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There Has Never Been Heat Like This

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:54 AM
July 30, 2010

While politicians in the United States play continuous political games, ignoring the consequences of Global Warming, sufferings in other parts of the world scream out the affects of excessive heat.  This is particularly the case in Russia––a nation where most citizens do not have air conditioning.

 As Clifford J. Levy and Andrew E. Cramer in the New York Times, and David Nowak of the Associated Press report, Russians admits that this summer’s temperatures are devastatingly different: there “has never been heat like this.”
Even in Siberia, commonly known as one of the coldest places on earth, temperatures have soared to over 90F degrees.

 Crops all over the weather-embattled nation have wilted to ruin, and over 2,000 people have drowned in rivers and other waters where they were seeking relief from the heat––while intoxicated, again seeking relief from the heat.  In rural Russia, forest fires sparked by Global Warming’s dry weather, also wage havoc.  Over 900,000 acres of burning trees have forced villagers from their homes, disrupted health services and devastated communities.

 Moreover, such record-break heat cripples the Russian economy.  Crop yields are decimated.  Fish in cultivation farms die in abundance from unusually hot water; and the government urges people to skip work and stay indoors, because of the heat as well as dangerous smog fed by peat bog fires.  Obviously, high prices and low productivity will follow.

 If people in the United States think that––because of air conditioners, a stronger economy, and more sophisticated governmental infrastructures––such horrors cannot happen here, they should think again.  Wide-spread power outages mute air conditioners.  Some American cities are already heavily-laden with heat induced smog.  And many poor and elderly, often living without air conditioning in urban areas (where it is hotter than in rural and suburban regions) are under attack from oppressive heat. These issues are just not as publicized as Russia’s woes.

 Before Communism, Russia was a Christian nation.  Hopefully, now its citizens can return to their Christian roots and seek God’s face. And, although the United States still claims to be a Christian nation, she seems oblivious of Global Warming’s insidious attacks.  Hopefully, she will not have to endure sufferings like Russia, before she too seeks His face. 

 Online Bible lessons are excellent tools for Christians who want more than ever to seek God’s face in these end times.  Studying end-time prophecies in wholesale Christian Bibles is another.  And, as shown in wholesale Christian prayer books, prayerfully seeking God’s will (Isaiah 55) is most important of all.

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The Urgency of Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:13 PM
July 29, 2010

Yesterday’s blog stressed the urgency of these heat waves caused by world-wide Global Warming.  Generally, a heat wave can be defined as weather that is hotter than usual for a longer than normal period of time––including both night and day.  While norms differ around the world, in the United States it is usually defined as three or more days  with temperatures at 90F degrees or above.

 Most climatologists and other scientists now agree that Climate Change, caused by Global Warming, will continue to bring increasing and even more intense heat waves, as well as other stronger weather phenomena. Researchers stress that this horrific hot weather will also devastate major crops, thus affecting national and world economies.

 To prevent this type of economic collapse, as well as other horrors, citizens must get involved in at least two ways:  First by changing life-styles toward greener living, especially in areas of fossil fuels; and second, by pressuring local and national officials, as well as business scions, to put Global Warming at the top of their priority list.
 If  citizens do not get urgently involved, at least the following disasters will become commonplace:  1) Thousands of deaths across the nation from extreme weather patterns; 2) Drastic economic declines in all areas; 3) Crop failures and food shortages; 4) Repeated power shortages and power failures; 5) Epidemics from newer, as well as known, diseases––such as polio, the bubonic plague, unstoppable influenza, the black death, hemorrhagic fever, and other pandemics; 6) Drought so severe in the Midwest as to make some areas virtually unlivable; 7) Uninhabitable smog conditions on the West coast, etc.  These are not hysterical predictions, they are well-researched conclusions from scientists studying all aspects of Global Warming.
 There is a third category of actions that sincere Christians can achieve to help prevent further tragedies from Global Warming:  1) Pray for God’s mercy over these circumstances because He alone has the infinite power to change and/or forgive man’s mistakes, and to change their consequences; 2) Use wholesale Christian books to study connections between Global Warming and end-time prophecies; and 3) Use wholesale Christian gifts as witnessing opportunities to awaken receivers about God’s power and love, and what His Word says about Global Warming.  More on Global Warming in future blogs.

