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Kill Whales, Eat Whales, Bring Judgment

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:50 PM
June 30, 2010

As if the Sea Shepherds were not already bravely fighting a giant alone, the International Whaling Commission decided to pile it on at its recent annual meeting.   Representatives from 88-nations on the Commission, who are appointed to protect whale life, were recently caught accepting bribes from Japan, the chief killer of whales on earth.  Not only did reporters from The Sunday Times of London catch Commission members accepting bribes from Japan, they found that many of the representatives had been wrangled onto the board by that nation’s manipulations.  Thus, the Commission, which only had 41 members a decade ago, now has appointees from countries that are nowhere near seas or oceans, resulting in a board evenly split about banning whaling.

Japan, Norway and Iceland now have limited Commission permission to slaughter whales “for scientific research,” but South Korea also plans to apply.   Because the Commission bans commercial whaling, the three rogue nations insist that they only hunt whales for scientific research.  Of course, they overlook the whale delicacies found in restaurants and grocery stores throughout their countries.

And, not to be left out, Russia plans to explore for oil on its eastern coasts where the much endangered Gray Whale feeds and breeds annually.  Citing dangers to this near-extinct species, the Commission asked Russia to delay these seismic tests until the Gray Whales migrated away.  Environmentalists insist that the only 26 breeding females remain among Gray Whale population would be feeding on those coasts.   Surely, the Commission argued, Russia would not want to disrupt their breeding season.  And joining the other renegades, Russia refused to delay their explosive tests.

Bible scholars consider whales to be the earthly, non-symbolic, figures of one of God’s proudest creations.  In the book of Job, He refers to them as Leviathan, a giant being––beyond the scope of man’s comprehension (chapter 41).  Like other nations disregard the special status of sea turtles as the last remaining dinosaurs on earth, those who hunt whales seriously taunt God’s pending judgment.

By not doing more to protect these animals, people who sit on the sidelines doing nothing about these crimes against nature, will also be caught up in that judgment.  The early chapters of Genesis makes clear that God appointed human beings to be stewards of nature, not its destroyers.   Study those appointments to stewardship in wholesale Christian Bibles.  Get clothing advocating protection of  sea animals at wholesale Christian t-shirts.  And get deeper into God’s Word in online Bible courses.   And, like Daniel, pray for God’s forgiveness, and ask for the help of His wisdom and power to stop the slaughter of whales.

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