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Therein Will We Be Judged

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:52 AM
August 12, 2010

Responses of the United States media and government to the tragedies in Pakistan and Russia are beyond negligent. The devastation in these countries are bell-weather warnings to this country and the world.  Both Pakistan and Russia probably treated the phenomena of Global Warming with the same lack of bureaucratic urgency as the United States does now. But now both countries suffer, and will suffer for years, from Global Warming’s vicious attacks. 

 According to the Washington Post, the worse flooding in its history has now destroyed Pakistan’s infrastructure.  Homes, schools, roads and meager medical facilities in that country are washed away.  For decades, even as it struggled against internal warring with taliban insurgents, the country has been trying to climb out of third world status, to keep up with its hated rival, India. But the floods have set back those efforts indefinitely, and strengthened taliban fighters, who have been on-hand to provide more aid to flood victims than the Pakistan government. 

 Millions of refugees have no shelter,  and they await those diseases that follow massive flooding.  The United Nations estimates that destruction from Pakistan’s monsoons far exceeds that of Haiti or the tsunami that hit southern Asia a few years ago, and that billions in aid is needed to restore Pakistan to livability.

 But Russia is a different story.  By most sociological measures, Russia is not a third world country.  It has vast areas oil, mineral and agricultural wealth, vibrant governmental, military, educational and economic structures. But fires from Global Warming have destroyed the nation’s massive wheat crop, burned down many of its rural villages, killed and injured thousands of its citizens, severely damaged its economy, and plunged the air above its massive land areas into thick blankets of smoldering smoke. 

 But television news outlets in the United States barely mention the struggles of either of these countries.  And if our government is doing anything, other than sending a few soldiers and helicopters to Pakistan, it is not known.  Massive popular annoyance from American citizens needs to awaken the government to put Global Warming issues on the “Urgent Act Now” list. 

 Apparently, even the Christian community assumes that God will spare our nation such devastation from the Global Warming that our own lifestyles feed, assuming, like other Americans, that our lives and homes will be protected.  But it is past time to break out Christian prayer books and start urgent non-political prayer for our nation and its leaders.  It is also past time to study wholesale Christian books to learn our responsibility to take the blessings of Christian experience to those nations we now scorn in their distress.  Therein will we be judged.

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Finding a plus size Christian t-shirt for a gift

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 18:13 PM
August 5, 2010

Having a way to get plus sized clothing is very important to me. I have to give family members gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. There are three family members that are plus sized.

Luckily I can find plus size Christian t-shirts and sweat shirts on the Internet. I even found sizes up to 6XL but I do not need that size. And buying plus size Christian t-shirts makes the gift more personal then a regular t-shirt.

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Leadership by Self-Interests

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:45 PM
August 5, 2010

One of the reasons relevant coordinated attacks on Global Warming have not been achieved is because each nation has self-centered interests and most leaders of each nation have their own self-willed interests as well.  It is interesting that this week, as over 1,500 Pakistani citizens have been killed by the worse monsoons in decades––no doubt caused by Global Warming––one of its political leaders decided to talk about the Taliban defeating the United States in the region’s wars.

 Thousands of his people have lost their homes, belongings and loved ones.  Whole villages have been destroyed in his country.  And muddy waters have washed away so much of the nation’s breadbasket that the United Nations estimates some 1.8 million people there will need food aid within weeks.  Even today, as the Associated Press estimates that some 3.2 million Pakistanis need aid or rescue from flooded areas, the U.S. Army has dispatched helicopters to help Pakistan’s aid workers move people from danger.
 His nation is in chaos, yet this Pakistani politician wants to threaten Taliban victory against one of the nations trying to help save his homeland from complete collapse.  His interests seem to run counter to that of everyone else. reports that one Pakistan prayer leader commented that is as if Pakistan’s leaders were detached from their people’s suffering. “Our people are dying and all that concerns the president is a visit to the UK. President Zardari, just like other leaders, once again is proving himself to be self-serving.”

