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Bears Must Die So People Can Camp?

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:33 AM
August 31, 2010

Just as thousands of penguins, dead from hunger, flush up all along  the Pacific coast, recently bears are attacking people simply because they are hungry.  Melting snows and earlier spring seasons caused by Global Warming have shortened normal bear hibernation time.  In addition, bears are hungry because people have moved their habitats and tourism into wooded areas that for eons bears had considered to be their homes.
 Forest rangers claim that the July attack from a Yellowstone grizzly in Montana is the most brutal in 25 years.  A 216-pound mother grizzly bear ripped into a camp killed one man, eating much of his flesh, and seriously injured two others.  Later euthanized, she was severely malnourished, and was diseased by “a load of parasites found in her small intestines.”  A second person was also fatally mauled in the Yellowstone Wyoming region the month before.

 Although the mother bear was clearly in poor physical condition, wildlife investigators discount diet, hunger and intestinal parasites to be underlying causes of her attacks.  Rather, they claim to be baffled and consider her behavior to be erratic.  Other officials said that she was clearly stressed, and had been struggled to feed herself and her cubs (which have since been placed in a local zoo).

 Only in the past week has it been clear that 70 percent of the nuts from whiteback pine cones––normal protein food for Yellowstone bears––had been eaten by beetles.  These insects are also trying to survive Global Warming’s milder winter temperatures.  According to Polly Davis, a reporter, this loss of their major source of protein leaves “ravenous bears looking for an alternate source of protein.”  While scientists expect more bear versus human conflicts, wildlife officials strangely advise Yellowstone visitors simply to pack extra bear spray.

 Further, Associated Press reporter, Matthew Brown advises that such scarcity of food means that grizzlies will be even hungrier this Fall.  But there is no report that tourism is discouraged.  Although the 580 grizzlies left in Yellowstone are back on the endangered species list, it is apparently of no matter to the three million tourist trekking over those woods.  Brown attests that  wildlife officials have killed most of the 22 grizzlies that have died this year alone. 

 It is utter arrogance for people to assume that all this earth is for human habitation, that other creatures do not have the right to their own living space.  Neither human or bear lives are worth these land trespasses.  2 Kings 2: 24 in wholesale Christian Bibles indicates that such bear attacks are a sign of God’s judgment.  Clearly Global Warming causes massive disruption to animal feeding habits.  Rather than exploiting animal territories, would not human energies be better spent by decreasing our contributions to Global Warming?

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Save God’s Whales From One Nation’s Slaughter?

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:59 AM
August 30, 2010

Do you know that whales were the ONLY specifically-named non-human animal that God created, as stated in Genesis 1: 20 – 23? Did you know that God commanded whales to be fruitful and multiply before He uttered the same words to human beings? Did you know that God blessed whales, even before he created Adam and Eve and blessed them? Does this give you any idea of the esteem in which God holds whales? Did you know that in several Bible passages God indicates that He is very proud of whales as an outstanding example of His creative work? Do you know that God uses whales to transport people, as in the case of Jonah?

 And did you know that, from the 1950s to the 1980s, whale hunters and whaling nations had killed the total population of whales almost to extinction? Are you not aware that only an overwhelming vote by the United Nations made all whale hunting illegal? Of course you read the recent United Nations report which states: “Whaling represents one of the world’s worst environmental failures . . .”? But is it not clear that, in this instance, the near-extinction of all whales on the face of the earth cannot be blamed on Global Warming, that it is merely among a long list of man-made disasters? And do you know that the United Nations still determines whale fishing to be illegal? And are you not aware that now, in defiance of international law, Japan is slaughtering as many whales as they can find–especially if they can slaughter them away from the eyes of the rest of the world’s population?

