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What People and Families Can Do To Stop Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:33 PM
September 28, 2010

While the task may seem enormous, there are many things that individuals and families can do to slow, and even stop, Global Warming.   Some of these steps involve changing daily use habits.  Others include stepping into new frontiers.  And, of course, mobilizing political action is necessary to put public pressure on government agencies that they stop contributing to factors of Global Warming.

 First, personal habits:  Stop purchasing water or anything else, in plastic bottles.  For one thing, all plastics are made from oil, and people of good will must do everything possible to decrease oil consumption.  For another, plastic is not bio-degradable––that is, it cannot be easily absorbed back into earth.  Disposers of human garbage dump millions of tons of plastics into ocean waters.  And there they remain, creating dangerous nation-size islands, often providing false foods, killing thousands of ocean animals.   If community drinking water is not safe, installing credible water filtration systems can help.  And, petitioning local governments to clean up water systems will also bring benefits to whole cities.

 And speaking of ocean animals, another great contribution to the war on Global Warming is to cut down fish consumption.  Ninety percent of all life on earth resides in the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams of the world.  Thus, healthy global water is absolutely essential to healthy human life, and for the planet as a whole.  But overfishing, human trash pollution, and warmer temperatures from Global Warming have put strong choke-holds on water health everywhere.  According to the Environmental Working Group, the government awards over 700 million dollars in subsidies to the U.S. Fishing Industry.  This support not only falsely inflates the price of fish in retail markets, it supports the massive problem of overfishing––which is driving many fish to extinction.  Not only should individuals petition the government to stop subsidizing the fishing industry, they should also cut down, or eliminate fish from their diets entirely.
 Also,  if buying a new car, think electric.  Driving one these cars leave little or no carbon footprint on the planet.  If electric models won’t suffice, think of one using biomass materials.  Carbon dioxide coming from cars, trucks and other vehicles is responsible for over a third of all the Global Warming hothouse gases produced in the United States.  Bioethanol, made from corn, can reduce these emissions by some 20 percent.  Even more astounding, Biodiesel, made from soybeans, reduces harmful environmental gases, coming from trucks on America’s roads, upwards of 80 percent. 

Wholesale Christian Bibles state that “where there is no vision the people perish” (Prov. 29:18).  Believers must maintain faith and vision to help stop the advance of Global Warming.  In addition to prayerful repentance, to be good neighbors and good citizens of the planet, these are essential steps in God’s grace.

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