 World wars have been started by those wanting to force nations to follow another nation’s self-interests.  And, according to the Bible, these conflicting self-interests will cause more world-type wars again soon.  What is needed is a world-wide leader who will rule benevolently for the best interests of every person on the planet.  That leader’s Name is Jesus Christ.  But He will return to earth only after He and His followers defeat Satan and his forces in a near-universal war, and only after  millions of deceived people following their own selfish interests willingly believe a lying ruler who will lead them to death by the millions. That evil ruler is the anti-Christ, and there are already forerunners of anti-Christ’s type of leadership ruling now on earth (Matthew 24: 24, Mark 13: 22, 2 John 1: 7).

 Christians should be particularly prayerful that they are not taken in by such deceptive leadership.  One learns, even in the most basic online bible lessons, that true Christian leaders walk in love, not love of just a few, but offering the love of God to all.  Further study of histories and prophecies in wholesale Christian bibles well indicate that some who claim to be Christian leaders are actually not Christians at all.  It is the sign of the end times that deception now operates so strongly in political and Christian leadership around the world!

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Penguins Join the Death March

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:34 AM
August 4, 2010

Thousands of penguins are joining whales in their march to death as discussed in the last blog.  This year, hundreds of penguins have shown up dead along the southern Pacific coast of Latin America.  And again, the major cause seems to be starvation. 

 Last year, people in Caleta Queule, Chile counted 1,500 dead penguins washed up on their shore in the short space of four days.  Last month over 500 of these beautiful birds landed on shore in Sao Paulo, Brazil within a 10 day period.  Official autopsies found that their stomachs were empty.  They birds had starved to death––the same conclusions scientists made about beached whales.  According to AFP International News, other sea birds, as well as dolphins and sea turtles also washed ashore with the penguins in Brazil.

         Scientists theorize that most of the penguins had traveled from Argentine, Chile and the Falkland Islands in search of food.  Thiago de Nascimento, a Brazilian biologist, reports that the stomachs of these birds was entirely empty.  “Overfishing may have made the fish and squid scarcer,” he said.  Nascimento added that maybe 10 dead penguins wash ashore on their ride northward but never in these numbers, and he questions how and why such an “absurdly high number of penguins . . . appeared dead in a short period of time.”

 On July 24th, another 200 penguins showed up dead or dying on Uruguay’s shores during the same period. Observers blamed their deaths on an oil slick, and issued no reports on the birds’ hunger status. (So far, officials have not released the numbers of sea animals destroyed by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

 What will it take for collaborating government officials to recognize that something is very, very wrong in the oceans of the earth?  As whales and penguins and other sea life die from starvation, where are the human stewards––other than a few journalists and internet bloggers––sounding urgent alarm?  How many people will have to die from fish that have been poisoned by corporate pollution––before governments react?  How many sea animals have to starve to death––before officials restrict overfishing?

 The multiple deaths of whales, penguins and other sea life are messages to human beings––messages which those in power choose to ignore.  Hosea 4: 6 explains that God will not forgive deliberate ignorance:  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, . .  . ”  Students of wholesale Christian Bibles should speak out.  Those who know of judgment prophecies in the book of revelation must stand as God’s stewards and demand that national leaders stop feigning ignorance about the ocean’s death march.

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Great prices on Christian books!

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 19:55 PM
August 3, 2010

With the economy the way it is today you have to watch every penny. I like to read Christian books but I don’t like to pay retail prices.

I found that you can buy wholesale Christian books that are new or used and they are sold to the public. With wholesale Christian books prices I am able to buy twice as many books. You can never read too much about Jesus!

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Whale of a Way to Go

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:51 AM
August 3, 2010

As if being hunted by Japanese or denied breeding grounds by Russians were not enough, it now appears that whales are dying at astonishing rates from poisonous ocean pollutants, and the lack of adequate food supplies.  And these phenomena may well be related because mountains of human waste discarded in oceans in past years create poisonous dead zones that ultimately eliminate food stuffs necessary for whale survival.  Massive over-fishing could also contribute to whale starvation.