 An even more pertinent question: did you know that Japan is planning on killing 10,000 whales in the next few years? And have you not heard the flimsy Japanese excuse that they want to kill whales for scientific research? Did you not know that most other civilized countries that once depended upon the whaling industry for sustainable incomes have converted to a whale-watching tourist industry, because it is more profitable and humane than making money by killing whales? Surely, you know that Japan has refused to follow their example? And, of course you do know that Japan does not need the meat from murdered whales, that they already have a glut of this meat stacked up in national freezers? And you do understand that Japan continues to defy international law because they consider such laws to be against their pride in a historical culture of whale hunting?
 Do you wonder what God thinks of those who want to shed the blood of whales for such pride and little profit? How do you think He reacts to scenes as shown in these photos?  Why not read Genesis Chapter One in wholesale Christian Bibles to understand The Creator’s pride in His beloved whales.  How do you think His pride in creating them measures up against Japan’s pride in kidding them?  And don’t you think it is time to go into wholesale Christian books and read more about the coming judgments for those who so transgress God’s boundaries, and for others who indifferently allow them to do so without protest?

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Do What You Can Do!

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:53 AM
August 27, 2010

Everyone can’t be President, although there are too many who want the job.  Everyone can’t be in the spotlight, although there are too many who yearn for it.  But some things are more important than fleeting fame.  Everyone cannot agree on right and wrong.  But, at this time on earth those agreements are not as important as the joint human effort needed to save the planet from our own destruction.

 Because he is convinced that killing whales, God’s crowing achievement in nature, is tantamount to ending mankind’s time on earth, Capt. Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherds, and his dedicated crew, do what they can to stop Japanese vessels from slaughtering whales.  Bob Barker, former host of The Price Is Right, cannot sail with them, but he did what he could by donating an expensive ship for their efforts.  Working together, captain, crew and supporters have so far saved some 60 whales, and may well have forestalled God’s judgments.

 Vice President Al Gore may have lost a presidential election.  But that did not stop him from awakening world leaders to the horrors of Global Warming.  He is doing all he can to get nations to stop contributing to this destructive force.  But he cannot do it alone.  Hundreds of people around the world have joined his various organizations.  Working together, they are educating the world about Global Warming.  They are doing what they can.

 When he was Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. C. Everett Koop did the impossible job of taking on the tobacco industry, warning people to stop smoking.  As a result, millions around the world have healthier lives.  The movie, Erin Brockovich, tells the true story of a woman who told the truth about industrial dangers, and, again, thousands more live. They did what they could.  Harriet Beecher Stowe had no power to stop slavery, but she wrote a simple novel illustrating its evils, and awakened the nation.  President Lincoln recognized her as “the little lady who started the Civil War.”  She did what she could.

 What Christians can do is to dedicate more time to prayer.  God needs to hear prayers of repentance for the way mankind is destroying the earth. Wholesale Christian Bibles tell the stories of Daniel (9: 1 – 19) and Ezra (9: 1 – 15).  These men were righteous.  They had not committed any of the sins for which they repented.  But taking the place of those degrading their nation’s status before God, they held off God’s judgment by repenting for the sins of others, begging God for forgiveness.  They could not change people.  But, knowing the power of prayer, they prayed earnestly for God’s mercy, asking Him to forebear judgment and give the people time to change.  And God agreed to do so.  Hebrews chapter 11, detailed in wholesale Christian books, gives example after example of ordinary people who stood up for righteous causes and did what they could.  Doing what one can, growing in that job and then doing more, is exactly what brings rewards from God that will last through all eternity!

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Hot Off the Press, The World Is Watching Now

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:11 PM
August 26, 2010

In the last few days, the national press has caught on to devastations in Pakistan.  Worse than the Indonesian tsunamis and hurricane flooding in Haiti, in Pakistan some 20 million people from small, remote villages have been displaced, and are in need of shelter, food and fresh drinking water.  Massive flooding, from the most destructive monsoons the country has ever seen, flow literally down the center of that nation, with a quarter of the country remaining underwater.  

