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Feral Dogs One of the Beasts of the Earth, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 21:38 PM
June 6, 2010

Jack Wellman also points out that attacks by feral dogs have greatly increased their attacks against humans.   In one example, in the western part of the United States, all police found were “pieces of cloth and the bloodstained earth where a hiker was brought down, mauled and killed.” Although authorities rounded up some 16 roaming wild dogs in connection the death, “most of the dogs, including the Alpha leader, managed to get away.”

 Wellman also reports that in the summer of 2009, a 3-month-old infant died after a pit bull bit her in the face.  In St. Louis two pit bulls joined forces to attack and kill their owner. 

 In his article, “Going to the Dogs, Part Two,” Wellman points out that the increasing number of wild dog packs is always accompanied by an increasing number of human injuries and deaths by these packs.  He summarizes, “In the last six years, more people have been killed by wild dog packs than in the previous thirty years.”

 In a country like the United States, with strong local and regional governments, it is difficult to conceive of wild dogs roaming freely enough to become significant threats to large numbers of people and property.  But it should be noted that the most dangerous dogs––such as pit bulls and rottweilers––are being bred in the poorest communities which in turn usually have less dog collection patrols.

 But increasing poverty, lawlessness and the breakdown of societal order are expected trends in the times of Armageddon.  In future blogs, this site will discuss the simultaneous rise of coyotes, snakes, wild hogs and other animals which give mounting threat to human communities.

 For now, it is advisable for people to learn as much as they can about signs of Armageddon by reading wholesale Christian books.  Getting deeper into God’s Word by reading wholesale Christian Bibles also informs about the Armageddon end-times.

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