you say, Bea?  I’s got to work on gettin’ ready?  hmmm.  Well, that’s true too.

 “You know what I’m gonna do, Bea?  I’m gonna get me one of them Dake’s Reference Bibles she is always talking about.   And I gonna sign up for them online Bible lessons too.  Yeah, yeah, Bea, you’re right.  It ain’t too late for me to learn.

 “And you tell that know-it-all groach about them Bibles and lessons too!  I know he thinks he already knows everthing, but he can still learn a thing or two himself.  And so can you and all of us too.  I’m gonna have to start talking to my kids and grand kids about this stuff too.  So they can be ready for these last days, as Jael calls it.

 “Well Bea, I know you still canning, getting ready for winter time so I won’t keep you.  Save some of that homemade tomato jam for me too!  I know it is just the best on your homemade rye bread.  Stay warm and stay well girl.  I’ll see you soon.  Bye!”

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Setting the Stage for End-of-Days Armageddon

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:37 PM
October 23, 2010

This blog tries to make its readers aware that various phenomena in nature are setting the stage for these end times.  As has been discussed in previous blogs, various messages coming from human excesses, global economic imbalances and Global Warning’s affects on nature––including water declines, ocean pollution, animal declines and destruction, political inequities, famine, etc.–– indicate that something is terribly amiss in the earth.  Perhaps an extended view of disasters symbolized by the five horses of the Apocalypse in Revelation Chapter 6 and their relationships to present events in nature and world affairs would give better understanding of this writer’s insistence present events are simply harbingers of more brutal times to come. While these prophetic and symbolic horse riders are merely summarized in this blog, future blogs will go into more detail.

 The first horse in Rev. 6: 1 – 2 is the total embodiment of evil in a human being who is called the anti-Christ.  Most Bible scholars agree that he will arise from the Middle East.  Dake’s Reference Bible limits his entrance to come from four nations: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.  Certainly two of those nations now appear daily in news headlines.  The anti-Christ arises to make continuing wars between nations in order to solidify his hold on the old Roman and Grecian empires, covering parts of the Middle East, Europe and Northern Africa.  In addition to “hot” warfare (as in Iraq and Afghanistan), these wars will include massive civil unrest; economic collapses (as presently seen in Iceland, Ireland, Greece, etc.); and criminal overthrows of legitimate governments.  Thus, the rider on the second horse in Rev. 6: 3 – 4 is known as War, a spirit that influences men to keep wars and rebellions moving throughout the earth.  The rider on the third horse in verses 5 and 6 is known as Famine. His aims were covered in the previous blog. 
 The rider on the fourth horse in verses 7 and 8 is called Death.  He will have the power to kill with sickness, epidemics and other disasters affecting millions of people.  Scientists fear that the presently melting permafrost in the Arctic region will unleash killer diseases that have long been sealed under icy mass.  Other scientists and health workers fear that if Global Warming is not abated, millions more sick and dying people will overwhelm international health agencies.  This rider, Death, will kill by any means, including wild animals, such as loosened tigers, giant snakes, wild boars, chimpanzees, alligators, killer bees, wolves, and other known and unknown beasts unleashed on human populations––conditions that animal control personnel in states like Florida struggle to contain.
 And the fifth rider, following closely after Death, is called Hell.  Those studying Bible prophecies must be keenly aware that evil’s ultimate goal is to take as many millions of people to hell with these evil riders as possible.  It is those ultimate goals that Christians should be praying about and working against!

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No One Wants to Tell The Truth About Famine, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:30 PM
October 22, 2010

While everyone agrees that the basic causes for predicted world-wide hunger are: droughts and floods from Global Warming, explosive human populations, misuse of water resources, antiquated agricultural methods, etc.––there is one more possibility to explore.  And that is Wall Street trading.  In her article, “How Greed Begets Hunger,” Afua Hirsch, also writing for, insists that food prices have recently jumped 50% because of trader speculation in commodity markets.  Hirsch insists that Wall Street mavins in the United States and England are affecting higher food prices by packaging derivatives products, such as wheat and maize, thus creating massive profits for speculators.

 Further, Hirsch argues that the number of derivative contacts jumped some 500% between 2002 and 2008, and has increased even more as money flowed away from the failing housing industry.  To prove her point, Hirsh cites a very poor third world nation: “ Niger, for example, a fragile west African nation, is experiencing its worst food crisis in years, but is not actually short of food. Mounds of cereals are piled high on market stalls – they are simply too expensive to afford.”

