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Many Ways to Death for Innocent Sea Lions

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:00 AM
July 9, 2010

An important animal to consider in discussing man’s hideous assaults against nature is the sea lion.  Like honey bees, sea turtles, lions, whales, polar bears, birds, gorillas, and other common animals that are generally supportive of, or neutral toward, human beings, sea lions are falling swiftly into extinction.  While, at the same time, animals destructive to people––such as mice, rats, roaches, pythons, coyotes, wild boars, feral dogs, etc.––are simultaneously increasing.

Sea lions, at the top of the sea’s food chain, have particular crucial status.  Literally thousands of sea lions continue to wash up dead along the Pacific rim, from as far north as Canada and as far south as Chile and Uruguay, including California, Oregon and Washington.  But, as with so many of these near-extinct animals, reasons for the sea lions’ rapid decline remain mysterious.  Here are some factors identified as possibly responsible for the great increase of Sea Lion deaths:

Deadly bacteria below the ocean’s surface.
Killer whales (which in the past have not turned against sea lions) Commercial salmon fishermen trapping them in nets Laws passed by The States of California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, etc. granting permission to kill sea lions King Crab Fisheries killing them for bait Bulk salmon fisheries taking their food on mass scales Entanglement in fishnets and drift-nets Riflemen, explosives, rockets, buckshot Killed for their genitals to be used as aphrodisiacs for Asian markets El Nino or other types of weather changes Starvation because of over-fishing causing mothers to leave pups as they
search for food.
Small-scale fishermen who club them to death with boat oars Chemical contamination and trash Pollution from other ocean trash Deadly diseases Waste Toxins Deliberate poisons Parasites The Marine Mammal Protection Act passed by Congress in 1972 to protect Sea Lions and other pinnipeds but amended to allow killing them.
Strangulation from plastic trash (estimated to kill 30,000 sea lions a year) Euthanization after their capture Acoustic frequencies from underwater speakers So-called non-lethal hazing to scare them away from salmon Other Lethal Removal Dams disrupting and killing salmon, the chief food source for sea lions

In an online article,  “Save the Sea Lions,” Stefan Austermuble explains that “Pollution affects sea lion DNA in Argentina – Scientists from Argentina and Italy have discovered that South American sea lions at the port of Mar del Plata, Argentina, have been so affected by hydrocarbons and heavy metals that their DNA is being altered. The research, which was carried out on 84 sea lions at the port, also found them to be suffering from various sicknesses, such as skin infections, conjunctivitis, rhinitis and alopecia.”  He writes that other than death, these weapons would turn to sea lion mutations.

As with most endangered animals, there is no world-wide organized effort to save sea lions.  But there is a divine record of their destruction, and there will be divine retribution.  To find out about that retribution, study wholesale Christian books.  Or buy a wholesale christian book for resale.  It is past time for true Christians to get understanding about these many signs of Earth’s end.

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Which Lion Do You Follow?

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:22 AM
July 7, 2010

As an example of the unnecessary destruction that a few evil people bring upon the earth, consider the status of lions.  While tigers thrive by the thousands in the United States, lions in every African country are swiftly falling into extinction.  Symbolically, the lion represents The Lord Jesus Christ, as the Biblical Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5: 5).  However, one Scripture identifies Satan, as the enemy of human beings, walking around as a roaring lion seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5: 8).   Thus, the evil one’s jealousy against a more revered lion may explain the slow death of the symbol on earth.

As CBS Television reported recently, “The lion, already down as much as 85 percent in numbers from just 20 years ago, is now in danger of becoming extinct because people are poisoning them with a pesticide to protect their cattle.” And a recent 60 Minutes telecast identifies the poison as “a cheap American chemical called Furadan.”  They report that Furadan, or carbofuran, “is marketed as a pesticide, to be used for protecting crops. But it’s bought by many to kill animals. And that’s one reason why, conservationists say, Africa’s lions are in trouble.”

Decades ago between 200,000 and a half million lions thrived in Africa.  It is now estimated that only 15,000 to 30,000 fight a losing battle to survive.  And out of some 40 poisons being used in Africa against lions, Furadan is the worse.  According to Rodger Schlickeisen, President of Wildlife Action Fund, it only takes a quarter teaspoon of this pesticide to kill one lion.  Isn’t it interesting that the Environmental Protection Agency banned Fruadan as too toxic to be used in the United States.  But now that same toxin is sold openly in stores across East Africa.

In addition to poisoning, the World Conservation Union cited over 100 complex problems facing lion survival.  Scientists in that group divide these problems into three main categories: 1) humans encroaching on lion habitats; 2) illegal hunting, snaring and poaching; and 3) disease outbreaks.  The situation is so dire that the Conservation Union advocates relocating the lions to “safe” 10,000 acre reserves in Africa, or even to areas such as the American west, so that they can repopulate.

As I said in the last blog.  One need not think that God will allow mankind to drive the symbol of His Son into extinction.  This is but another reason that the battle of Armageddon will come sooner than most people expect.  However,  Christians should expect it to be any day now.  Should we not follow Our Lord’s example to work for the night is coming when no man can work (John 9: 4).