 Recently, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations stated: “”This has been a heart-wrenching day for me . . . I will never forget the destruction and suffering I have witnessed today. In the past I have witnessed many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this.”  Moreover, with threats of water-borne diseases, as well as several weeks remaining in the monsoon season, world watchers expect the situation to get worse.  Most of the destruction so far has been in remote mountainous regions, but now swollen rivers are moving southward downstream threatening cities.

 And, unlike those other two multi-climatic destructions, the international community has been very slow to respond with aid.  The Red Cross explains that aid is typically slower for floods than for other maladies.  But a CNN reporter suggested to the now-returned-home President Zardari that he may be the problem.  She was implying that the governmental corruption so prevalent in Pakistan is putting a hold on national and individual pursestrings.
 While Russia does not get the national media spotlight now as intently as Pakistan, it is experiencing the worse summer heat of any time since it started keeping records 130 years ago.  Fires, stoked by the drying heat, still send smoldering hazes through country-sides.  And, in the capital, Moscow, smog from those fires still keep people indoors or wearing protective masks when stepping outside.  And, as in Pakistan, officials expect diseases and death to result.  This week, the Associated Press reports that in Russia, unprecedented heat and suffocating smog will lead to more suicides, higher rates of alcohol abuse and other problems.”  Moscow’s death rate has doubled to some 700 people a day, and 5,840 more people died in that capitol city in July than in the same month last year.

 But the unspoken fear is that both of these countries rely on nuclear energy, and Russia’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant has already had the worse nuclear accident on record.  Moreover, Pakistan’s weak government is greatly threatened by the taliban, and if this rebellious near-worldwide army gets its hands on the murderous power of nuclear energy, the whole world is in more trouble than it is already.  Truly, as the prophet Jeremiah writes in Lamentations 3: 22, “It is of The Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.”  Start watching world events through the lens of Bible prophecies.  And, along with wearing wholesale Christian tee shirts, you should be able to stay cool.

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Dying Plankton Means Dying Planet

posted by Jael Ever @ 19:33 PM
August 25, 2010

Scientists report that the basic food of sea life, popularly known as plankton,  initiates the cycle of existence for all sea life and is rapidly disappearing.  Actually, plankton, scientifically known as phytoplankton, helps to uphold all the earth, including human beings who assume earth to be their own.   As researcher Boris Worm explains:   “Phytoplankton are a critical part of our planetary life support system. They produce half of the oxygen we breathe, draw down surface carbon dioxide and ultimately support all our fisheries.”
 Of course, Global Warming is the great contributor to the decline of plankton.  And viral infections from massive human wastes polluting the seas also contributes to plankton’s demise.  Canada’s Daily Mail reports that phytoplankton is “the fuel on which marine ecosystem runs.”  Moreover, the blog, Climate insists that 40% of all ocean plankton has been destroyed since 1950.

 However, it is time for people to understand that phytoplankton not only serves the human population by producing oxygen, but also by removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air and by producing half of all organic matter on earth.  Some reports estimate that the end of life, caused by the end of plankton, will come in 2048, but a study in the July edition of the Nature journal suggests that we have much less time than that.

 This blog continuously attempts to link declining phenomena on earth to the coming judgments from God as prophesied in the Bible.  Herein, is the basic problem:  in the last few decades growing populations have treated the earth as if it belongs to people.  When in reality, this earth belongs to God.  Psalms 24: 1 – 2 reads: “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.  For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.”  By continuously destroying the seas, human beings are perilously close to destroying the heart of God’s creation.

 Those who are not Christians may not understand these Biblical warnings, but in truth time is running out for leadership around the world to collectively pass laws against: dumping contaminants in ocean waters; overfishing; and the carbon poisoning of Global Warming.  As they consider other (and less important) military, political and economic problems, it is doubtful that such collective leadership will act, although climatologists, ecologists and other scientists are begging for such action,   Thus, we await God’s horrendous judgment.  To learn of His retribution against those leaders, and many of their nations, and against those who would destroy His earth, read the Book of Revelation.  And be sure to go deeper into all Bible prophecies.  Above all, pray that God will give us us more time to change!

