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More Spreading Bug Attacks

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:07 PM
September 30, 2010

This blog has often warned readers that the United States is under a series of bug attacks (see prior blogs on bedbugs, lice, locusts, etc. in files––as well as blogs on disappearing honeybees).   And our writers have also insisted that these attacks are absolute signs of the end-times.  For any readers who are still skeptical, we present the newest bug invasion––Stink Bugs.  While some researchers say that these gruesome bugs are only restricted to the East Coast, other reports say that these stinkers are now in all of the lower 48 states.  Scientists are working frantically to find effective extermination methods for these creatures, but so far they have not succeeded.  Whenever attacked, these shield-shaped creatures simply retaliate by releasing horrendous odors on their attackers.

 Not native to this country, stink bugs were somehow imported from Japan.  They have survived in the U.S. in such abundant numbers because they have no native enemies.  Birds and other animals avoid them because, when grabbed, they release awesomely awful––and very long lasting––smells.  Stink bugs have odd bodies, can come in different sizes, change colors during their life-time, are shaped like miniature shields, and can be a half inch or longer.  While they usually ruin gardens and farm acreage in droves, as cold weather sets in, they fight to get inside warm houses, where, once encamped, they reside in massive numbers.

 Stink bugs have been particularly devastating in Maryland and Virginia.   And they have also swarmed in multiple places around Washington, D.C.  University of Washington entomologist, Mike Raupp in explaining the bug’s explosive growth, said:  “I think this is going to be biblical this year . . .”  According to David W. Freeman of C.B.S. News, “Authorities in Pennsylvania are calling the bug invasions there an epidemic.”  Freeman also reports that, according to Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, these bugs have reportedly destroyed large swaths of apple, soybean, corn and other crops in their march across the country.

 Simultaneously, grasshopper populations are increasing in several areas; and the government’s agricultural advisers have been warning farmers and ranchers of a coming locust invasion.  As reported in other blogs at this site, all types of bugs, called “flies” and “locusts,” were included in the accursed insect invasions in The Book of Exodus.   As believers prepare for the change in season wearing wholesale Christian sweatshirts, they should also double-up in prayers of protection for home and work site against these insect invasions.

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Write More About Disappearing Bees

posted by Aunt Bea @ 12:55 PM
September 30, 2010

I agree a lot with what Jael says. But she hasn’t written anything about the Disappearing Bees in a long while. As I somewhat share a name with these critters, I decided to do some research about them myself. Well Jeff Pettis, Research Leader at the United States Department of Agriculture Laboratory expects this year to be far worse than the last four years. Since 2007, beekeepers have lost about a third of their bees to what they call CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder, and he expects 2010 will be much worse than the other years.

Pettis says that they still don’t know what is killing the bees, but it seems to be coming from more than one source. And the Disappearing Honey & Honey Bees sight says that these bee problems are in countries around the world. And with 100 different commercial crops depending on bees for their pollination skills, the Department of Agriculture has funded scientists with 14 million dollars to find out the causes for CCD. So far it hasn’t worked.

Well I’m gonna search for some bee designs at wholesale Christian sweatshirts so that I can tell people to keep praying for bees. Cause everybody must know that if growers don’t have bees to spread crops from place to place, eventually people won’t have food to eat.

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Footprints Measure Commitments

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:55 PM
September 29, 2010

Let there be no misunderstanding: the United States has the largest carbon footprint in the world.  With the planned pitiful lack of public transportation, it keeps millions of carbon polluting cars on the road.  In 2005, the Kyoto Treaty, pledging to curb greenhouse gases, went into force with ratification from 192 nations.  The United States was not among them.  Many of these pledging nations are doing all they can to reduce carbon emissions.  The United States is not. 

 Canada is one of the 38 developed nations signing the Treaty, and with the others, “made commitments that would cut their total emissions of greenhouse gases on average between 2008 and 2012 to levels 5% below 1990 levels.”  In addition, Canada said that it would provide financial assistance to under-developed so that they too can meet their Kyoto agreements.  According to the Eco Slopes blog, Germany leads the world in wind and solar technology, and plans to have 20 percent of its energy supply come from renewable energy by 2020.  Moreover, the German government says that by 2007, Germany had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent, as compared to 1990.

