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The Fourth Estate in Hiding, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:14 PM
August 17, 2010

Of course it must be admitted that part of the reason that the New York Times gives such attention to Pakistan’s flooding ruinations is because these horrors could bring the taliban to power in that weakened nation.  And the United States is already at war with the taliban in neighboring Afghanistan.  World watchers are well aware that the only institution  apparently able to keep Pakistan somewhat together is its military.  And even the military, and most definitely the civilian government, is riddled with corruption and/or taliban sympathizers. 

 Of course, Pakistan intelligence is aware that Al-Qaeda’s taliban, not only operates in Afghanistan, but also in neighboring India.  Called Jemaah Islamiyah, the splintered groups are said to be responsible for those deadly attacks on Mumbai India last November.  And various news agencies report that the same types of splintered, yet quasi-unified, groups operate throughout Asia.

 These world watchers also keep an eye on parts of Africa where, according to the BBC, it is suspected that the taliban recently killed 150 people in northern Nigeria after setting fire to a police station and a church.  In chaotic Somalia, which has not had a lawful government in 20 years, the taliban has no difficulty in recruiting,  indoctrinating and turning teen-age boys into self-sacrificing killers.  Loosely-linked violent taliban––i.e. Al-Qaeda––groups also operate in Kenya, in regions of North Africa and in South Africa.

 The Anti-Defamation League reports that Al-Qaeda, and its various subsidiaries, is especially strong in the Philippines, where car bombs and other destructions are almost daily occurrences.   And CNN internet, as well as other international media, reports that those types of Al-Qaeda subgroups now operate in South America, and are working their way northward.  Surely, various secret agencies within the U.S. government are aware of these implications on border and immigration infringements.
 These actualities indicate coming indigenous-type world-wars.  The Lord Jesus said that one sign of His imminent return to earth is wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24: 6)––that is various types of wars, in various places, some only slightly heard of.  These encounters involve spiritual, as well as geographical, warfare.  Ardent Christians and authentic churches must engage in intense and continuous intercessory prayer for the protection of this nation believers claim to love. (The Lord would surely be pleased if we played for other nations as well.) Christian prayer books can provide inspiration for this type of devoted prayer.  And out-of- print used Christian books can give examples of those now gone to heaven who prayed such havoc away from their nations’ shores. Like the U.S. news media––which follows its tradition of doing limited reporting on these types of small ongoing wars––it is also time for God’s people to pull our heads out of the sand and step up to the battle lines.

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