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Global Warming: The World On Fire

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July 15, 2010

Stephen H. Schneider wrote in Science Journal some 20 years ago that the Greenhouse effect––also known as Global Warming––“is actually one of the most well-established theories in atmospheric science.”  Yet, as evidences of Global Warming’s affects pour into the public arena, the more those who know publicize its dire consequences, the less the world and its leaders seem powerless to act.  One such affect of Global Warming is the increase of infectious diseases.

 In a March issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, Emily Shuman, an infectious disease researcher, points out that infected insects are more active in hot weather.  Also, she says, alternating combinations of drought and flooding in various areas will lead to contamination of fresh water.  This unclean water, according to The World Health Organization (WHO) brings more risk of malaria, and diarrheal diseases.

 In Archives of Medical Research, physicians Atul A. Khasnis and Mary D. Nettleman point out that Global Warming causes population shifts, and crop failures, along with water contamination––all of which increase disease vectors.   They predict that “malaria, dengue, plague, and viruses causing encephalitic syndromes” will thrive in these expanded disease vectors.

 Speaking from Kenya at a two-week climate conference this year, other WHO representatives said that health affects of Global Warming already have significant impact.  Consultant for the Kenyan Health Ministry, Solomon M. Nzioka reported that malaria epidemics have broken out in highland areas where cooler weather previously kept down malaria caused by disease-bearing misquotes.
 Also at the Conference, Dr. Bettina Menne pointed out that, while in past years malaria was limited to a few southern European countries, because of warmer weather, it now spreads north to Russia and other northern countries.  She says that malaria outbreaks could spread to the Mediterranean, along with dengue and West Nile virus.  And Conference representatives from China reported surging mortality from strokes and heart disease caused by prolonged heat waves.  They estimate that, because of China’s huge population of 1.3 billion, Global Warming could affect over 800,000 deaths in that country per year.  As these phenomena leap from probability to fact, Kristie L. Ebi, joined other researchers, in warning that “climate change could overwhelm public health services.”

 In addition to deaths by war, starvation and beasts, Satan’s Pale Horse in Revelation 6: 7 – 8, brings death by diseases.   And Revelation 16: 8 – 9 speaks of painful scorching heat bringing diseases.  Global Warming is the beginning of that heat and the accompanying diseases excessive heat brings.  It is past time for Christians to understand these issues and to recognize that the end of all things is at hand.  Study The Book of Revelation in wholesale Christian Bibles. Dake’s Reference Bible has some of the best notes on these subjects.

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