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War Against Nature’s God

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:01 PM
September 10, 2010

Modern man seems to be at war with the rest of God’s Creation:  Killing dolphins, intelligent beings proven capable of communicating with human beings, so that these beautiful animals can appear on restaurant menus under the phony name of mahi mahi;  hunting whales for slaughter so that these magnificent animals can be reserved in tiny cans for a nation that has no need for whale food; showing so little respect for oceans, which contain 90% of all life on earth, by contaminating them with trash, discarded medical filth, and other plastic garbage from the now like-wise plastic human experience.
 The list of man’s attacks against Nature seems endless:  massive overfishing to an extent that 90% of fish species will soon be extinct, while simultaneously starving whales, dolphin and other large ocean species that depend upon the same fish to exist; driving giant and other fish to insanity for the sake of military sonar testing, or explosive military experiments; striping fins from sharks (and thus killing them) for the supposed sake of sexual medicinal purposes; killing sea turtles, the last dinosaurs which have lived on earth for thousands of years, for the same maniacal purposes to enhance human sexual prowling.  When is enough––of sex and everything else––enough?

 To enhance this run-away madness, some so called space scientists rush to find other planets with water so that a few kazillionaires can live there (while the the other eight billion people––and animals––on earth die).   Why?  So that they can ruin the waters on that planet too, when they did so little to take care of the waters on this one?  Think of the trillions of dollars wasted on space exploration that could have been used to make this planet and its waters both cleaner and safer.   As a result of such wasteful spending, we have strewn the skies with satellites for spying, war, telephones and televisions––when we know so little about the oceans on the planet where we live.

 There is no other way to say it!  These twisted perversions manufactured by modern man are not only attacks against Nature.  They are attacks against God, Nature’s Creator.    Such irresponsible and reckless stewardship will bring God’s omnipotent wrath down on this earth quicker than most of the other ungodly man-made encroachments the human race is capable of.
 What this world needs is a Leader Who is capable of being kind to both animals and people.  His Name is Jesus Christ and He is coming back soon to reclaim this Earth that He and His Father made and own (Psalm 24: 1).  Christians need to witness that fact around the world.  Wearing wholesale Christian t-shirts is a great way to start these witnessing efforts.  And researching wholesale Christian Bibles to discern the seriousness of the above discussion is another reinforcement for more radical Christian action.

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