 Today, Norway, another signer of the Kyoto Treaty, runs almost 100% on renewal energy.  Statistics Norway blog states: “For the second year running, Norway’s total greenhouse gas emissions have decreased. In 2009, 50.8 million tons CO2 equivalents were emitted, which is the lowest level since 1995. A great deal of the reduction is due to lower emissions from the manufacturing industries and oil and gas activities, but emissions from road traffic and agriculture also decreased.” Norway’s slowing economy may be a factor.  Eco Slopes points out that Brazil is now the clean energy giant of South America because it is converted much of its transportation to ethanol––a biofuel manufactured from sugar cane. In that nation, where sugar cane is a fertile staple, its ethanol is half the cost of oil.

 Obviously, other nations are taking drastic steps to attack the problems of Global Warming.  But what is not so obvious, is the fact that individuals and citizen organizations within these nations keep constant pressure on their governments to do everything possible to defeat Global Warming.  These groups are skeptical of government reports.  Writers publicly challenge their nation’s reports as too optimistic, and often question the truthfulness of these reports. 

 Many Christians in the United States pride themselves on being born in, and part of, the freest and most Christian nation on earth.  Yet the reticence of some professing Christians to enter the public battle against Global Warming is difficult to phantom.  Jesus says that not everyone who calls Him, Lord, Lord shall enter heaven, but only those who do the will of His Father in heaven (Matthew 7: 21). As many in church communities dress their kids in Christian childrens t-shirts, is it not time to set examples of doers of The Word before them?

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What People and Families Can Do To Stop Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:33 PM
September 28, 2010

While the task may seem enormous, there are many things that individuals and families can do to slow, and even stop, Global Warming.   Some of these steps involve changing daily use habits.  Others include stepping into new frontiers.  And, of course, mobilizing political action is necessary to put public pressure on government agencies that they stop contributing to factors of Global Warming.

 First, personal habits:  Stop purchasing water or anything else, in plastic bottles.  For one thing, all plastics are made from oil, and people of good will must do everything possible to decrease oil consumption.  For another, plastic is not bio-degradable––that is, it cannot be easily absorbed back into earth.  Disposers of human garbage dump millions of tons of plastics into ocean waters.  And there they remain, creating dangerous nation-size islands, often providing false foods, killing thousands of ocean animals.   If community drinking water is not safe, installing credible water filtration systems can help.  And, petitioning local governments to clean up water systems will also bring benefits to whole cities.

 And speaking of ocean animals, another great contribution to the war on Global Warming is to cut down fish consumption.  Ninety percent of all life on earth resides in the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams of the world.  Thus, healthy global water is absolutely essential to healthy human life, and for the planet as a whole.  But overfishing, human trash pollution, and warmer temperatures from Global Warming have put strong choke-holds on water health everywhere.  According to the Environmental Working Group, the government awards over 700 million dollars in subsidies to the U.S. Fishing Industry.  This support not only falsely inflates the price of fish in retail markets, it supports the massive problem of overfishing––which is driving many fish to extinction.  Not only should individuals petition the government to stop subsidizing the fishing industry, they should also cut down, or eliminate fish from their diets entirely.
 Also,  if buying a new car, think electric.  Driving one these cars leave little or no carbon footprint on the planet.  If electric models won’t suffice, think of one using biomass materials.  Carbon dioxide coming from cars, trucks and other vehicles is responsible for over a third of all the Global Warming hothouse gases produced in the United States.  Bioethanol, made from corn, can reduce these emissions by some 20 percent.  Even more astounding, Biodiesel, made from soybeans, reduces harmful environmental gases, coming from trucks on America’s roads, upwards of 80 percent. 

Wholesale Christian Bibles state that “where there is no vision the people perish” (Prov. 29:18).  Believers must maintain faith and vision to help stop the advance of Global Warming.  In addition to prayerful repentance, to be good neighbors and good citizens of the planet, these are essential steps in God’s grace.

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Business Honors Science Only When Profitable

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:33 PM
September 27, 2010

It should be apparent to all observers that the world of corporate business only has respect for science when the latter can serve its greed for massive profits. The medical field advances as if controlled by drug, insurance, and other businesses in medical related fields.  Even the space program thrives because of  supposed new inventions that space travel has provided for corporate successes.  Unless business interests can see a dollar involved, it generally ignores other aspects of science.  But this is not the case when it comes scientific views about Global Warming.   Here the two are locked in bitter divorce.  Most corporate scions , and the politicians they support, insists that scientific studies about Global Warming are whacky, that the earth is not unduly warm, and that evidences to the contrary are merely normal courses of nature, soon to straighten themselves out.