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Proclaim your Love for Jesus!

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 16:05 PM
July 29, 2010

With computers and technology today it is very easy to print your own t-shirts. You can put any picture you like and any words you want. It is a good idea to show your love for Jesus to those around you. One way to do that is to wear a t-shirt with a message proclaiming your love and faith. This will give those around you a chance to think about their own faith.

If creating your own Christian t-shirt is too difficult you can find good prices for wholesale Christian t-shirts sold as retail on the internet. And if the price is right for your budget you can also buy a few for your loved ones.

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The Time of Death in Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:02 PM
July 28, 2010

In case no one has noticed, the United States, and most of the rest of the world, is suffering under drastic heat waves.  Climate scientists place the blame for this heat wave plague on Global Warming.  Scholars also agree that more people die from heat waves than from floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

 Major news outlets now report these obvious facts about high temperatures. And even official U.S. organizations––such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change––agree that these high temperatures break all records. But there is little political admission in this country of connection between these extraordinarily high temperatures––sometimes over 100 F degrees even at night––and Global Warming.

 Such lack of political urgency is unforgivable.  More people die in the U.S., and around the world, from the fall outs of heat waves than from any other type of extreme weather.  Heat waves can bring severe illnesses like malaria, West Nine virus; Lyme disease; various water-borne diseases; and attendant deaths; severe allergies; food poisonings; disease-bearing insects, etc.
 European governments readily admitted that excessive and continuing heat waves in the summer of 2003 killed over 50,000 people. Moreover, scientists say that––because of unabated Global Warming––killer heat waves will increase and intensify in the United States and around the world.

 Again, it is past time for Christians to get politically and Biblically involved in the issue of Global Warming.  Since the 2003 disaster, local and national European governments have set up organizations to especially move their poor and elderly citizens out of heat’s harm, through group activities in air conditioned buildings. And these governments aggressively attack Global Warming.  Loath to admit that Global Warming is an urgent reality that must be confronted, American politicians have not followed suit.  Only public pressure can change these denials.

 Christians must at least study the book of Revelation to see how those suffering from heat cursed God for heat waves and refused to repent.  Such study in wholesale Christian Bibles may lead to prayer that God would grant repentance to millions ushering in true revival.  Earnest prayer, and witnessing by wearing wholesale Christian t-shirts, should at least ease the heat of judgment.

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Wholesale Christian Purses

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 13:30 PM
July 28, 2010

While shopping for a purse online the other day I found that there are website’s that carry designer purses and ones that carry fake designer purses. I have never shopped for a purse online before so I was a bit skeptical as to who to trust.

Then I came across a website that carrries Christian purses! I was so surprised that I could buy one online and they are wholesale Christian purses prices sold to the public. I bought this cute one that has a saying about Jesus on it. Now I can show the world how I feel about Jesus, get a new purse and at a great price!

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Gently Used Christian Bibles

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 20:04 PM
July 27, 2010

I love to read the Bible every night before I go to sleep. It gives me such comfort to read this and then fall asleep. I have some friends that go to church with me every Sunday and they use the church’s Bible when the pastor is delivering the service.

I told them how important it is for me to read the Bible every night and asked them if they ever feel that way. Both of them responded that they do not own a Bible but would love to read it before bedtime. I was shocked! I did not know that people may not own a Bible. I started looking online and found that I could buy gently used Christian Bibles. I was so pleased by the picture and the price that I purchased two of them online for my friends. I believe that everyone should have a Bible.

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Finding the right kids gifts!

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 19:13 PM
July 26, 2010

Every year I have to buy gifts for my four nieces and nephews. I struggle to find a child’s gift that they will enjoy and their parents will think is practical.  I am not allowed to give them any video games, I have exhausted all the acceptable DVD’s and they do not like board games that are too hard for them to understand.

