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Deadly Bugs with Diseases Come With Deadly Heat

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:13 PM
August 2, 2010

In the book of Exodus, insects were three out of the ten curses in the battle to free Israel from slavery.  Those attacking insects include lice, flies and locust.  It is well-documented that head lice in school children––as well as bed-bugs in hotels––are on rise in the United States, and that heat from Global Warming has brought locust raids on crops in China.  Many Bible scholars define the flies in Exodus as various combined sorts of insects.  It could be viewed as a sign of pending judgment when first world countries cannot control dangerous insect populations.

 Certainly mosquitoes could have been among those flies that covered the skies in Exodus.  Mosquitoes prey on human beings especially in times of extremely hot weather.  In this current summer of Global Warming, according to a July 30th report from Reuters News, mosquitoes are executing deadly attacks on Florida residents.  In addition to increasing numbers of horses infected  from Eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE, two people in Hillsborough County died from this mosquito-borne disease. EEE has infected some 60 horses in dozens of Florida counties.  Hillsborough officials have now dispatched airplanes to spay pesticides killing mosquitoes breeding in standing water.

 In addition to EEE, mosquitoes have also infected horses in Florida w ith West Nile virus, which killed 32 people in the United States last year.  West Nile virus has now been discovered as far north as Boston, Massachusetts.  According to the Wildlife Disease Information Node, this disease did not even come to the United States until 1999––within the time period of increasing Global Warming––and since then it has killed some 500 U.S. citizens. 

 In addition to those two potentially deadly diseases transmitted by an increase of mosquitoes breeding in this year’s hot, humid weather, dengue fever has also returned to Florida, and other parts of the United States.  Like those diseases discussed above, dengue fever is potentially fatal.  The World Health Organization estimates that two-fifths of the world population may be infected with dengue fever as the disease spreads. And it usually affects people poorer people living in urban areas.  Medical News Today issued an internet warning on July 30 that dengue fever and insect-born infections were emerging as a serious public health problem in America’s cities.

 Just as Egypt should have read the signs from Nature before its downfall, those in the United States should do the same.  Global Warming stirs up the most destructive aspects of Nature.  Christians should begin connecting the dots between the book of Revelation and Israel’s exodus from Egypt to see what Nature is saying today.  All Bible prophecies point to these events as indicative of imminent Return of The Lord Jesus Christ and the end of time and Earth as we know it!

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