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Earthquakes No One Wants to Talk About

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:57 PM
September 9, 2010

No one seems to talk about the many recent earthquakes around the world, especially those quakes occurring in odd places.  But the truth is that this year alone earthquakes have shaken nations in strangely different locations––and that includes in the United States and Canada.  This June, a surprising 5.0 quake rattled Toronto.  It was even felt in Maine, Chicago, New York and Michigan.  The Politics and World News Blog said it best:  “The strange thing about this earthquake is that it comes in a region of the world that isn’t used to seismic activity.”  With no loss of life or damage, the quake came in the middle of the day,  and was followed by after-shocks.  Certainly, it has Canadians thinking “what on earth is going on.”  Perhaps the earthquake faults, laying dormant under these two first-world countries, thought to be safe from such disasters, are waking up.

 Maybe that is why earthquakes have been rattling Oklahoma for several weeks this year.  Yes, very few people knew about those shakings either.  Yet, the Associated Press reported on September 4th that small earthquakes have been rattling Oklahoma “for months.”  No injuries or damages have been reported resulting from these small quakes, usually of magnitudes of 1.5 to 3.3. On Wednesday, September 1, as many as six of these small tremors were felt in areas around Oklahoma City.   It does not seem to be known––or at least no one is publicly broadcasting––if Oklahoma lies on a centuries-dormant fault line as well.

 And, of course, it has been kept very quiet that some 11 earthquakes have been felt in the Dallas/Forth Worth area of Texas over the past two years.  Scientists eventually issued a theory that the quakes are caused by drilling for natural gas.  “The mining operation being blamed for the quakes blasted 9,000 barrels of saltwater to depths of 10,000 to 14,000 feet daily, practically right over an old fault line which sits only about 1,000 feet under the re-injection well.”  Hmm.  Drilling over another earthquake fault line that no one talks about.

 Even shunted more quickly off the news stage is the 3.6 magnitude earthquake that shook Washington, D.C. last July. (Maybe that one was caused by too much political hot air.)  And then, of course, there is the 3.0 magnitude quake that hit Baton Rouge, Louisiana, just this week. That one was felt as far away as New Orleans and Mississippi. 

 In addition to the multiple earthquakes that Jesus points to as a sign of the end times (Luke 21: 11), the Bible foretells a gigantic world-wide earthquake coming after the Rapture (i.e. taking-away to heaven in a mass group) of born-again Christians.  That quake, occasioned by the rule of the anti-Christ, will kill billions who know nothing of Christ’s salvation. Like earthquakes, the seasons are changing. So its time to get out those wholesale Christian sweat shirts to tell about Jesus before it is too late. Be sure to do so before the next earthquakes hit!

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