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No Trees, No Food, No Water, No Life

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:40 AM
September 15, 2010

In addition to caterpillars, cankerworms, pine beetles and the hemlock woolly adelgids, and other pests, America’s trees are under attack from Global Warming, virulent fungus, lack of sufficient water, excessive ozone, uncontrolled deforestation, and relentless death.  As Charles Little, author of “The Dying of the Trees:  The Pandemic in America’s Forests,” writes, “the more trees that die, the more trees will die.”  Moreover, the nation’s basic problem with its trees is that dying trees portends the imminent dying of people.

 Through the process of photosynthesis whereby trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, trees are necessary for the very air people need to breath.  Trees and forests also provide homes for myriads of animals like birds, frogs, wild game foods, beavers, bears, etc.  But few corporations kept these necessities in mind when beginning systematic processes of destroying forests in the United States and around the world.
 In her article, “Causes and Effects of Deforestation,” Rita Putatunda writes that for the sake of economic gain, people have cut down millions of trees:  for lumber to building houses, furniture and paper products; to clear land for cattle grazing; to burn them for fuels; to clear them for other form lands and for mining operations, etc.  Putatunda also points out that absent forests means soil erosion, nutrient losses, and disruption of the water cycle.  Thus, trees are so thirsty in the United States because their scarcity means that they cannot release drawn stored water in their roots into the ecosystem.

 One part of Deuteronomy 20: 19 says:  “ . . . for the tree of the field is man’s life.”  Every word, jot and tittle of Scripture is vital for believers to totally understand how God made this earth, and how He intends for it to be inhabited.  Those nine words in the middle of a thirty-plus-word verse speaks volumes to the situation trees and people are in today.  Indeed, most people don’t know how vital trees are for human existence.  But those who read God’s Word do, or at least they should.  In the few years that Christians may have left before The Lord’s return, believers should teach children to love and respect God’s Word.  Starting them on the Biblical concepts included on wholesale christian kids t-shirts, even while they are babes, is a great beginning to knowing God, His creation and His Word.

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Bedbugs and Beetles Not The Only Warmer Weather Insects Biting

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:30 PM
September 14, 2010

Bedbugs attacking America’s cities.  Beetles stealing food from bears.  What is going on?  Prompted by Global Warming, insects increasingly swarm over the nation.  Others of these pesky insects are joining Global Warming to attack the nation’s trees.  And like other aspects of Global Warming, no one seems to take the issue seriously enough to do something about it on a national level.

  Beth Daley of the Boston Globe points out that a walk through Martha’s Vineyard will show 500 acres of dead oak trees.  Their demise started in 2007 with an island-wide infestation of thousands of caterpillars.  Then severe summer droughts finished killing the trees that the bugs had weakened.  The vast endless sight of dead trees alarmed David Foster, a Harvard ecologist:  “I have never seen anything like what has happened on Martha’s Vineyard in New England . . . .
usually you walk through forests and see some dead trees, but here, it’s hundreds of acres and almost all of the trees in it are dead.’’

 Another type of bug, called the ‘hemlock woolly adelgid’ and hailing from Japan, has also successfully attacked hemlock trees in the Great Smoky Mountains, the Shennandoah National Park and along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  These ferocious bugs are rapidly moving through New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.  And they have left 80 percent of the trees dead in their wake.  Aspens are dying in droves in Colorado, and pine beetles viciously attack Alaska’s forests.  The list goes on and on.

 In the past decade, in order to facilitate logging operations, government agencies had done little to supervise the health of trees across the country.  Now that they are getting involved, it may be too late to bring tree harvests back to life.  This site will have more on the life and death of the nation’s trees in future blogs.

 However, it is urgently noted that trees are Biblical symbols for kingdoms.  For example, obviously Scripture does not go into such detail just to speak of trees:  “And all the trees of the field shall know that I the LORD have brought down the high tree, have exalted the low tree, have dried up the green tree, and have made the dry tree to flourish: I the LORD have spoken and have done it” (Ezekiel 17: 24).  Dying trees are also symbols of pending judgment.  Over 50 verses in  Deuteronomy 28 illustrate judgment against a nation that has fallen away from God:  “All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall the locust [i.e. also an insect] consume” (28: 42).  Witnessing by wearing wholesale Christian tee shirts is one way to urge a nation to read nature’s signs, such as dying trees, and to turn to God.  And telling people about all that Jesus has done for this country is another.

