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Dying Oceans: Crying Seas

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:17 AM
July 6, 2010

After working on this Blog off and on for over a year and writing its accompanying book, I am now convinced that God has no choice but to bring an end to man’s rule on earth––and that includes the evil spiritual gods who rule over most of those rulers.   If God does not soon do so, I am also convinced that the human scions who think they are in charge of this earth––along with the evil fein they serve––will kill every animal and human being on earth.

From people encroaching upon their feeding grounds, or poisoning their food and habitats, or hunting them to death, animal species now tumble into extinction at incredibly fast rates.  Oil and other human consumptions so warm air and water that protective glaciers intended to protect earth’s balance melt away.  And the human race so pollutes the seas, oceans and waterways that it is doubtful the waters can be healed.  Because of so much amassed trash floating on seas, scientists estimate that trash islands are either twice the size of Texas or twice the size of the United States.  For example, a British newspaper estimates that 46,000 chunks of plastic rest on every square mile of sea water.   And, very high levels of dangerous toxins included in this floating junk so poison the sea food chain that its toxicity easily spreads to human populations.

Further, other scientists report that oil rigs and spills have filled the oceans with arsenic.  Joining that poison are waste human hormones, PCBs, DDTs, unbalanced carbon dioxide, cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, silver, mercury, titanium, etc.  These toxins are now found up and down the animal food chains in sea and ocean waters.   And it is undeniable that these toxic chemicals dangerously return to human beings through the fish foods they eat.

Scientists, researchers, and informed politicians are, or should be, aware of these issues.  Certainly, the most respected international organizations continuously issue such dire reports.  Apparently, however, their warnings go unheeded, because throughout the earth, human leaders believe that they are in charge, and as such, they can keep things going the way they always have been.

Those who think that God will ignore such negligence, that He will not hasten His Armageddon war with evil and those who serve it, that He will not hold responsible those who have deliberately poisoned earth’s air and water, that He will allow men to destroy ocean life, to eliminate animal species and to poison human life in so many ways––don’t know God very well.   God keeps His Word, and His Word says that He will destroy those who destroy the earth (Rev. 11: 18).

Christians who truly know God should study that verse and decide which side they are on.  Those who are on God’s side must work according to His Will.  While praying to find that Will, they should wear wholesale Christian T-shirts for witnessing, and read wholesale Christian Bibles for encouragement.

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