I was thrilled this year when I found Christian kids t-shirts on the internet. Not only are they cute and the kids will love the cool designs but they are practical which will make the parents happy. I particularly like the prices because they are wholesale Christian kids t-shirts that are sold to the public. Also I can spread the word and give them great gifts.

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“I See Trees As Men Walking”

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:55 PM
July 26, 2010

As if Global Warming, species declines, ocean and air pollution, earthquakes, killer storms, melting glaciers, etc., were not enough, one must also consider deforestation. From elementary school, people are taught that the earth needs trees to:  cleanse carbon dioxide out of the air, protect top soil’s enrichment, and provide habitat for hundreds of plants and animals.

  In her internet article “Causes and Effects of Deforestation” Rita Putatunda points out that industrial and agricultural scions are cutting down forests in unprecedented numbers.  They take the wood to: construct houses, build furniture, burn for fuel, make paper protects, etc.  They also clear land of trees to build giant agricultural farms, or arrange massive grazing areas for industrial-size cattle herds.  Moreover, forest fires brought on by Global Warming dryness likewise destroy millions of trees. 

  Of course, the continuing destruction of the rainforests around the globe urgently destabilizes necessary oxygen in earth’s atmosphere.  Not to mention the medical cures and foods from rainforest vegetation pharmacists discovered in the last century.  “Rainforest Facts” publishes food lists of some 200 common food items discovered in rainforests, including avocados, bananas, pineapples, coconuts, squash, yams, coffee, nuts, etc. Thus, for the supposed sake of modern culture, the uncontrolled avaricious greed of a few people adversely affects medicines for millions, takes food and shelter from animals, and destroys homes for millions of  indigenous people living in forests, and deprive the earth of necessary oxygen.

  Moreover, trees have definite Biblical significance.  They provided man’s test in the Garden of Eden, and they will yield healing foods as prophesied in Revelation.  In Psalm Chapter One, trees symbolize successful believers who take in God’s water and bring forth good fruit.  Ezekiel chapter 31 and Judges chapter Nine present trees as metaphors for competing kings. And several Psalms speak of trees praising God with singing and clapping.  The Books of Zechariah and Revelation symbolize trees as God’s faithful people who stand full of His Spirit, always waiting to serve Him.  And, as Jesus was healing him, a blind man cried out, “I see trees as men walking.”  Now that is symbolism!

  Surely, as Jeremiah says in Lamentations (3: 21-23), it is only because of The Lord’s mercies that He has not consumed the guilty in His wrath.  But, grace compels Him to give space for repentance.  While it is restrained, however, God’s judgment against earth’s unrepentant destroyers is inevitable.  The Book of Genesis establishes a continuing Biblical theme about God’s covenant promises with all plant, animal and human life.  If one knows anything about Him, it is that God keeps His promises.  These are urgent times.  Christians who are faithful trees should do all they can to tell everyone about His soon coming judgment.  Wearing plus size Christian t-shirts is one way to witness.  Displaying Jesus t-shirts with messages of God’s power is another.

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Screaming in the Wilderness

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:53 PM
July 20, 2010

Most people have little understanding about what is happening in nature’s earth.  Erratic weather may give scant indication.  But, generally people simply try to cope with everyday demands of life .  To protect their wealth and prominence, many political and business leaders deny the facts about Global Warming.  On the other hand, some researchers and a minority of the public simply do not believe Global Warming exists.  They either think it is a big hoax, or a deliberate ruse by Al Gore and his followers.  However, there may be a scratch of worry in everyone’s mind, an inkling of concern that something is going on, that things in nature seem out of whack.  And those few people, who indeed do know that a lot of things in nature are out of whack, do all they can to scream out the truth.

 These truth heralders include the overwhelming majority of scientists whose scholarship in any way impinges on earth and its inhabitants, and who understand the increasing deaths and declines shadowing around the globe.  Scholars and activists, who study climate changes throughout the earth, know.  Geologists, who track earthquakes, volcanoes and melting ice caps around the world, know.  Climatologists and environmentalists, who study rising temperatures, destructive storms, hurricanes, typhoons, etc. know.  Biologists, who study rapidly declining animal species, well understand that the trends of disappearing animal life everywhere will soon reach up to human status.  They all know.