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War Against Nature’s God

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:01 PM
September 10, 2010

Modern man seems to be at war with the rest of God’s Creation:  Killing dolphins, intelligent beings proven capable of communicating with human beings, so that these beautiful animals can appear on restaurant menus under the phony name of mahi mahi;  hunting whales for slaughter so that these magnificent animals can be reserved in tiny cans for a nation that has no need for whale food; showing so little respect for oceans, which contain 90% of all life on earth, by contaminating them with trash, discarded medical filth, and other plastic garbage from the now like-wise plastic human experience.
 The list of man’s attacks against Nature seems endless:  massive overfishing to an extent that 90% of fish species will soon be extinct, while simultaneously starving whales, dolphin and other large ocean species that depend upon the same fish to exist; driving giant and other fish to insanity for the sake of military sonar testing, or explosive military experiments; striping fins from sharks (and thus killing them) for the supposed sake of sexual medicinal purposes; killing sea turtles, the last dinosaurs which have lived on earth for thousands of years, for the same maniacal purposes to enhance human sexual prowling.  When is enough––of sex and everything else––enough?

 To enhance this run-away madness, some so called space scientists rush to find other planets with water so that a few kazillionaires can live there (while the the other eight billion people––and animals––on earth die).   Why?  So that they can ruin the waters on that planet too, when they did so little to take care of the waters on this one?  Think of the trillions of dollars wasted on space exploration that could have been used to make this planet and its waters both cleaner and safer.   As a result of such wasteful spending, we have strewn the skies with satellites for spying, war, telephones and televisions––when we know so little about the oceans on the planet where we live.

 There is no other way to say it!  These twisted perversions manufactured by modern man are not only attacks against Nature.  They are attacks against God, Nature’s Creator.    Such irresponsible and reckless stewardship will bring God’s omnipotent wrath down on this earth quicker than most of the other ungodly man-made encroachments the human race is capable of.
 What this world needs is a Leader Who is capable of being kind to both animals and people.  His Name is Jesus Christ and He is coming back soon to reclaim this Earth that He and His Father made and own (Psalm 24: 1).  Christians need to witness that fact around the world.  Wearing wholesale Christian t-shirts is a great way to start these witnessing efforts.  And researching wholesale Christian Bibles to discern the seriousness of the above discussion is another reinforcement for more radical Christian action.

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Earthquakes No One Wants to Talk About

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:57 PM
September 9, 2010

No one seems to talk about the many recent earthquakes around the world, especially those quakes occurring in odd places.  But the truth is that this year alone earthquakes have shaken nations in strangely different locations––and that includes in the United States and Canada.  This June, a surprising 5.0 quake rattled Toronto.  It was even felt in Maine, Chicago, New York and Michigan.  The Politics and World News Blog said it best:  “The strange thing about this earthquake is that it comes in a region of the world that isn’t used to seismic activity.”  With no loss of life or damage, the quake came in the middle of the day,  and was followed by after-shocks.  Certainly, it has Canadians thinking “what on earth is going on.”  Perhaps the earthquake faults, laying dormant under these two first-world countries, thought to be safe from such disasters, are waking up.

 Maybe that is why earthquakes have been rattling Oklahoma for several weeks this year.  Yes, very few people knew about those shakings either.  Yet, the Associated Press reported on September 4th that small earthquakes have been rattling Oklahoma “for months.”  No injuries or damages have been reported resulting from these small quakes, usually of magnitudes of 1.5 to 3.3. On Wednesday, September 1, as many as six of these small tremors were felt in areas around Oklahoma City.   It does not seem to be known––or at least no one is publicly broadcasting––if Oklahoma lies on a centuries-dormant fault line as well.

 And, of course, it has been kept very quiet that some 11 earthquakes have been felt in the Dallas/Forth Worth area of Texas over the past two years.  Scientists eventually issued a theory that the quakes are caused by drilling for natural gas.  “The mining operation being blamed for the quakes blasted 9,000 barrels of saltwater to depths of 10,000 to 14,000 feet daily, practically right over an old fault line which sits only about 1,000 feet under the re-injection well.”  Hmm.  Drilling over another earthquake fault line that no one talks about.