 Brian Merchant reports in that 168 pilot whales had mysteriously washed up on New Zealand shores in the first two months of this year.  Most were either dead or had to be euthanized because of severe suffering. There is increasing evidence that whales may be dying from starvation.  For example, scientists say some Pacific gray whales are actually dying from starvation caused by dwindling food supplies.  Reporting these findings to the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Stephen Palumbi said, “Our antennas should be asking if the ocean is capable of supporting life the way it used to.”

 In 2005, Pierre Beland published his revealing book, Beluga: A Farewell to Whales, in which he established that these valued Beluga whales were dying from cancer caused by ocean pollution.  That pollution is initiated by more than negligent business scions, who believe it is their right to dump agricultural and industrial garbage in the ocean.  Beland’s research showed that even the milk of the dead whales had 10 times the PCBs considered safe for human consumption.  Thus, these deadly poisons are passed on to baby whales, even as they grow up in waters full of polluting waste products.

 Genesis Chapter One says that whales are the crowning beings of God’s recreation of earth.  Those collectively responsible for whale poisoning or starvation should start repenting, because their judgment awaits.  Repentance means changing behavior and trying to make amends––in this case cleaning the junk, chemicals and plastics out of oceans, and stopping excessive commercial fishing.  In the assumed absence of such change, those guilty parties, including the government officials who don’t stop them, and the indifferent citizens who fail to protest these quiet murders––should prepare to meet their God.  Study wholesale Christian Bibles to find out more about that judgment!

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Deadly Bugs with Diseases Come With Deadly Heat

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:13 PM
August 2, 2010

In the book of Exodus, insects were three out of the ten curses in the battle to free Israel from slavery.  Those attacking insects include lice, flies and locust.  It is well-documented that head lice in school children––as well as bed-bugs in hotels––are on rise in the United States, and that heat from Global Warming has brought locust raids on crops in China.  Many Bible scholars define the flies in Exodus as various combined sorts of insects.  It could be viewed as a sign of pending judgment when first world countries cannot control dangerous insect populations.

 Certainly mosquitoes could have been among those flies that covered the skies in Exodus.  Mosquitoes prey on human beings especially in times of extremely hot weather.  In this current summer of Global Warming, according to a July 30th report from Reuters News, mosquitoes are executing deadly attacks on Florida residents.  In addition to increasing numbers of horses infected  from Eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE, two people in Hillsborough County died from this mosquito-borne disease. EEE has infected some 60 horses in dozens of Florida counties.  Hillsborough officials have now dispatched airplanes to spay pesticides killing mosquitoes breeding in standing water.

 In addition to EEE, mosquitoes have also infected horses in Florida w ith West Nile virus, which killed 32 people in the United States last year.  West Nile virus has now been discovered as far north as Boston, Massachusetts.  According to the Wildlife Disease Information Node, this disease did not even come to the United States until 1999––within the time period of increasing Global Warming––and since then it has killed some 500 U.S. citizens. 

 In addition to those two potentially deadly diseases transmitted by an increase of mosquitoes breeding in this year’s hot, humid weather, dengue fever has also returned to Florida, and other parts of the United States.  Like those diseases discussed above, dengue fever is potentially fatal.  The World Health Organization estimates that two-fifths of the world population may be infected with dengue fever as the disease spreads. And it usually affects people poorer people living in urban areas.  Medical News Today issued an internet warning on July 30 that dengue fever and insect-born infections were emerging as a serious public health problem in America’s cities.

 Just as Egypt should have read the signs from Nature before its downfall, those in the United States should do the same.  Global Warming stirs up the most destructive aspects of Nature.  Christians should begin connecting the dots between the book of Revelation and Israel’s exodus from Egypt to see what Nature is saying today.  All Bible prophecies point to these events as indicative of imminent Return of The Lord Jesus Christ and the end of time and Earth as we know it!

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