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Tiger America and Pending Disasters, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:38 PM
June 12, 2010

To consider what happens in a civilized society when 10,000 tigers roam freely, with safeguards disabled––here are a few examples!  There has been a rise of tiger attacks in locations across the U.S. in the last decade. In 2005 in Minneapolis four tigers seriously attacked a woman who was trying to clean out their cage; and a teen-ager needed multiple skin grafts after a tiger scratch.  In 2004 around the world, 40 people, including 13 children, were mauled by tigers and other big cats and 4 were killed.

 Several deaths and injuries have occurred in recent years in zoos in the U.S., such as in San Francisco, New York, etc.  And the full extend of injuries sustained when a tiger attacked Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy during their nightclub act have never been made public.

 Big Cat Rescue reports that in the last ten years in the U.S., 16 adults and five children have been killed by big cats and 197 have been mauled.  Outside of the U.S., big cats killed 69 people, and mauled 104.  These figures include tigers, lions and other large felines.  In 2006, the Journal of Internal Medicine estimated that 50 million people around the world were infected with zoonotic diseases since 2000, and 78,000 died.

 In the American Surgeon medical journal in 2007, a group of doctors report: “Tigers, as well as other large predators, are being held in private settings with increasing frequency. Unregulated private “zoos” are cropping up in many rural and suburban settings across the country. The number of attacks from captive predators also is on the rise. This case highlights the potentially violent and aggressive nature of wild animals held in captivity.”
 Their report continues, “ . . . . . The size and strength of these animals, and their tendency to attack their victim’s neck, make the injuries they inflict unique and distinct . . . .”  Their report is on a 37-year old woman attacked by a Siberian tiger in a rural Minnesota private zoo.

 The doctors state openly:  “This case underscores the dangerous nature of feral predators. Tiger attacks may occur anywhere because of an increasing number of these feral animals kept in unlicensed, unregulated “private zoos” or as pets. This attack represents the second tiger attack victim treated at our institution in the last 4 years and the third known attack from this particular private zoo. The frequency of these attacks in a rural environment poses a significant public health risk . . . 

 Freely roaming tigers generally try to avoid people as long as they find food in wilderness areas.  But citizens in Texas and Florida increasingly report seeing tigers moving around in back woods areas.  Tigers and other wild animals in those two states will be discussed in future blogs.  For now, with Armageddon approaching, readers need to consider possibilities of what could happen when 10,00 tigers, and thousands of other wild animals, move unhindered across the land.  Those possibilities should lead to prayer and to influencing local and national governments to stop the multiplication of wild animals in the U.S.  Wearing wholesale Christian sweat shirts is a good way to start those conversations.

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Tiger America and Pending Disasters

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:07 PM
June 11, 2010

Did you know that there are more wild tigers in the United States than in India, China, Russia, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia––their native lands? Tigers are part of the big-money exotic animal trade in the U.S.  A more intriguing white tiger costs  as much as $ 10,000.  It is estimated that some 10,00 tigers now live in the U.S., while less than 5,000 remain in their native lands.

Some of them are in zoos, publicly-financed institutions which keep animals well-maintained.   Others are in circus shows––which keep them in semi-security.  Large-land owners, in places like Texas, let them roam freely, allowing riflemen to play safari hunters.  A number are even raised on small farms in states like Minnesota to supplement income from tiger sales.

Other tigers live in private, side of the highway show-type businesses that usually run with lax security.  More privileged ones make it to non-profit sanctuaries where over $100,000 has to be raised annually just to feed them––much less to pay employees, veterinarians, etc.  A growing number of these animals are on display in restaurants and bars to give customers exotic entertainment thrills.  And some of these tigers are kept in private homes by owners who can afford to feed them 20 pounds of meat a day.

But other tigers in this country freely run wild.  Some escaped from semi-zoos and circuses.  And others were simply set free in wooded areas when their sizes got beyond the cuddly stage, or when owners were no longer willing to shell out the funds to feed them.

What does all of this have to do with end-time Armageddon you may ask?  Good question.  How about considering what happens when natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires etc. free more of these tigers, allowing thousands more roam country roads or city streets with no animal-control officers around? More on this in the next blog.  It is past time to go to God’s Word for guidance in times like these.  A wholesale Christian book for resale is a good place to start.

