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Footprints Measure Commitments

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:55 PM
September 29, 2010

Let there be no misunderstanding: the United States has the largest carbon footprint in the world.  With the planned pitiful lack of public transportation, it keeps millions of carbon polluting cars on the road.  In 2005, the Kyoto Treaty, pledging to curb greenhouse gases, went into force with ratification from 192 nations.  The United States was not among them.  Many of these pledging nations are doing all they can to reduce carbon emissions.  The United States is not. 

 Canada is one of the 38 developed nations signing the Treaty, and with the others, “made commitments that would cut their total emissions of greenhouse gases on average between 2008 and 2012 to levels 5% below 1990 levels.”  In addition, Canada said that it would provide financial assistance to under-developed so that they too can meet their Kyoto agreements.  According to the Eco Slopes blog, Germany leads the world in wind and solar technology, and plans to have 20 percent of its energy supply come from renewable energy by 2020.  Moreover, the German government says that by 2007, Germany had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent, as compared to 1990.

 Today, Norway, another signer of the Kyoto Treaty, runs almost 100% on renewal energy.  Statistics Norway blog states: “For the second year running, Norway’s total greenhouse gas emissions have decreased. In 2009, 50.8 million tons CO2 equivalents were emitted, which is the lowest level since 1995. A great deal of the reduction is due to lower emissions from the manufacturing industries and oil and gas activities, but emissions from road traffic and agriculture also decreased.” Norway’s slowing economy may be a factor.  Eco Slopes points out that Brazil is now the clean energy giant of South America because it is converted much of its transportation to ethanol––a biofuel manufactured from sugar cane. In that nation, where sugar cane is a fertile staple, its ethanol is half the cost of oil.

 Obviously, other nations are taking drastic steps to attack the problems of Global Warming.  But what is not so obvious, is the fact that individuals and citizen organizations within these nations keep constant pressure on their governments to do everything possible to defeat Global Warming.  These groups are skeptical of government reports.  Writers publicly challenge their nation’s reports as too optimistic, and often question the truthfulness of these reports. 

 Many Christians in the United States pride themselves on being born in, and part of, the freest and most Christian nation on earth.  Yet the reticence of some professing Christians to enter the public battle against Global Warming is difficult to phantom.  Jesus says that not everyone who calls Him, Lord, Lord shall enter heaven, but only those who do the will of His Father in heaven (Matthew 7: 21). As many in church communities dress their kids in Christian childrens t-shirts, is it not time to set examples of doers of The Word before them?

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