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Practical Ways to Fight Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:59 PM
August 24, 2010

Rosie the Riveter was a prominent image in life and art during World War Two, because it illustrated all that those who stayed home did to aid the war effort.  The same effort on all fronts is needed from men and women today.  We must all join in the fight against Global Warming.  To do so individuals and households could take some of the following steps:

1.  To cut down on electricity: Use new-type energy saving light bulbs
2.  Work with neighborhood associations to re-institute the use of clothes lines. Electric and gas dryers use excessive amounts of electricity.

3.  Where possible, paint (or replace) roofs white.  It keeps the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

4.  Stop using disposable paper or plastic bags for grocery and other shopping,taking cloth or other types of reusable bags to carry items when shopping.

5.  Purchase electric or bio-fuel cars instead of gasoline engine vehicles.

6.  Use group or public transportation to cut down on fuel usage; and be more fugal on the use of gasoline engine driving by making lists and carefully planning trips.

7. Insist on buying only green-based products–i.e. clothing, soaps and cleaning  materials, appliances, cosmetics (many of which are oil based), etc.

8.  Properly insulating home––especially doors and windows––to cut down on winter heating costs.

9.  Work with local planners and governments to install facilities for electric battery car recharging locations; and to produce cleaner public tap water.

10.  Stop supporting politicians who deny Global Warming, and do more to influence political leaders to reorient city, state and country toward clean energy, and away from fossil fuels.

11. Cut down the use of plastic bottles, bowls, etc. which are oil-based materials.

12.  Think green, research green, and get active with the green life.  It is the only way we can all possibly get through the next few years alive. (Yes it is that serious!)

 Above all pray that God would strengthen our nation in this fight against Global Warming.  That’s what Christians who stayed stayed state-side during World War Two did.  They prayed that God would help them win that horrible war.  And He did!  Some of those prayers are preserved in Christian prayer books.  And other examples are in wholesale Christian Bibles. Let’s get to work to make our planet green!

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The Politics of Denying Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:54 PM
August 23, 2010

That more evidence from around the globe presents the realities of Global Warming, makes no difference to politicians preparing to deny its existence in upcoming national elections.  While they may admit that the globe is getting hotter, they insist that it is not from man-made causes.  Rather, they claim it is from imaginary phenomenon like sun spots or multi-century rotations of time to attack the earth. None of these newfangled positions are supported by the type massive scientific research that supports findings of man-made Global Warming.

 Generally, those leaders who insist on denying man-made Global Warming side with, and receive funding from, corporations that are unwilling to sacrifice even the slightest profits they glean from earth’s destruction.  Businessmen who run these corporations want the unhindered freedom to: 1) Pump (and/or spill) oil under oceans regardless of the sea life destroyed; 2) Dump all types of wastes into oceans, including dangerous medical substances and hardwares, undissolvable plastics, household industrial wastes and other illegal chemicals; 3) To overfish and overkill all types of sea animals from ordinary fish to whales, sea turtles, seals, etc.

 At some point, the American people will have to take a stand of political action or inaction.  Do they ignore, or accept as inevitable, record-breaking temperatures, erratic massive destructive storms, declining animal species, melting glaciers, and other maladies which have no explanation other than Global Warming.  Or do they get involved, by doing research, asking questions, writing politicians, demanding answers and insisting upon action.  Such involvement is part of citizen responsibility.  It is what makes democracy work!  To refuse involvement on one side or the other is also what allows democracies to die!