 Politicians are for the most part stymied.  Some may make powerless appearance to side with science, while behind the scenes accepting corporate donations for next-election survival.  But the power of the ballot box can easily move politicians to side with the clean cool air, clean water, side of science.  Yet that force of public pressure so far seems to have been impeded.  And that fault lies with media’s unwillingness to fully explore and expose scientific findings about Global Warming.  America’s media is after-all a body of corporations, almost wholly funded by other corporations.

 The blog Climate Progress explains that misinformation, obfuscation and political manipulation in the nation’s media has resulted in six areas of weakened public response to the problems of Global Warming, including:  “The earth is not warming and/or; Humans are not a major cause of whatever warming is occurring and/or; The problem is not an urgent one because the impacts are distant and tolerable and/or; The solution is painful if not impossible with existing technologies anyway and/or;  Adaptation is a better strategy than mitigation and/or; It’s just too damn late!”  These dark coordinated symphonies tend to keep most of the public either confused or in denial about Global Warming, while at the same time, they live daily under its increasing diseases, devastations and devious results.

 The Bible clearly states that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6: 10).   As believers don christian clothing wholesale this Fall, they should remember that God expects His people not to be deceived by the flimflam of evil men who would willingly let millions of people die so that the few of them can acquire more wealth and power.  Another verse says, “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).  However, that verse goes on to say that the same people willfully reject even the knowledge they could have.   Surely it is understood that such intentional rejection can only lead to judgment!

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Have You Heard The Latest News About . . . .?

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:12 AM
September 23, 2010

Because excessive numbers of bed bugs have spread to every state in the union, specialists came together for a huge Bed Bug Conference outside of Chicago this week. More than 400 people attended the sold-out confab. Several bug scientists, or entomologists, were scheduled to speak. An organization called BedBug Central organized the event. Its president, Phillip Cooper says: “This summit will provide a sophisticated level of information to a variety of industries . . . .” But so far that information has not been made available to the public. Until news comes, one must assume that science has no answer for these galloping bugs, other than to continue to shell out money to exterminators for treatments that may not work.

And have you heard of that a theologian philosopher published a thesis in the New York Times arguing that eliminating (i.e. by execution) all Meat Eating animals on earth would solve all of our problems? Its true. Unfortunately, such educated advice was published in the New York Times on September 29th. Kill them all, Dr. Jeff McMahan says, and then let the remaining animals survive by foraging what vegetation they can find. Of course, that would mean killing all the pet dogs and cats that Americans love, because they eat meat too. McMahan says that such drastic steps are necessary as animals are suffering greatly, because people have not solved the “problem of evil.” One must wonder if

And have you heard that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told an audience in Portland, Oregon, last month: “We have a moral obligation to preserve the planet.” As reported by Laurence Lewis in the Daily Kos, while she toured a newly weatherized home, the Speaker said that the issue of Global Warming must move beyond politics: “We have to be thinking about the next generation, not the next election and that is what this conversation is about.” As the third highest elected official in the country, she certainly has the power to push through more legislation affecting Global Warming.

Whether its bed bugs, meat eating animals or Global Warming, it is obvious that no one person or group of people have all the answers for the state of Global Warming that the nation and the world is in today. Today is the first day of Autumn. Time is rushing on toward eternity. Isaiah 11: 2 lists wisdom and understanding as two of the seven attributes of God’s Holy Spirit. As families get children ready for school in their wholesale Christian kids t-shirts, let everyone pray that God would give more of His Spirit’s wisdom and understanding to leaders so that the destruction nations now face may be reversed.

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Endangered Animals: Nature’s Warning Signs

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:02 PM
September 22, 2010

Global Warming has caused the deaths of thousands of walruses over the last few years. The latest episode in the walruses’ fight for survival is in Alaska where tens of thousands of them have beached, because there are no ice islands left upon which the animals can forage for food and raise their young. Now crowded together on a mile-long stretch of land, they face a danger of stampeding. That is how 3,000 to 4,000 were killed on land in Russia in 2007.

