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Trumpet Sounds in War Zones

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:02 PM
July 1, 2010

   Recently an astute monthly magazine reporter brought a four-star general down, because the journalist wrote the truth.  While that reporter was risking his life in Afghanistan’s war zone interviewing the general and his battlefield staff, most major newspaper and television reporters were preparing for the annual journalists-politicians party in Washington, D.C.  But after the general’s downfall, many in the mainstream media criticized both the reporter and his magazine with words like left-wing and rag reporting––because their article told the truth.  One TV commentator even called the reporter a terrorist akin to al Qaeda!  Of course, it is no surprise that this commentator had a front-row seat at the D.C. party.

   Likewise, some on-line bloggers seem to have a better grasp than main stream media about the destruction that global warming hammers throughout the earth.  Particularly urgent are the violent rainstorms bringing massive floods, destroying cities and killing hundreds of people around the world.   While newspapers, television and radio media may report a few of those occurrences in the United States, most of the destructive floods in other nations in the month of June alone are seldom, if ever, mentioned. 

   As the blog sacbee the frame points out “spring floodwaters are wreaking havoc in many locations around the world this month. . . . in France the death toll from the flooding has risen to 25.”   With scores of photographs, sacbee further reports that in Myanmar and Bangladesh, floods, landslides and monsoon rains have killed more than 100 people.  And with great detail, bloggers at The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System report similar destructive floods in June in Taiwan, Dominican Republican, Liberia, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Ghana, Pakistan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, China, etc.

   While U.S. media covered June’s flash floods in Arkansas and Oklahoma, most Americans know nothing about devastations similar floods caused in other nations.  Why is it that lone bloggers can connect the dots that something is very wrong in global warming’s atmosphere, but main stream media cannot or will not do so?   Is the media so busy playing politics, that greater truths are overlooked?  Or do they want to keep the public in the dark, trying to prevent panic until the problems of global warming are fixed?  Are they aware of global implications?

   In chapter 33, Ezekiel cries that watchmen must warn people about coming dangers.  If they refuse to blow the warning trumpets, God will hold the watchmen accountable for citizens harmed.  Paul adds in 1st Corinthians 14: 8, that the trumpets’ sounds must not be uncertain.   One wonders what these prophets think of journalists who have trumpets of national attention, yet refuse to tell the truth, who instead of uncertain sounds, make little or no sound at all?  Find answers in wholesale Christian Bibles.  Sound trumpets by wearing wholesale Christian t-shirts.  Get on the battlefield’s search for serious truth.  Don’t settle for bland,  muffled offerings from the religious, media and political parties of this world.

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