 Proverbs 29: 18 says that where there is no vision, the people perish.  Thus, Christians must decide whether or not they wish to deny the vision that nature, science and the Bible presents about Global Warming, or to believe what money-minded politicians tell them––that man-made Global Warming doesn’t exist.  These same politicians vote to spend billions, even trillions, of dollars in national wealth on space exploration and war after military war.  But they would give only scant funding for research on clean air and unpolluted oceans. 

 If making money is its only vision, the nation could be destroyed, because “the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6: 10).”  Wholesale Christian Bibles clearly prove that human beings have covenant responsibility to protect the earth and its inhabitants.  Moreover, the Book of Revelation promises to destroy those who destroy the earth.  But doing nothing to resist those who would demolish the planet for monetary gain could be judged as abetting earth’s destroyers.

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Dying Oceans Measure Respect for Power

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:18 PM
August 18, 2010

This blog often discusses destruction taking place in oceans across the globe, including the importance of oceans to the survival of people and economies. Contaminated oceans and sick sea creatures ultimately harm human beings. Oceans produce food for billions of people. They provide transportation for 95% of international trade, a vast amount of which passes through ports and harbors in the United States. Moreover, one of every six jobs in this country is related to marine activity. According to Project Oceanography, “real estate, recreation, ocean-related occupations, and other services associated with the ocean generate 54 billion dollars in goods and services [in the United States] each year.”

In addition, goods, jobs and economic stability are obtained from the wealth in ocean mining as evident from the hundreds of deep sea oil wells by British Petroleum and other companies drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and other parts of the world. More than just food and oil, oceans produce basic sources for hundreds of pharmaceutical and biomedical products. Likewise, many very popular products on grocery and drug store shelves are made from ocean water remains. And seas provide home for sixty-six percent of the world’s population who live near coastlines.

Perhaps most important is the balance that oceans control over earth’s water cycles. Covering seventy percent of the earth’s surface, oceans and their ecosystems directly affect earth’s biosphere. Ocean water evaporation produces rainfall. But if that water is contaminated with oil, plastics and other pollutants producing dormant seas, those waters can’t produce rainwater on land. Such evaporation, or lack thereof, affects climates and wind patterns, and determine where and if rainwater will fall. In short, if we continue to destroy earth’s sea waters, we continue to destroy ourselves.

The Bible indicates that seas cover the foundations of the world (2 Samuel 22: 16), that they belong to God (Psalms 95: 5), that they continually speak to Him (Job 28: 14, Isaiah 23: 4), and that they should symbolize for mankind the overwhelming power of God. To kill sea life beyond what is necessary for food.

i.e. whales, sea turtles, penguins, sea gulls, fish and so many of the seas’ animal life now being pushed to edges of extinction is to tempt the power of God (Jeremiah 5: 22). Man should respect that power. As shown in Christian prayer books, Christians should humbly pray for God to restrain that power, because once that power is unleashed, no force on earth can control it. Study these references in wholesale Christian Bibles. There believers can also seek further light on the awesome power of God, and the respect He has for repentant tears and prayers from the faithful followers of His Dear Son (1 Corinthians 4: 20).

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The Fourth Estate in Hiding, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:14 PM
August 17, 2010

Of course it must be admitted that part of the reason that the New York Times gives such attention to Pakistan’s flooding ruinations is because these horrors could bring the taliban to power in that weakened nation.  And the United States is already at war with the taliban in neighboring Afghanistan.  World watchers are well aware that the only institution  apparently able to keep Pakistan somewhat together is its military.  And even the military, and most definitely the civilian government, is riddled with corruption and/or taliban sympathizers. 

 Of course, Pakistan intelligence is aware that Al-Qaeda’s taliban, not only operates in Afghanistan, but also in neighboring India.  Called Jemaah Islamiyah, the splintered groups are said to be responsible for those deadly attacks on Mumbai India last November.  And various news agencies report that the same types of splintered, yet quasi-unified, groups operate throughout Asia.