This is the third time in four years that walruses have been forced to rest on land. Because warmer temperatures have resulted in the lack of ice sheets, The Center for Biological Diversity, has asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to put the animals on the Endangered Species list. They cite the loss of icy habitat needed for birthing and nursing. Their petition also claims that the $ 2.1 billion oil lease granted to Shell Oil for drilling near Alaska is another endangering factor.

“These animals are symbols of what is happening to wildlife all around the world,” says National Wildlife Federation’s John Kostyack. “Although most movements in response to climate change are more subtle, wildlife are on the move virtually everywhere across the globe, and there are significant survival risks associated with many of these climate-related disruptions.” In addition, Shaye Wolf, biologist with the Center for Biological Diversity, states: “The Arctic is the Earth’s early warning system. If Congress and the Obama administration begin deep and rapid greenhouse pollution reductions now, we can still avert some of the most serious global warming impacts.  But the rapid change underway in the Arctic shows that time is running perilously short.”

At some point in the very near future, those in power in the United States and around the world must recognize that these repeating signs from nature i.e. endangered walruses, polar bears, lions, fish; excessively repeating earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and floods; declining bees, birds and endangered species, etc. are urgent warnings. As much as leaders may want to see their political and corporate worlds as superior to, and separate from nature, these warnings from nature repeatedly show those desires to be illusions. Yet, leaders are not powerless. They can move immediately to slow causes of Global Warming. And they can forestall galloping corporate gain long enough to restructure human life around elements less threatening to the global environment. If these multiplying warnings continue to go unheeded, the ultimate threat to human existence behind these warnings may come to pass. As they prepare for winter in wholesale Christian sweatshirts, those who trust in God should pray that He would give eye-opening wisdom and understanding (Ephesians, chapters 1 and 3) to world leaders, particularly those in the United States, while there is still time to prevent the same chaos in their world that now resides in nature’s world.

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Horses Then, Now and Forever

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:57 AM
September 20, 2010

In this age of technology and the demise of great literature, man’s inventions push symbolism’s meaning back stage.   This neglect, however, does not obviate centuries of truth.  For eons, the number of horses a nation, and particularly its army, owned marked the level of that nation’s wealth.   But the invention of automobiles, gasoline war machines, oil powered tractors and mass transportation changed man dependence upon horses for survival.

 India, where horses have always been an integral part of their culture,  has found a use for their famous Marwari Horses as a great tourist attraction.  England likewise uses its horses to bring in foreign wealth, as well as to preserve hundreds of years of British culture.  The crown keeps symbolic horses before the public eye. There are horse trails, horse shows and numerous other horse activities.  In Scotland, riding lessons and proper horse care are part of profitable vacation spots.

  Surely, in this country, smart people could come up with enhancing ways to teach children and adults about horses; to build horse trails; to teach rodeo riding, etc.––all sorts of activities involving these animals which are such an integral part of this nation’s history.  But, instead, as the blog points out,  not known by the general public, all sorts of horses live in danger of being sacrificed for the dining pleasure of people and other animals:  “No horse is safe from slaughter. Children’s ponies, show horses, family horses, retired show horses, or horses from families who just can’t afford them any longer are all at risk of being slaughtered for human consumption.”

 Many animals are symbolic figures in the Bible, but perhaps none more so than the horse.  A spirit horse and chariot bore Elijah to heaven alive; angels on horseback brought symbolic messages to Zechariah;  Satan’s chief angels are seen bringing destruction to earth on various hued horses in The Book of Revelation.  And in the same Book, The Lord Jesus is seen returning to earth with His great army of believers––all riding on horseback.  Thus, one can but conclude that there are myriads of horses in heaven, just as there are––or at least should be––on earth.    

        Jesus will return to earth riding on a white horse, as will His followers:  “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him [was] called Faithful and True, . . . .  And the armies [which were] in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.  . . . And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.” (Rev. 19: 11, 14, 19).  In these end-times, spirit horses will not just be symbols but realities on earth.  Surely, while adorning gifts of Christian clothing wholesale for the holidays, people of good will can think of ways to change the status of this nation’s horses, especially in view of those heavenly horses soon to touch down upon this earth.

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“If We Can’t Race Them, Then Kill and Eat Them!”

posted by Jael Ever @ 19:07 PM
September 17, 2010

For years, horse racing has been on the decline in the United States.  Race Tracks are closing around the country––i.e. Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey, Blue Ribbon Downs in Oklahoma,  Manor Downs in Texas and Bay Meadows in California, etc.  Apparently, gamblers no longer want to go to tracks to place their bets, preferring to do so online.  Moreover, legalized gambling casinos have taken a large chunk of revenue from former race track enthusiasts.

