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Penguins Join the Death March

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:34 AM
August 4, 2010

Thousands of penguins are joining whales in their march to death as discussed in the last blog.  This year, hundreds of penguins have shown up dead along the southern Pacific coast of Latin America.  And again, the major cause seems to be starvation. 

 Last year, people in Caleta Queule, Chile counted 1,500 dead penguins washed up on their shore in the short space of four days.  Last month over 500 of these beautiful birds landed on shore in Sao Paulo, Brazil within a 10 day period.  Official autopsies found that their stomachs were empty.  They birds had starved to death––the same conclusions scientists made about beached whales.  According to AFP International News, other sea birds, as well as dolphins and sea turtles also washed ashore with the penguins in Brazil.

         Scientists theorize that most of the penguins had traveled from Argentine, Chile and the Falkland Islands in search of food.  Thiago de Nascimento, a Brazilian biologist, reports that the stomachs of these birds was entirely empty.  “Overfishing may have made the fish and squid scarcer,” he said.  Nascimento added that maybe 10 dead penguins wash ashore on their ride northward but never in these numbers, and he questions how and why such an “absurdly high number of penguins . . . appeared dead in a short period of time.”

 On July 24th, another 200 penguins showed up dead or dying on Uruguay’s shores during the same period. Observers blamed their deaths on an oil slick, and issued no reports on the birds’ hunger status. (So far, officials have not released the numbers of sea animals destroyed by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

 What will it take for collaborating government officials to recognize that something is very, very wrong in the oceans of the earth?  As whales and penguins and other sea life die from starvation, where are the human stewards––other than a few journalists and internet bloggers––sounding urgent alarm?  How many people will have to die from fish that have been poisoned by corporate pollution––before governments react?  How many sea animals have to starve to death––before officials restrict overfishing?

 The multiple deaths of whales, penguins and other sea life are messages to human beings––messages which those in power choose to ignore.  Hosea 4: 6 explains that God will not forgive deliberate ignorance:  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, . .  . ”  Students of wholesale Christian Bibles should speak out.  Those who know of judgment prophecies in the book of revelation must stand as God’s stewards and demand that national leaders stop feigning ignorance about the ocean’s death march.

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