Indeed The Lion of The Tribe of Judah will soon rapture believers into the air, and within seven years, we will return to earth with Him to defeat Satan,  the evil lion, with his angels, his demons, and his human followers.  If one is not ready for that battle, that person should study wholesale Christian Bibles, take on-line Bible courses, and read wholesale Christian books.    Get Ready! It’s almost over!

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Dying Oceans: Crying Seas

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:17 AM
July 6, 2010

After working on this Blog off and on for over a year and writing its accompanying book, I am now convinced that God has no choice but to bring an end to man’s rule on earth––and that includes the evil spiritual gods who rule over most of those rulers.   If God does not soon do so, I am also convinced that the human scions who think they are in charge of this earth––along with the evil fein they serve––will kill every animal and human being on earth.

From people encroaching upon their feeding grounds, or poisoning their food and habitats, or hunting them to death, animal species now tumble into extinction at incredibly fast rates.  Oil and other human consumptions so warm air and water that protective glaciers intended to protect earth’s balance melt away.  And the human race so pollutes the seas, oceans and waterways that it is doubtful the waters can be healed.  Because of so much amassed trash floating on seas, scientists estimate that trash islands are either twice the size of Texas or twice the size of the United States.  For example, a British newspaper estimates that 46,000 chunks of plastic rest on every square mile of sea water.   And, very high levels of dangerous toxins included in this floating junk so poison the sea food chain that its toxicity easily spreads to human populations.

Further, other scientists report that oil rigs and spills have filled the oceans with arsenic.  Joining that poison are waste human hormones, PCBs, DDTs, unbalanced carbon dioxide, cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, silver, mercury, titanium, etc.  These toxins are now found up and down the animal food chains in sea and ocean waters.   And it is undeniable that these toxic chemicals dangerously return to human beings through the fish foods they eat.

Scientists, researchers, and informed politicians are, or should be, aware of these issues.  Certainly, the most respected international organizations continuously issue such dire reports.  Apparently, however, their warnings go unheeded, because throughout the earth, human leaders believe that they are in charge, and as such, they can keep things going the way they always have been.

Those who think that God will ignore such negligence, that He will not hasten His Armageddon war with evil and those who serve it, that He will not hold responsible those who have deliberately poisoned earth’s air and water, that He will allow men to destroy ocean life, to eliminate animal species and to poison human life in so many ways––don’t know God very well.   God keeps His Word, and His Word says that He will destroy those who destroy the earth (Rev. 11: 18).

Christians who truly know God should study that verse and decide which side they are on.  Those who are on God’s side must work according to His Will.  While praying to find that Will, they should wear wholesale Christian T-shirts for witnessing, and read wholesale Christian Bibles for encouragement.

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Trumpet Sounds in War Zones

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:02 PM
July 1, 2010

   Recently an astute monthly magazine reporter brought a four-star general down, because the journalist wrote the truth.  While that reporter was risking his life in Afghanistan’s war zone interviewing the general and his battlefield staff, most major newspaper and television reporters were preparing for the annual journalists-politicians party in Washington, D.C.  But after the general’s downfall, many in the mainstream media criticized both the reporter and his magazine with words like left-wing and rag reporting––because their article told the truth.  One TV commentator even called the reporter a terrorist akin to al Qaeda!  Of course, it is no surprise that this commentator had a front-row seat at the D.C. party.

   Likewise, some on-line bloggers seem to have a better grasp than main stream media about the destruction that global warming hammers throughout the earth.  Particularly urgent are the violent rainstorms bringing massive floods, destroying cities and killing hundreds of people around the world.   While newspapers, television and radio media may report a few of those occurrences in the United States, most of the destructive floods in other nations in the month of June alone are seldom, if ever, mentioned. 

   As the blog sacbee the frame points out “spring floodwaters are wreaking havoc in many locations around the world this month. . . . in France the death toll from the flooding has risen to 25.”   With scores of photographs, sacbee further reports that in Myanmar and Bangladesh, floods, landslides and monsoon rains have killed more than 100 people.  And with great detail, bloggers at The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System report similar destructive floods in June in Taiwan, Dominican Republican, Liberia, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Ghana, Pakistan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, China, etc.

   While U.S. media covered June’s flash floods in Arkansas and Oklahoma, most Americans know nothing about devastations similar floods caused in other nations.  Why is it that lone bloggers can connect the dots that something is very wrong in global warming’s atmosphere, but main stream media cannot or will not do so?   Is the media so busy playing politics, that greater truths are overlooked?  Or do they want to keep the public in the dark, trying to prevent panic until the problems of global warming are fixed?  Are they aware of global implications?

   In chapter 33, Ezekiel cries that watchmen must warn people about coming dangers.  If they refuse to blow the warning trumpets, God will hold the watchmen accountable for citizens harmed.  Paul adds in 1st Corinthians 14: 8, that the trumpets’ sounds must not be uncertain.   One wonders what these prophets think of journalists who have trumpets of national attention, yet refuse to tell the truth, who instead of uncertain sounds, make little or no sound at all?  Find answers in wholesale Christian Bibles.  Sound trumpets by wearing wholesale Christian t-shirts.  Get on the battlefield’s search for serious truth.  Don’t settle for bland,  muffled offerings from the religious, media and political parties of this world.

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