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Its Birthing Time

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:10 PM
June 10, 2010

A colleague of mine observed recently these times seem to be as if the earth is having labor pains.  As women who have borne children, she and I know that, when giving birth, once labor pains start, there is nothing that can be done to stop the birth from taking place. 

        We also know that––although there are rests between anguishes––those pains will increase agonizingly in more and more intensity until the full birth takes place.  And, during that process, every part of the birthing body is under severely painful stress.

 Indeed, the earth is now enduring continuously severe laboring pains of impending birth.  One purpose of this blog site is explain these birth pains, and to warn its readers that situations will get far worse before they get better.  But we also want to  assure readers that at the end of these trials, “ . . . the earth shall be full of the knowledge of The Lord as the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11: 9)”

 Another purpose of this blog is to inform readers that:  1) These birth pangs of a new earth are now taking place;  2) These pangs will affect every part of the earth, including all human, animal and natural elements in every part of the globe; 3) This painful struggle involves two opposing spiritual forces––One of which is pushing for a new birth of rest and goodness bringing joy to all the earth; and the other of which is pushing to establish, through multiplying deaths, his own illegal rule over all the earth; 4) Like good, faithful and merciful doctors, responsible people standing strong in their appointed positions can assist in, but not prevent, this world-wide birthing process.

 Another purpose of this blog is to encourage readers to get deeper into The Word of God to better understand these issues.  A good place to start is to find a wholesale Christian book for resale.

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Our Home Or Their Home?

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:07 PM
June 8, 2010

Bible verses give another sign of impending Armageddon as the emergence of dangerous wild animals living comfortably free among human populations (Revelation 6: 8). Some places on earth are simply not ideal for human communities. We have figured out that urban populations are not suppose to live under oceans, at least for extended periods of time. But there seems to be an assumption that we can live any place we desire to live on land.

    Thus, we constantly expand living, industrial and agricultural space. We cut down forests, and transform them into mega farms, without regard for the loss of habitat to the birds, animals and beneficial herbs that use to exist there. We build right up to water edges of oceans and lakes–endangering coral reefs and wetlands; killing the fish and sea food that live in them; and even destroying hedges that nature put in place to protect us from violent storms.

    Without regard to areas on earth reserved for animal habitation, we build track after track of houses, business and industries, establishing suburbs in places that once belonged to animals, birds and other wild life.  Could it be that this building is done without the knowledge that large mammals, like elephants, rhinos, lions, etc., need hundreds of square miles in which to hunt, care for their families and survive.

    But the point seems to be that too many people no longer care about the need for space between animal and human life.   Moreover, it is also obvious that too many in business and political leadership assume no ethical responsibility for the disruption of animal and other ecological lives impacted by their decisions.  As stated in earlier blogs, at some point the worm turns and then judgment comes from God and/or nature. 

It is past time for those in such leadership positions to rethink the morality of their positions.  A good place to start is the Word of God, and a search of wholesale Christian Bibles is the best source for that research.

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Feral Dogs One of the Beasts of the Earth, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 21:38 PM
June 6, 2010

Jack Wellman also points out that attacks by feral dogs have greatly increased their attacks against humans.   In one example, in the western part of the United States, all police found were “pieces of cloth and the bloodstained earth where a hiker was brought down, mauled and killed.” Although authorities rounded up some 16 roaming wild dogs in connection the death, “most of the dogs, including the Alpha leader, managed to get away.”

 Wellman also reports that in the summer of 2009, a 3-month-old infant died after a pit bull bit her in the face.  In St. Louis two pit bulls joined forces to attack and kill their owner. 

 In his article, “Going to the Dogs, Part Two,” Wellman points out that the increasing number of wild dog packs is always accompanied by an increasing number of human injuries and deaths by these packs.  He summarizes, “In the last six years, more people have been killed by wild dog packs than in the previous thirty years.”

 In a country like the United States, with strong local and regional governments, it is difficult to conceive of wild dogs roaming freely enough to become significant threats to large numbers of people and property.  But it should be noted that the most dangerous dogs––such as pit bulls and rottweilers––are being bred in the poorest communities which in turn usually have less dog collection patrols.

