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Our Home Or Their Home?

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:07 PM
June 8, 2010

Bible verses give another sign of impending Armageddon as the emergence of dangerous wild animals living comfortably free among human populations (Revelation 6: 8). Some places on earth are simply not ideal for human communities. We have figured out that urban populations are not suppose to live under oceans, at least for extended periods of time. But there seems to be an assumption that we can live any place we desire to live on land.

    Thus, we constantly expand living, industrial and agricultural space. We cut down forests, and transform them into mega farms, without regard for the loss of habitat to the birds, animals and beneficial herbs that use to exist there. We build right up to water edges of oceans and lakes–endangering coral reefs and wetlands; killing the fish and sea food that live in them; and even destroying hedges that nature put in place to protect us from violent storms.

    Without regard to areas on earth reserved for animal habitation, we build track after track of houses, business and industries, establishing suburbs in places that once belonged to animals, birds and other wild life.  Could it be that this building is done without the knowledge that large mammals, like elephants, rhinos, lions, etc., need hundreds of square miles in which to hunt, care for their families and survive.

    But the point seems to be that too many people no longer care about the need for space between animal and human life.   Moreover, it is also obvious that too many in business and political leadership assume no ethical responsibility for the disruption of animal and other ecological lives impacted by their decisions.  As stated in earlier blogs, at some point the worm turns and then judgment comes from God and/or nature. 

It is past time for those in such leadership positions to rethink the morality of their positions.  A good place to start is the Word of God, and a search of wholesale Christian Bibles is the best source for that research.

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