 For the most part, political leaders seem to be partially mute on the subject.  Some of these leaders do seem to be working behind the scenes to cut down abuses such as carbon fuel emissions. Perhaps, as they receive more scientific reports, they will speed up actions in other areas.  And then, they run into the difficulty of coordinating efforts to combat Global Warming around the world.  Kyoto was a good start, but then the head of the main polluting nation (the U.S.A.) opted out.
 However, the one group that should know all about these graphic world changes seems to be completely mute on the subject. These are the men and women who stand in Christian pulpits around the world.  When viewed on public airing, their messages seem to be same as they have been for decades.  No announcements that Jesus is coming very, very soon.  No urging of hurried full repentance in view of immediate judgment.  No mention of earth’s ending at all.  Perhaps, like politicians, they don’t want to alarm their followers.  But, the truth is, unlike scientists, these preachers should know.  They have the books of Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah and other Biblical prophets which clearly tell them. 

 Thus, like John the Baptist, Al Gore, who was trained in Biblical theology, has to stand in the wilderness outside of the organized church to sound the alarm about the dangers of earth’s early end.  And thankfully, there are other late-day John the Baptists standing in the wilderness doing all they can to scream out the truth. Hopefully, others will study wholesale Christian Bibles and join them soon.

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Global Warming: The World On Fire

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:01 PM
July 15, 2010

Stephen H. Schneider wrote in Science Journal some 20 years ago that the Greenhouse effect––also known as Global Warming––“is actually one of the most well-established theories in atmospheric science.”  Yet, as evidences of Global Warming’s affects pour into the public arena, the more those who know publicize its dire consequences, the less the world and its leaders seem powerless to act.  One such affect of Global Warming is the increase of infectious diseases.

 In a March issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, Emily Shuman, an infectious disease researcher, points out that infected insects are more active in hot weather.  Also, she says, alternating combinations of drought and flooding in various areas will lead to contamination of fresh water.  This unclean water, according to The World Health Organization (WHO) brings more risk of malaria, and diarrheal diseases.

 In Archives of Medical Research, physicians Atul A. Khasnis and Mary D. Nettleman point out that Global Warming causes population shifts, and crop failures, along with water contamination––all of which increase disease vectors.   They predict that “malaria, dengue, plague, and viruses causing encephalitic syndromes” will thrive in these expanded disease vectors.

 Speaking from Kenya at a two-week climate conference this year, other WHO representatives said that health affects of Global Warming already have significant impact.  Consultant for the Kenyan Health Ministry, Solomon M. Nzioka reported that malaria epidemics have broken out in highland areas where cooler weather previously kept down malaria caused by disease-bearing misquotes.
 Also at the Conference, Dr. Bettina Menne pointed out that, while in past years malaria was limited to a few southern European countries, because of warmer weather, it now spreads north to Russia and other northern countries.  She says that malaria outbreaks could spread to the Mediterranean, along with dengue and West Nile virus.  And Conference representatives from China reported surging mortality from strokes and heart disease caused by prolonged heat waves.  They estimate that, because of China’s huge population of 1.3 billion, Global Warming could affect over 800,000 deaths in that country per year.  As these phenomena leap from probability to fact, Kristie L. Ebi, joined other researchers, in warning that “climate change could overwhelm public health services.”

 In addition to deaths by war, starvation and beasts, Satan’s Pale Horse in Revelation 6: 7 – 8, brings death by diseases.   And Revelation 16: 8 – 9 speaks of painful scorching heat bringing diseases.  Global Warming is the beginning of that heat and the accompanying diseases excessive heat brings.  It is past time for Christians to understand these issues and to recognize that the end of all things is at hand.  Study The Book of Revelation in wholesale Christian Bibles. Dake’s Reference Bible has some of the best notes on these subjects.

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