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No Trees, No Food, No Water, No Life

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:40 AM
September 15, 2010

In addition to caterpillars, cankerworms, pine beetles and the hemlock woolly adelgids, and other pests, America’s trees are under attack from Global Warming, virulent fungus, lack of sufficient water, excessive ozone, uncontrolled deforestation, and relentless death.  As Charles Little, author of “The Dying of the Trees:  The Pandemic in America’s Forests,” writes, “the more trees that die, the more trees will die.”  Moreover, the nation’s basic problem with its trees is that dying trees portends the imminent dying of people.

 Through the process of photosynthesis whereby trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, trees are necessary for the very air people need to breath.  Trees and forests also provide homes for myriads of animals like birds, frogs, wild game foods, beavers, bears, etc.  But few corporations kept these necessities in mind when beginning systematic processes of destroying forests in the United States and around the world.
 In her article, “Causes and Effects of Deforestation,” Rita Putatunda writes that for the sake of economic gain, people have cut down millions of trees:  for lumber to building houses, furniture and paper products; to clear land for cattle grazing; to burn them for fuels; to clear them for other form lands and for mining operations, etc.  Putatunda also points out that absent forests means soil erosion, nutrient losses, and disruption of the water cycle.  Thus, trees are so thirsty in the United States because their scarcity means that they cannot release drawn stored water in their roots into the ecosystem.

 One part of Deuteronomy 20: 19 says:  “ . . . for the tree of the field is man’s life.”  Every word, jot and tittle of Scripture is vital for believers to totally understand how God made this earth, and how He intends for it to be inhabited.  Those nine words in the middle of a thirty-plus-word verse speaks volumes to the situation trees and people are in today.  Indeed, most people don’t know how vital trees are for human existence.  But those who read God’s Word do, or at least they should.  In the few years that Christians may have left before The Lord’s return, believers should teach children to love and respect God’s Word.  Starting them on the Biblical concepts included on wholesale christian kids t-shirts, even while they are babes, is a great beginning to knowing God, His creation and His Word.

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