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The Fourth Estate in Hiding

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:02 PM
August 16, 2010

One is struck by the rarity of mention in U.S. media about Global Warming’s assault on parts of the earth.  Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Nepolitano, and White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, held a Press Conference on Friday, August 13th.  But no reporter asked for the government’s comments on disasters devastating India, China, Russia, and especially Pakistan.  Global Warming was not mentioned by the scores of reporters representing high ranking news outlets.

  Cable news speaks for hours about who is up or down in political races, or the flight attendant who told the airline to take his job and shove it, or the Stock Market’s woes.  But these outlets say little about the thousands of deaths from uncontrollable weather on the other side of the globe.  Night-time CNN does mention the millions of displaced Pakistanis now and then.  The New York Times usually carries a story on these subjects, the Washington Post carries less––and these are the outlets of record for the United States.

  This is the 21st Century.  If modernity has produced anything of note, it is the system of worldwide communications.  But those without the Times or  internet communication could live in the United States for weeks, and not know that the planet is being pelted by Global Warming’s assault.  A reporter for the Huffington Post had an in-depth article on Thursday, the 12th, on the horrid weather, but editors slanted the title to “Global Weirding,” which reduces it to a discussion of oddity.  And, again the Huffington Post is an internet publication.

  So the fix is in.  Don’t rile the public.  Don’t cause a panic. Don’t emphasize the truth.  Don’t connect the dots for the American people, because they may want politicians and corporations to change their ways.  Most of the nation has smothered under near-100 degree temperatures for months now. Huge sections of states––i. e., Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, Vermont, Iowa, Michigan, etc.––have been hit with Global Warming’s horrendous flash floods, which killed several Americans this summer. But, apparently most in the media––and the government––want people to believe that these weather phenomena are normal. 

  In his prophetic work, Ezekiel speaks about watchmen standing on protective walls.  He writes that if the watchman don’t warn citizens about danger,  the watchmen would be held responsible for resulting deaths.  Collectively, the news media are this nation’s watchmen.  Its news should not be muted by trivia, or controlled to let corporations and politicians continue business as usual.  Ezekiel says that such negligence causes a nation to fall.  One can check out these prophecies in wholesale Christian Bibles.  And Bible students can study Ezekiel further in wholesale Christian books.  The point is that watchmen must alert the nation, and Christians must take a stand, speak out and pray about Global Warming’s coming devastations.

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