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There Has Never Been Heat Like This

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:54 AM
July 30, 2010

While politicians in the United States play continuous political games, ignoring the consequences of Global Warming, sufferings in other parts of the world scream out the affects of excessive heat.  This is particularly the case in Russia––a nation where most citizens do not have air conditioning.

 As Clifford J. Levy and Andrew E. Cramer in the New York Times, and David Nowak of the Associated Press report, Russians admits that this summer’s temperatures are devastatingly different: there “has never been heat like this.”
Even in Siberia, commonly known as one of the coldest places on earth, temperatures have soared to over 90F degrees.

 Crops all over the weather-embattled nation have wilted to ruin, and over 2,000 people have drowned in rivers and other waters where they were seeking relief from the heat––while intoxicated, again seeking relief from the heat.  In rural Russia, forest fires sparked by Global Warming’s dry weather, also wage havoc.  Over 900,000 acres of burning trees have forced villagers from their homes, disrupted health services and devastated communities.

 Moreover, such record-break heat cripples the Russian economy.  Crop yields are decimated.  Fish in cultivation farms die in abundance from unusually hot water; and the government urges people to skip work and stay indoors, because of the heat as well as dangerous smog fed by peat bog fires.  Obviously, high prices and low productivity will follow.

 If people in the United States think that––because of air conditioners, a stronger economy, and more sophisticated governmental infrastructures––such horrors cannot happen here, they should think again.  Wide-spread power outages mute air conditioners.  Some American cities are already heavily-laden with heat induced smog.  And many poor and elderly, often living without air conditioning in urban areas (where it is hotter than in rural and suburban regions) are under attack from oppressive heat. These issues are just not as publicized as Russia’s woes.

 Before Communism, Russia was a Christian nation.  Hopefully, now its citizens can return to their Christian roots and seek God’s face. And, although the United States still claims to be a Christian nation, she seems oblivious of Global Warming’s insidious attacks.  Hopefully, she will not have to endure sufferings like Russia, before she too seeks His face. 

 Online Bible lessons are excellent tools for Christians who want more than ever to seek God’s face in these end times.  Studying end-time prophecies in wholesale Christian Bibles is another.  And, as shown in wholesale Christian prayer books, prayerfully seeking God’s will (Isaiah 55) is most important of all.

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