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Possible Answers For Some, But Not For One!

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:37 PM
September 7, 2010

Various scientists have come up with possible answers on how to take the sting out of Global Warming.  One, a former critic of Global Warming’s proof, is now a believer.  Another is a researcher who has painstakingly interviewed scientists on the earth’s rapid heating.  With funding and international cooperation, their ideas could work.  But there are other aspects of current end-time phenomena about which no one has presented ideas.

 Danish economics professor Bjorn Lomborg (highly criticized for commenting on scientific issues when he has no scientific background) was formerly a Global Warming skeptic.  But now he believes that it is a serious threat to earth, and that international efforts must be amassed to combat it.  His forthcoming book, Smart Solutions to Climate Change: Comparing Costs and Benefits, suggests that an annual hundred billion dollars be used for such experiments as cooling the air with a cloud whitening process of steam coming from ships lined up in the Pacific Ocean. 

 Another researcher, Gwynne Dyer, author of Climate Wars:  The Fight For Survival As the World Overheats, suggests that every possible temporary thing should be done to slow down Global Warming, until the permanent solution can be achieved.  To reach his conclusions, Dyer interviewed political, scientific and security leaders around the world.  The permanent solution?  Stop burning all fossil fuels.  Of course, he points out, while implementing these changes, poorer nations will resist richer ones in implementation of these possible answers, and wars will certainly ensue.  Dyer admits that even instituting the temporary answers will result in countless deaths and disasters.

 While climate scientists and other researchers begin to offer solutions on above-earth results of climate change, no one discusses any possibility of attacking its below earth cohabitant: earthquakes!  Every few weeks or so in the last couple of years a serious earthquake has hit somewhere around the world. Wikipedia reports that just in 2010 alone, earthquakes have resulted in some 250,000 fatalities, 230,000 of which were in Haiti, which was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in the last 100 years.  In the last few days, of course, the world’s attention has been on the massive destruction of New Zealand’s 7.5 earthquake. 

 When speaking about the end-times, Jesus spoke of such companion disasters.  In Matthew 24: 7, Mark 13: 5 – 8, and Luke 21: 8 – 13, He warns:  “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”  Global Warming is  one sign from heaven, and famine and diseases, along with increasing earthquakes, are the signs on earth.  Christians should be doing everything, including wearing wholesale Christian T-shirts, to warn that these signs call for urgent repentance!

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