 But increasing poverty, lawlessness and the breakdown of societal order are expected trends in the times of Armageddon.  In future blogs, this site will discuss the simultaneous rise of coyotes, snakes, wild hogs and other animals which give mounting threat to human communities.

 For now, it is advisable for people to learn as much as they can about signs of Armageddon by reading wholesale Christian books.  Getting deeper into God’s Word by reading wholesale Christian Bibles also informs about the Armageddon end-times.

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Feral Dogs One of the Beasts of the Earth

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:37 PM
June 5, 2010

We mentioned in the Blog, “The Worm Turns,” that feral dogs are becoming increasing threats to people.  There are many Bible verses warning that incidents of wild animals edging into human populations, are signs of beasts among us that point to a soon coming Armageddon.   One such verse is Revelation 6: 8: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth to kill . . . . with the beasts of the earth.”

 There are scores of stories about feral dog attacks around the world.  And it is certainly conceivable that these loose wild dogs will be part of the of those beast that will destroy a fourth part of earth’s population.  As reported by the February 18, 2009 edition of Digital Journal,  last year in Angola 69 children died from rabies that resulting from their contact with feral dogs.  Just last month in Berlin Germany, four feral dogs killed a three year old girl  by attacking her head, and they seriously injured her grandmother.  A month before that a feral husky killed an eight-week old baby.

 Also in 2009 in Sicily, feral dogs killed a 10-year old boy, and critically injured a 24 year-old woman; and Italy warned that some 400,000 stray dogs roam their streets.  In 2003, National Geography ran an extended article on feral dogs, and stated:  “Packs of wild dogs roam America’s city streets and back country roads. Lingering on the edge of domestication, they live in dilapidated buildings, old cars, and sewers— anywhere that will shelter them from summer’s blistering heat or winter’s bitter cold.”  Several years have passed since that in-depth report, and the situation is far worse now. 

 In his articles “Going to the Dogs,” Jack Wellman  pointed out that wild dog packs killed a couple Sherry and Lothar Schweder in Georgia in 2009.  Wellman also lists other deaths and injuries of humans from attacks by packs of wild dogs. That article pointed out that too often dogs are bred for fighting and aggression––and too often that breeding is in neighborhoods that can least afford animal control. 

 More on feral dogs and other beast that will turn against people in these last days in future blogs.  Adroit readers would also be helped to check wholesale Christian Bibles.  Another source is also wholesale Christian books.

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Europe’s Economic End-Time Wars

posted by admin @ 17:56 PM
June 4, 2010

Another type of war is economic.  Its a long story, but basically the United States and England won the Cold War through coordinated economic wars, pressing against the Soviet Union’s socialist economic system. 

 Eventually the capitalistic systems won that war and Russia’s socialist system lost.  And, with the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia also lost control over the nations in eastern Europe it had controlled behind the Iron Curtain.

 The break-up of the Soviet Union has huge implications for end-time Bible prophecy.  First, no longer under Soviet rule, individual nations of Eastern Union were freed to pursue new political and military alliances. 

 Second, many of those nations will make up what is known in Biblical prophecy as the Revived or Revised Roman Empire.  They will be part of the ten-kingdoms that unite under the rule of a future end-time leader, who will be opposed to true Christianity.

 Third, a similar economic war is now occurring today in the European Union.  Germany has a strong economic system backed by the conservative practices of its citizens, while countries in southern Europe, like Greece, Italy and Spain have more relaxed, socially-based economies. 

 This struggle is so dire that many economists question whether the European Union can hold together.  Again, many of those nations in southern Europe will also be a part of the ultimate ten kingdoms from which the anti-Christ will rise. 

 Obviously, it is crucial to be informed about the Biblical significance of all types of wars, especially in what is indicated to be the final years in the final century.  And it is especially time to study the depth of what the Bible has to say about these final years.  To study listings in wholesale Christian books is a great place to start.

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The Worm Turns: Nature’s Revolt

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:59 PM
June 3, 2010

Wars come in all types: hot, cold, hostility, conflict, struggle, economic, military, spiritual, etc.  Oppressor vs. victim, or abuser vs. weakling are types of uneventful wars, until, of course, victims and weaklings start fighting back.  