 Even shunted more quickly off the news stage is the 3.6 magnitude earthquake that shook Washington, D.C. last July. (Maybe that one was caused by too much political hot air.)  And then, of course, there is the 3.0 magnitude quake that hit Baton Rouge, Louisiana, just this week. That one was felt as far away as New Orleans and Mississippi. 

 In addition to the multiple earthquakes that Jesus points to as a sign of the end times (Luke 21: 11), the Bible foretells a gigantic world-wide earthquake coming after the Rapture (i.e. taking-away to heaven in a mass group) of born-again Christians.  That quake, occasioned by the rule of the anti-Christ, will kill billions who know nothing of Christ’s salvation. Like earthquakes, the seasons are changing. So its time to get out those wholesale Christian sweat shirts to tell about Jesus before it is too late. Be sure to do so before the next earthquakes hit!

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Possible Answers For Some, But Not For One!

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:37 PM
September 7, 2010

Various scientists have come up with possible answers on how to take the sting out of Global Warming.  One, a former critic of Global Warming’s proof, is now a believer.  Another is a researcher who has painstakingly interviewed scientists on the earth’s rapid heating.  With funding and international cooperation, their ideas could work.  But there are other aspects of current end-time phenomena about which no one has presented ideas.

 Danish economics professor Bjorn Lomborg (highly criticized for commenting on scientific issues when he has no scientific background) was formerly a Global Warming skeptic.  But now he believes that it is a serious threat to earth, and that international efforts must be amassed to combat it.  His forthcoming book, Smart Solutions to Climate Change: Comparing Costs and Benefits, suggests that an annual hundred billion dollars be used for such experiments as cooling the air with a cloud whitening process of steam coming from ships lined up in the Pacific Ocean. 

 Another researcher, Gwynne Dyer, author of Climate Wars:  The Fight For Survival As the World Overheats, suggests that every possible temporary thing should be done to slow down Global Warming, until the permanent solution can be achieved.  To reach his conclusions, Dyer interviewed political, scientific and security leaders around the world.  The permanent solution?  Stop burning all fossil fuels.  Of course, he points out, while implementing these changes, poorer nations will resist richer ones in implementation of these possible answers, and wars will certainly ensue.  Dyer admits that even instituting the temporary answers will result in countless deaths and disasters.

 While climate scientists and other researchers begin to offer solutions on above-earth results of climate change, no one discusses any possibility of attacking its below earth cohabitant: earthquakes!  Every few weeks or so in the last couple of years a serious earthquake has hit somewhere around the world. Wikipedia reports that just in 2010 alone, earthquakes have resulted in some 250,000 fatalities, 230,000 of which were in Haiti, which was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in the last 100 years.  In the last few days, of course, the world’s attention has been on the massive destruction of New Zealand’s 7.5 earthquake. 

 When speaking about the end-times, Jesus spoke of such companion disasters.  In Matthew 24: 7, Mark 13: 5 – 8, and Luke 21: 8 – 13, He warns:  “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”  Global Warming is  one sign from heaven, and famine and diseases, along with increasing earthquakes, are the signs on earth.  Christians should be doing everything, including wearing wholesale Christian T-shirts, to warn that these signs call for urgent repentance!

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Oh, oh But Bed Bugs ARE Biting

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:38 PM
September 2, 2010

Bed bugs are making a come back in major North American regions, such as New York, Toronto, Illinois, South Dakota and Hawaii, as well as in other major areas in Australia, Europe and parts of  Asia and Africa.  “The results of the 2010 Comprehensive Global Bed Bug Study suggest that we are on the threshold of a bed bug pandemic, not just in the United States but around the world,” said Missy Henriksen, Vice President of Public Affairs for National Pest Management Association.  And entomologists are at a loss to explain their explosive growth. New Yorkers have been especially bugged by the pests which are now invading office buildings and retail stores, not just sleeping quarters. Citizen outcries recently moved New York officials to set aside $ 500,000 just for bed bug control.
 Some possible reasons given for the explosive growth of bedbugs around the world include:  migration of illegal aliens from poorer countries; more world travel, bringing such bugs from far away places; changes in bed bug habits, no longer limiting habitats to beds, but moving to work places;  younger generations unfamiliar with these insects, once common in the U.S.; growth of the purchase of secondhand merchandise; national prohibition against stronger pesticides such as DDT that could eradicate bed bugs and halt their return for at least a year.