 Naturally, horse farms and breeding operations are closing as well.  Some breeds and track owners are lobbying state governments to add casinos to race tracks to draw in customers.  But other breeders in states such as Ohio, once famous for breeding horses, are selling out to land developers to make room for new suburbs.   Plenty of articles attest to these phenomena, but very few admit what is happening to the horses who ran once around circles to enrich breeders, owners, track operators and a few lucky gamblers.  Just where do, or did, all the horses go?

 Katie Zezima of the Associated Press reports, “As the economy continues to falter, law enforcement officers in Kentucky and throughout the country are seeing major increases in the number of unwanted and neglected horses, some abandoned on public land, others left to starve by their owners.”  Therefore, she reports some state governments are considering reopening horse slaughterhouses in the United States.  Although this country sent some 100,000 horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter last year, there are now more abandoned horses than officials can deal with.  She writes:  “. . . the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it had been overwhelmed with reports of neglected horses.” adds Japan to countries receiving America’s unwanted horses.  This blog also joins Japan with France, Italy, and Belgium, as the biggest consumers of horsemeat, where it is considered a delicacy.  And an organization as esteemed as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) insists that these now-unwanted horses must be laid to rest with more humane (i.e. not slaughter house) methods.  In their report “Frequently Asked Questions,” the AVMA says that there are more unwanted horses than non-profits can care for, and thus the AVMA should be allowed to carefully euthanize them!

 This is insane!  Now that supposed civilized nations no longer need horses for transportation or agriculture, or for killing by the millions as men rode them to fight in hundreds of wars, and now that they are no longer useful for gambling profits––the solution is to slaughter them for livestock feed, pet foods and Euro-Asian steak delicacies?  If there are any alert Christians left in the midst of this madness, one alternative, as we face the deaths of winter’s season in our wholesale Christian sweat shirts, is to intensely pray with the Apostle John, “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus (Rev. 22: 20).”  It is time for God’s judgment to fall!

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Disappearing Horses For Food and Profit

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:59 PM
September 16, 2010

Supposedly under the protection of the United States government, wild horses on America’s vast plains are mysteriously disappearing.  But, in truth, it is no mystery.  The flesh of these wild animals, which comprise so much of this nation’s heritage, is probably now in chicken feed, dog and cat food and other genius manufacturing ideas.
 In her blog, “Mestengo, Mustang, Misfit. America’s Disappearing Wild Horses,” Laura Moretti gives a detailed and gruesome history on the way these beautiful animals have been abused, mismanaged and politically enacted nearly out of existence.  And sadly the practices she reveals continue to the present day.

 Various volunteers and organizations in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and other western states, are doing all they can to detail the numbers of these animals and the ways they are being treated, or rather mistreated, under various government programs.  But government agencies, such as the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM), taking responsibility for control of animals that were born to run free, do not want to be watched.  And they continuously seek government sanction to restrict taxpaying citizens from observing their actions or interfering with their plans.
 One must wonder which corporations are being enriched by BLM’s so-called storage of these horses.  According to the blog Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, “The BLM wild horse program has been harshly criticized for its lack of fiscal sustainability. The agency now stockpiles more wild horses in government holding pens and pastures (36,000+)than are left on the range (less than 33,000). The cost to taxpayers for this program is expected to exceed $70 million next fiscal year.”

 According to Katie Zezima’s 2009 article in the New York Times: “An estimated 100,000 horses a year are shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter, prompting Congress to consider a bill that would ban the sale and transport of horses for human consumption outside the country.”  While it is assumed that most of these horses come from families in the eastern U.S. that have abandoned them in the present economy, it is certainly possible that among these horses are ones that have disappeared from western plains.  Also, please note the phrase “for human consumption.”  Could it be that horse food is going into more than crushed fodder for cats and dogs?  And is that other phrase “outside the country” really believable?
 Winter is coming, and as believers wear their wholesale Christian sweatshirts, surely they will continue to pray for their country. As Japan takes pride in slaughtering God’s whales, it is time to pray that this nation not take the same pride in killing His magnificent horses in order to provide the food of money to some nameless and faceless corporations.

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