 On the other hand, most observers of world-wide agriculture predict that pervasive famine in the 21st century is inevitable, with or without commodity trading.  They insist that, although producers are trying to greatly increase food harvests, it would take a 70% increase to feed what is estimated will be nine billion people soon living on earth.  Moreover, the fact that drought, heat waves, wheat fungus, late blight and other plant diseases, the use of food substitutes for fuel production, debt-burdened farm financing, excessive rains, and other unexplainable factors have assaulted crop productions around the world means there simply will not be enough food to go around.  And the only solutions for the coming famine advanced thus far are scientifically-altered productions of cultured, or artificial, food stuffs manufactured in laboratories.  Obviously, political and cultural objections will probably quell such ideas.

 Undeniably, the decline, and even dearth, of food production seems almost orchestrated, as if forces are setting the stage for end-time world events.  It is especially the unexplainable factors contributing to these famines that clearly point to Bible prophecies.  If one studies world events from a Biblical point of view, these famines clearly set up Armageddon scenes of food riots, wars and diseases as predicted in Revelations, chapter 6.   Of course, that researcher would have to believe that as much truth exits in Bible prophecies of the future as has been proven factual in past and present times.  And such faith would undoubtedly lead to prayer, repentance and preparation.

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No One Wants to Tell The Truth About Famine

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:29 PM
October 21, 2010

Among the things that authorized governments and mainstream media don’t want to talk about is the way that Global Warming has affected the true state of world famine.  As the United States and most First World countries celebrate thanks for abundant harvests, questions about the rising food costs and its affects on world hunger remain muted.  And the response of governments to the looming cries of inadequate international food supplies is also generally one of deafness.

 Lewis Smith, Environmental Reporter for The Sunday Times in London, writes that Nina Fedoroff, chief scientist for the U.S. State Department “is convinced that food shortages will be the biggest challenge facing the world as temperatures and population levels rise.”  Fedoroff predicts that climate change has so damaged world food production that famine will soon strike a billion people.

 Catholic Relief Services documents the causes of global food shortage as: 1) An increased demand that producers, although increasing production, have not been able to fulfill; 2) Richer nations demanding more animal protein, which drains grains from direct human consumption in order to produce more dairy, eggs and meat;  3) Excessively higher fuel prices which increase costs for agricultural growth and food transportation;  4) Drought in countries usually providing food baskets, such as Australia, the Balkans and the former Soviet Union; 5) Mold severely affecting grain production in Asia; 6) A global decline in food reserves such as grains like corn, barley, wheat, rice, etc.; 7) Increasing floods, droughts and natural disasters around the world; 8) Continuing “underdevelopment in agricultural productivity” in poorer nations.

 In the article, “Of Feast and Famine,” Sadhbh Walshe of insists that “droughts and flooding have compromised crop production across the globe and more than 1 billion people are hungry.”  At the same time, he argues, more than 40% of food produced in the United States is wasted each year.  “Food waste is now the second largest waste stream sent to landfills, where it produces methane, a deadly greenhouse gas that further impacts climate change. Climate change, in turn, is having a deadly impact on our food supply,” Walshe adds.

 These comparisons bring the Biblical parable about the Rich Man and Lazarus to mind (Luke 16: 19-31).  As they celebrate Thanksgiving, richer nations would be eternally blessed by increasing help to poorer ones at poverty’s gate.  World hunger today also speaks to the cursed Apocalypse horse of hunger prophesied in the Book of Revelation:  “And lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice . . . . say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” (6: 5 – 6).  More on Global Warming’s famine and end-time judgments in future blogs.

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Its (Or Was) A Beautiful World, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:39 AM
October 20, 2010

Generally, because events in human affairs seem more apprehensible, mainstream media keeps most phenomena in nature’s world hidden from well-publicized view.  For instance, those who search internet blogger news know that rivers are drying up all around the world.  Drying rivers is one of those events of human mismanagement, Global Warming and stealth international warfare that no one in authority wants to talk about.
 It is now estimated that overwhelming numbers of the world’s rivers, lakes and streams are quickly drying up.  These drying waters present impending danger for the fish and other organic wildlife living in these waters, and for communities of fishermen who make their livings from them.  However, these drying waters also put municipal authorities trying to provide fresh drinking water for their citizens in quandaries as well.
 Both in industrialized and poorer nations, much of the cause for drying rivers and streams comes from excessive use of modernized mismanagement.  River waters have been drained and rerouted by massive dam and dyke development around the world which, according to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), have destroyed some 80% of the Earth’s wetlands and flood-plains.  These wetlands and flood-plains are vital for flood safety and wildlife preservation.  The WWF’s 2010 “Most Endangered Rivers” Report also adds “mining operations, coal-fired generators, and massive dumping of raw sewage” to the list of river killers.  Rivers have also been drained and rerouted to provide water for massive agricultural industries, which may provide food for the short term, but will bring massive disruption of life on earth in the long term. 
 For instance, examples of shrinking or destroyed lakes and rivers around the world include:  1) Amu Darya and Syrdya Rivers in Uzbekstan and Kazakhastanm ruined by Russia’s rerouting and polluting of the Aral Sea, especially with rampant weapons experiments; 2) The Yangtse, Yellow, Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Salween and Mekong rivers in China––all of which are fed by the Himalayan Glaciers where rapidly melting snow merges with soot, causing those rivers to suffer both pollution and drought decline, and affecting China’s fresh water sources as well;  3)  The Biblically famous Dead Sea, dying because its feeding source, the Red Sea, is over-drained in river-war battles between Israel, Jordan and Palestine; and 4) The Colorado River in the United States, down to a comparative trickle because massive dam projects impede its independent flow. 

