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Practical Ways to Fight Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:59 PM
August 24, 2010

Rosie the Riveter was a prominent image in life and art during World War Two, because it illustrated all that those who stayed home did to aid the war effort.  The same effort on all fronts is needed from men and women today.  We must all join in the fight against Global Warming.  To do so individuals and households could take some of the following steps:

1.  To cut down on electricity: Use new-type energy saving light bulbs
2.  Work with neighborhood associations to re-institute the use of clothes lines. Electric and gas dryers use excessive amounts of electricity.

3.  Where possible, paint (or replace) roofs white.  It keeps the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

4.  Stop using disposable paper or plastic bags for grocery and other shopping,taking cloth or other types of reusable bags to carry items when shopping.

5.  Purchase electric or bio-fuel cars instead of gasoline engine vehicles.

6.  Use group or public transportation to cut down on fuel usage; and be more fugal on the use of gasoline engine driving by making lists and carefully planning trips.

7. Insist on buying only green-based products–i.e. clothing, soaps and cleaning  materials, appliances, cosmetics (many of which are oil based), etc.

8.  Properly insulating home––especially doors and windows––to cut down on winter heating costs.

9.  Work with local planners and governments to install facilities for electric battery car recharging locations; and to produce cleaner public tap water.

10.  Stop supporting politicians who deny Global Warming, and do more to influence political leaders to reorient city, state and country toward clean energy, and away from fossil fuels.

11. Cut down the use of plastic bottles, bowls, etc. which are oil-based materials.

12.  Think green, research green, and get active with the green life.  It is the only way we can all possibly get through the next few years alive. (Yes it is that serious!)

 Above all pray that God would strengthen our nation in this fight against Global Warming.  That’s what Christians who stayed stayed state-side during World War Two did.  They prayed that God would help them win that horrible war.  And He did!  Some of those prayers are preserved in Christian prayer books.  And other examples are in wholesale Christian Bibles. Let’s get to work to make our planet green!

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