 But entomologists and pest control professionals have no idea why these insects have increased so dramatically.  They admit that bedbugs are a mystery,  attacking civilizations and then leaving at will.  The bugs lay between 5 to 12 eggs a day, with hatchlings in just 21 days, each one living for up to a year. Moreover, experts disagree as to whether or not bedbugs inflict or spread diseases.  According to Medical Entomologists at Purdue University, “At least 27 agents of human disease have been found in bed bugs, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and parasitic worms. None of these agents reproduce or multiply within bed bugs, and very few survive for any length of time inside a bed bug. There is no evidence that bed bugs are involved in the transmission (via bite or infected feces) of any disease agent, including hepatitis B virus and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.”  This is the diagnosis that health officials around the world hope to be true.

 However, Dr. Robert A. Schwartz, Professor of Dermatology, Pathology at the New Jersey Medical School states that “Bedbugs may be a vector for hepatitis B6 and, in endemic areas, for American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease),” and can cause anaphylactoid reactions as well.  Moreover, Dr. Haisook’s Medicopedia states that these creatures can allegedly cause Hepatitis B Virus, and of course lead to nervousness and insomnia.  A close study of the Book of Exodus in wholesale Christian Bibles would help to solve the mystery.  Worldwide insect invasions should be seen as a sign of the end times, and should be so interpreted by those Christians who closely study God’s Word!

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Global Warming’s Insect Invasion

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:24 PM
September 1, 2010

The last blog mentioned the beetles that had eaten most of the protein food for bears in Yellowstone Park because the beetles were starving as well.  But there is much more to that beetle story.  Actually, because of Global Warming, bugs of all types are abnormally multiplying throughout the world, especially among Western nations that are not accustomed to such heat.  These explosive insect populations:  1) Threaten agricultural harvests; 2) Bring new diseases to certain regions; 3) Introduce foliage destruction decreasing available oxygen necessary for human existence; 4) And dangerously annoy people with their incessant bites.

 Right now, the explosive insect bugging officials across the United States is the bedbug.  But in actuality that wave of bugs could well be related to Global Warming.  Dr. Ellen Currano of Pennsylvania State University, lead researcher on a study of plant damage from insect surges during climate changes, reports: “Our study shows [that] … when temperature increases, the diversity of insect-feeding damage on plant species also increases.”  Abigail Leonard writes in a 2006 edition of LiveScience: “A rise in the Earth’s temperature could lead to an increase in the number of insects worldwide, with potentially dire consequences for humans . . .” 

 That same year, scientists from the University of Washington found that rapidly growing insect species caused by Global Warming “may well have significant impacts on agriculture, public health, conservation and ecosystems.”  Moreover, in their blog “More Bugs, More Bites,” Earth’s Friends write that ticks carrying Lyme disease has doubled recently, and that “diseases previously isolated to warmer regions will spread across continents and infect many more people, including those completely unready to receive treatment.”  Earth’s Friends also write about green shield bugs, newly invading Western nations, that are known “to eat and destroy all kinds of crops.”

 Bugs overwhelmed Egypt three times in steps toward freeing Old Testament Jews from slavery.  First there were lice, otherwise identified as mosquitoes and other insects; second were flies, otherwise translated as all types of insects, and third were the locusts that completely devastated Egypt’s agriculture, which was the backbone of that nation’s economy.  When discussing the Rapture that will take true Christians out of the earth, the Apostle Paul writes in  1 Thessalonians that Christians are children of the day who walk in the light of knowledge.  The Exodus of Old Testament Jews from Egypt should be correlated with signs of that Rapture.  Notes in the Dake’s Annotated Reference Bibles found in wholesale Christian Bibles provide help for walking in this light of knowledge.  We will write more about these bug invasions in coming blogs.

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