 This blog will detail these and other examples of river declines in coming editions.  However, it is important that readers review Bible prophecies for the significant symbolism of rivers as emblematic of The Holy Spirit.  Such a study renders warnings about His work on earth, His influence on national and world affairs, and His Biblical warnings of impending judgment.

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Headline: World Losing Rivers and Streams

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:32 AM
October 19, 2010

Hurry, hurry, hurry, Read All About It! 

 Headline News:  “Nations Everywhere Losing Water From Lakes, Rivers and Streams!”  Urgent Information:  Major rivers in China, Iraq,  Russia, Syria, Israel, the United States, and other countries quickly drying up!
 Read what scientists say:  “Rivers are the arteries of the planet, . . .” and we can’t do without them.  Get answers to these important questions:  Can the Earth survive without its lakes and rivers?  What about agriculture?  Can farms survive without that water?  Can they keep producing food for the nations?  Can fish survive without that water?  Can people survive without the Earth’s rivers and streams?  What causes these water losses?  What can be done about it?

 Get your best editorials in today’s blog newspaper:  “What is the government doing about world-wide river water shortage?”  “Why Isn’t national media speaking out about these looming problems of international water shortages?”  Get current blogs at this site publishing the truth!

 Wake Up America!  Get the true news!  The Bible says that in the last days the Euphrates River will be dried up so that armies can march across it (Revelation 16: 12).  Listen!  the Euphrates River IS Quickly Drying Up Right Now!  Check out what the Bible says about the Euphrates River in wholesale Christian Bibles!  And then understand why this river drying is an urgently important sign of today’s end times.

 Hurry, hurry, hurry!  Get the True News about what is happening in the Earth, NOW!

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Its (Or Was) A Beautiful World, Part 1

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:19 PM
October 18, 2010

The singer Ray Charles recorded a thoughtful song titled, “Its A Beautiful World.”  And indeed it use to be so.  But human beings are rushing pell mell to destroy this earth and all of its beauty.   Several factors impel this destruction:  excess modernization––such as too much dam construction; massive contamination of oceans and water-ways from pharmaceutical compounds and paraphernalia, mining wastes and other trash from human consumption; uncontrolled deforestation; overfishing, over-hunting and other non-normal-for-food animal-killing habits; unnecessary land development destroying animal habitats, and, of course, over-industrialization creating Global Warming, etc.

 This blog site writes about all these and other earth-destroying maladies.  Many of these reports involve man’s disregard for the precious waters of the earth.  Peter McIntyre, zoologist at the University of Wisconsin, and Charles Vorosmarty of the City of University of New York, an expert on global water resources, have issued a stunning report on the planet’s riverine ecosystems.  Published in Nature magazine this month, these scholars reveal that the wealthiest nations of the world are destroying earth’s river systems, thereby affecting the water supply for some five billion people.  Misplaced emphasis on dam building is largely to blame, but polluted waters from chemicalized agricultural runoffs, destruction of wetlands for real estate development, excessive water-works engineering and massive pockets of drought share responsibility as well.

 “What made our jaws drop is that some of the highest threat levels in the world are in the United States and Europe,” says McIntyre.  Working with an international team, the two scholars found that more than 65 percent of the world’s rivers are at risk.  In fact, it seems that the safest natural waters are in areas with slight human population.  In a continuing series, this blog site will illustrate examples of disappearing lakes and shrinking rivers in major nations around what was once a beautiful world.

 A basic verse in wholesale Christian Bibles is Genesis 1: 31- “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, [it was] very good, . . . .”  As noted in Dake’s Reference Bible, this image of a beautiful world came after a severe judgment of the earth’s pre-adamite population when Satan, his angels and their earthly followers were kicked out of heaven and earth.  Thus the verb “made” is used for earth’s make-over in this saga rather than “created” as in Genesis 1: 1.  Of course, the better known of whole-earth-judgments in Genesis is Noah and the Ark.  But in both instances, human greed and self-serving debaucheries, fed by every evil influence, left no choice but to restore the world to its natural state of beauty and give mankind another chance for redemption.  And so it shall be again:  After world-wide judgment, another new (and next to final, by the way) beginning!

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