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Screaming in the Wilderness

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:53 PM
July 20, 2010

Most people have little understanding about what is happening in nature’s earth.  Erratic weather may give scant indication.  But, generally people simply try to cope with everyday demands of life .  To protect their wealth and prominence, many political and business leaders deny the facts about Global Warming.  On the other hand, some researchers and a minority of the public simply do not believe Global Warming exists.  They either think it is a big hoax, or a deliberate ruse by Al Gore and his followers.  However, there may be a scratch of worry in everyone’s mind, an inkling of concern that something is going on, that things in nature seem out of whack.  And those few people, who indeed do know that a lot of things in nature are out of whack, do all they can to scream out the truth.

 These truth heralders include the overwhelming majority of scientists whose scholarship in any way impinges on earth and its inhabitants, and who understand the increasing deaths and declines shadowing around the globe.  Scholars and activists, who study climate changes throughout the earth, know.  Geologists, who track earthquakes, volcanoes and melting ice caps around the world, know.  Climatologists and environmentalists, who study rising temperatures, destructive storms, hurricanes, typhoons, etc. know.  Biologists, who study rapidly declining animal species, well understand that the trends of disappearing animal life everywhere will soon reach up to human status.  They all know.

 For the most part, political leaders seem to be partially mute on the subject.  Some of these leaders do seem to be working behind the scenes to cut down abuses such as carbon fuel emissions. Perhaps, as they receive more scientific reports, they will speed up actions in other areas.  And then, they run into the difficulty of coordinating efforts to combat Global Warming around the world.  Kyoto was a good start, but then the head of the main polluting nation (the U.S.A.) opted out.
 However, the one group that should know all about these graphic world changes seems to be completely mute on the subject. These are the men and women who stand in Christian pulpits around the world.  When viewed on public airing, their messages seem to be same as they have been for decades.  No announcements that Jesus is coming very, very soon.  No urging of hurried full repentance in view of immediate judgment.  No mention of earth’s ending at all.  Perhaps, like politicians, they don’t want to alarm their followers.  But, the truth is, unlike scientists, these preachers should know.  They have the books of Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah and other Biblical prophets which clearly tell them. 

 Thus, like John the Baptist, Al Gore, who was trained in Biblical theology, has to stand in the wilderness outside of the organized church to sound the alarm about the dangers of earth’s early end.  And thankfully, there are other late-day John the Baptists standing in the wilderness doing all they can to scream out the truth. Hopefully, others will study wholesale Christian Bibles and join them soon.

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