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Dying Oceans Measure Respect for Power

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:18 PM
August 18, 2010

This blog often discusses destruction taking place in oceans across the globe, including the importance of oceans to the survival of people and economies. Contaminated oceans and sick sea creatures ultimately harm human beings. Oceans produce food for billions of people. They provide transportation for 95% of international trade, a vast amount of which passes through ports and harbors in the United States. Moreover, one of every six jobs in this country is related to marine activity. According to Project Oceanography, “real estate, recreation, ocean-related occupations, and other services associated with the ocean generate 54 billion dollars in goods and services [in the United States] each year.”

In addition, goods, jobs and economic stability are obtained from the wealth in ocean mining as evident from the hundreds of deep sea oil wells by British Petroleum and other companies drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and other parts of the world. More than just food and oil, oceans produce basic sources for hundreds of pharmaceutical and biomedical products. Likewise, many very popular products on grocery and drug store shelves are made from ocean water remains. And seas provide home for sixty-six percent of the world’s population who live near coastlines.

Perhaps most important is the balance that oceans control over earth’s water cycles. Covering seventy percent of the earth’s surface, oceans and their ecosystems directly affect earth’s biosphere. Ocean water evaporation produces rainfall. But if that water is contaminated with oil, plastics and other pollutants producing dormant seas, those waters can’t produce rainwater on land. Such evaporation, or lack thereof, affects climates and wind patterns, and determine where and if rainwater will fall. In short, if we continue to destroy earth’s sea waters, we continue to destroy ourselves.

The Bible indicates that seas cover the foundations of the world (2 Samuel 22: 16), that they belong to God (Psalms 95: 5), that they continually speak to Him (Job 28: 14, Isaiah 23: 4), and that they should symbolize for mankind the overwhelming power of God. To kill sea life beyond what is necessary for food.

i.e. whales, sea turtles, penguins, sea gulls, fish and so many of the seas’ animal life now being pushed to edges of extinction is to tempt the power of God (Jeremiah 5: 22). Man should respect that power. As shown in Christian prayer books, Christians should humbly pray for God to restrain that power, because once that power is unleashed, no force on earth can control it. Study these references in wholesale Christian Bibles. There believers can also seek further light on the awesome power of God, and the respect He has for repentant tears and prayers from the faithful followers of His Dear Son (1 Corinthians 4: 20).

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