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Bears Must Die So People Can Camp?

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:33 AM
August 31, 2010

Just as thousands of penguins, dead from hunger, flush up all along  the Pacific coast, recently bears are attacking people simply because they are hungry.  Melting snows and earlier spring seasons caused by Global Warming have shortened normal bear hibernation time.  In addition, bears are hungry because people have moved their habitats and tourism into wooded areas that for eons bears had considered to be their homes.
 Forest rangers claim that the July attack from a Yellowstone grizzly in Montana is the most brutal in 25 years.  A 216-pound mother grizzly bear ripped into a camp killed one man, eating much of his flesh, and seriously injured two others.  Later euthanized, she was severely malnourished, and was diseased by “a load of parasites found in her small intestines.”  A second person was also fatally mauled in the Yellowstone Wyoming region the month before.

 Although the mother bear was clearly in poor physical condition, wildlife investigators discount diet, hunger and intestinal parasites to be underlying causes of her attacks.  Rather, they claim to be baffled and consider her behavior to be erratic.  Other officials said that she was clearly stressed, and had been struggled to feed herself and her cubs (which have since been placed in a local zoo).

 Only in the past week has it been clear that 70 percent of the nuts from whiteback pine cones––normal protein food for Yellowstone bears––had been eaten by beetles.  These insects are also trying to survive Global Warming’s milder winter temperatures.  According to Polly Davis, a reporter, this loss of their major source of protein leaves “ravenous bears looking for an alternate source of protein.”  While scientists expect more bear versus human conflicts, wildlife officials strangely advise Yellowstone visitors simply to pack extra bear spray.

 Further, Associated Press reporter, Matthew Brown advises that such scarcity of food means that grizzlies will be even hungrier this Fall.  But there is no report that tourism is discouraged.  Although the 580 grizzlies left in Yellowstone are back on the endangered species list, it is apparently of no matter to the three million tourist trekking over those woods.  Brown attests that  wildlife officials have killed most of the 22 grizzlies that have died this year alone. 

 It is utter arrogance for people to assume that all this earth is for human habitation, that other creatures do not have the right to their own living space.  Neither human or bear lives are worth these land trespasses.  2 Kings 2: 24 in wholesale Christian Bibles indicates that such bear attacks are a sign of God’s judgment.  Clearly Global Warming causes massive disruption to animal feeding habits.  Rather than exploiting animal territories, would not human energies be better spent by decreasing our contributions to Global Warming?

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