  Human beings have increasingly oppressed and abused nature for decades.  To the enrichment of real estate developers, human populations leave cities and encroach repeatedly on wild-life habitats.  Industrial giants chop down the trees and pollute the air, both which are necessary for bird life.  Oil companies, garbage collectors and careless people have filled oceans, lakes and seas with hundreds of miles of sledging waste.

  But nature’s trying to even the score.  Wild animals now inhabit cities and suburbs; bees––very necessary for human survival––continually disappear; explosively multiplying  jellyfish make ocean swimming impossible, closing beaches around the world.

  Global Warming pushes animal species––such as polar bears, sea lions, sea turtles, birds of beauty––into extinction.  But species more dangerous to mankind––such as wolves, wild boars, pythons and feral dogs––have unnaturally increased in recent years.

  As such criminal abusers of nature, mankind has helped to set the stage for what the Bible calls Armageddon, or the End of Earth as we know it! To forestall or understand these phenomena, one must understand God’s Word.  Various editions and translations are always available through wholesale Christian Bibles.

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No Time To Harden

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:58 PM
June 2, 2010

If some of the issues discussed in this blog seem frightening, be assured that the purpose of this blog is not to frighten, but to encourage people everywhere to repent.

  Repent is a Biblical word that means to turn to God in earnest prayer, asking forgiveness and praying for His grace.  It also means to turn away from wrong behavior.  To ask The Lord Jesus to come into one’s heart, and to be The Guiding Light in one’s life, is the first step of repentance.

   We cannot change some of the horrible things that are happening around us––such as uncontrollable oil spills, suffocating volcanoes, damaging floods, etc.–– but we can fight to change our selves.  

   We can ask The Lord to help us in every area of our lives.  We can ask His help to flush away filthy talk and destructive behavior.  And we can turn to The Bible, His Holy Word, for instructions on how to live the God-way.

  Written almost 2,000 years ago the Book of Revelation foretells that when these multiples of natural disasters occur, signaling the end of earth and time, that people would stiffen their hearts toward God even more.  They would refuse to repent.

  But that book of prophecy also says that those who would turn to Jesus would have blessed rewards of everlasting life, not the cursed ends of everlasting punishment.

  In these last days, it is also time for Christians who know these things, but who have been lax in prayer and repentance, to get on their knees in prayer, to pray for, and witness to, more to friends and neighbors.  Distributing wholesale Christian books is a good way to start.

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Most Powerful Force On Earth

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:58 PM
June 1, 2010

The most powerful force on earth is prayer.  It is not polarizing politics. It is not the most destructive weapon of war.  It is not nature gone amok.  And it is certainly not evil. 

  But too often these forces prevail because Christians do not pray.  Since the 1960s, most churches have substituted Bible Study for weekly prayer meetings.  But, as laudable as they are, Bible studies do not bring miracle-changing revival to earth.  They do not change world events, and they do not move God.  Only humble Christians praying before God can accomplish His will in the earth.

  In John 5: 39 Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures.  In them ye think ye have eternal life but they are they which speak of me.”  

  Knowing some of the Bible is not enough.  The Pharisees were proud that they had surface knowledge of the revealed Word of God, and yet they joined the world in crucifying Jesus.  Surface knowledge often simply leads to pride.

  Truly knowing what the Bible says is to digest it, to submit to it, to love it and to obey it. To find Jesus in the Scriptures is to follow His love for all mankind, His humbleness before God, and His unyielding determination to do God’s will.

 Memo Blog:  To All Christians Everywhere.  When we see destruction plummeting all around––i.e. continuous earthquakes, volcanoes, man-made disasters, hurricanes, wars, rebellions, etc.––it is not a time to keep enjoying life as if nothing has changed.

 It is time to pray.  It is time to re-dedicate ourselves to witnessing about the grace of God.  And it is time to show others how to pray for God’s forgiveness, and how to find His salvation.

 Buying and distributing wholesale Christian t-shirts that have The Lord’s Prayer printed on them is a good place to start.  At least it will remind others of the time their mothers and grandmothers use to teach them God’s Word about prayer.

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