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Global Warming’s Insect Invasion

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:24 PM
September 1, 2010

The last blog mentioned the beetles that had eaten most of the protein food for bears in Yellowstone Park because the beetles were starving as well.  But there is much more to that beetle story.  Actually, because of Global Warming, bugs of all types are abnormally multiplying throughout the world, especially among Western nations that are not accustomed to such heat.  These explosive insect populations:  1) Threaten agricultural harvests; 2) Bring new diseases to certain regions; 3) Introduce foliage destruction decreasing available oxygen necessary for human existence; 4) And dangerously annoy people with their incessant bites.

 Right now, the explosive insect bugging officials across the United States is the bedbug.  But in actuality that wave of bugs could well be related to Global Warming.  Dr. Ellen Currano of Pennsylvania State University, lead researcher on a study of plant damage from insect surges during climate changes, reports: “Our study shows [that] … when temperature increases, the diversity of insect-feeding damage on plant species also increases.”  Abigail Leonard writes in a 2006 edition of LiveScience: “A rise in the Earth’s temperature could lead to an increase in the number of insects worldwide, with potentially dire consequences for humans . . .” 

 That same year, scientists from the University of Washington found that rapidly growing insect species caused by Global Warming “may well have significant impacts on agriculture, public health, conservation and ecosystems.”  Moreover, in their blog “More Bugs, More Bites,” Earth’s Friends write that ticks carrying Lyme disease has doubled recently, and that “diseases previously isolated to warmer regions will spread across continents and infect many more people, including those completely unready to receive treatment.”  Earth’s Friends also write about green shield bugs, newly invading Western nations, that are known “to eat and destroy all kinds of crops.”

 Bugs overwhelmed Egypt three times in steps toward freeing Old Testament Jews from slavery.  First there were lice, otherwise identified as mosquitoes and other insects; second were flies, otherwise translated as all types of insects, and third were the locusts that completely devastated Egypt’s agriculture, which was the backbone of that nation’s economy.  When discussing the Rapture that will take true Christians out of the earth, the Apostle Paul writes in  1 Thessalonians that Christians are children of the day who walk in the light of knowledge.  The Exodus of Old Testament Jews from Egypt should be correlated with signs of that Rapture.  Notes in the Dake’s Annotated Reference Bibles found in wholesale Christian Bibles provide help for walking in this light of knowledge.  We will write more about these bug invasions in coming blogs.

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