 These world watchers also keep an eye on parts of Africa where, according to the BBC, it is suspected that the taliban recently killed 150 people in northern Nigeria after setting fire to a police station and a church.  In chaotic Somalia, which has not had a lawful government in 20 years, the taliban has no difficulty in recruiting,  indoctrinating and turning teen-age boys into self-sacrificing killers.  Loosely-linked violent taliban––i.e. Al-Qaeda––groups also operate in Kenya, in regions of North Africa and in South Africa.

 The Anti-Defamation League reports that Al-Qaeda, and its various subsidiaries, is especially strong in the Philippines, where car bombs and other destructions are almost daily occurrences.   And CNN internet, as well as other international media, reports that those types of Al-Qaeda subgroups now operate in South America, and are working their way northward.  Surely, various secret agencies within the U.S. government are aware of these implications on border and immigration infringements.
 These actualities indicate coming indigenous-type world-wars.  The Lord Jesus said that one sign of His imminent return to earth is wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24: 6)––that is various types of wars, in various places, some only slightly heard of.  These encounters involve spiritual, as well as geographical, warfare.  Ardent Christians and authentic churches must engage in intense and continuous intercessory prayer for the protection of this nation believers claim to love. (The Lord would surely be pleased if we played for other nations as well.) Christian prayer books can provide inspiration for this type of devoted prayer.  And out-of- print used Christian books can give examples of those now gone to heaven who prayed such havoc away from their nations’ shores. Like the U.S. news media––which follows its tradition of doing limited reporting on these types of small ongoing wars––it is also time for God’s people to pull our heads out of the sand and step up to the battle lines.

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The Fourth Estate in Hiding

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:02 PM
August 16, 2010

One is struck by the rarity of mention in U.S. media about Global Warming’s assault on parts of the earth.  Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Nepolitano, and White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, held a Press Conference on Friday, August 13th.  But no reporter asked for the government’s comments on disasters devastating India, China, Russia, and especially Pakistan.  Global Warming was not mentioned by the scores of reporters representing high ranking news outlets.

  Cable news speaks for hours about who is up or down in political races, or the flight attendant who told the airline to take his job and shove it, or the Stock Market’s woes.  But these outlets say little about the thousands of deaths from uncontrollable weather on the other side of the globe.  Night-time CNN does mention the millions of displaced Pakistanis now and then.  The New York Times usually carries a story on these subjects, the Washington Post carries less––and these are the outlets of record for the United States.

  This is the 21st Century.  If modernity has produced anything of note, it is the system of worldwide communications.  But those without the Times or  internet communication could live in the United States for weeks, and not know that the planet is being pelted by Global Warming’s assault.  A reporter for the Huffington Post had an in-depth article on Thursday, the 12th, on the horrid weather, but editors slanted the title to “Global Weirding,” which reduces it to a discussion of oddity.  And, again the Huffington Post is an internet publication.

  So the fix is in.  Don’t rile the public.  Don’t cause a panic. Don’t emphasize the truth.  Don’t connect the dots for the American people, because they may want politicians and corporations to change their ways.  Most of the nation has smothered under near-100 degree temperatures for months now. Huge sections of states––i. e., Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, Vermont, Iowa, Michigan, etc.––have been hit with Global Warming’s horrendous flash floods, which killed several Americans this summer. But, apparently most in the media––and the government––want people to believe that these weather phenomena are normal. 

  In his prophetic work, Ezekiel speaks about watchmen standing on protective walls.  He writes that if the watchman don’t warn citizens about danger,  the watchmen would be held responsible for resulting deaths.  Collectively, the news media are this nation’s watchmen.  Its news should not be muted by trivia, or controlled to let corporations and politicians continue business as usual.  Ezekiel says that such negligence causes a nation to fall.  One can check out these prophecies in wholesale Christian Bibles.  And Bible students can study Ezekiel further in wholesale Christian books.  The point is that watchmen must alert the nation, and Christians must take a stand, speak out and pray about Global Warming’s coming devastations.

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