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Europe’s Economic End-Time Wars

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June 4, 2010

Another type of war is economic.  Its a long story, but basically the United States and England won the Cold War through coordinated economic wars, pressing against the Soviet Union’s socialist economic system. 

 Eventually the capitalistic systems won that war and Russia’s socialist system lost.  And, with the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia also lost control over the nations in eastern Europe it had controlled behind the Iron Curtain.

 The break-up of the Soviet Union has huge implications for end-time Bible prophecy.  First, no longer under Soviet rule, individual nations of Eastern Union were freed to pursue new political and military alliances. 

 Second, many of those nations will make up what is known in Biblical prophecy as the Revived or Revised Roman Empire.  They will be part of the ten-kingdoms that unite under the rule of a future end-time leader, who will be opposed to true Christianity.

 Third, a similar economic war is now occurring today in the European Union.  Germany has a strong economic system backed by the conservative practices of its citizens, while countries in southern Europe, like Greece, Italy and Spain have more relaxed, socially-based economies. 

 This struggle is so dire that many economists question whether the European Union can hold together.  Again, many of those nations in southern Europe will also be a part of the ultimate ten kingdoms from which the anti-Christ will rise. 

 Obviously, it is crucial to be informed about the Biblical significance of all types of wars, especially in what is indicated to be the final years in the final century.  And it is especially time to study the depth of what the Bible has to say about these final years.  To study listings in wholesale Christian books is a great place to start.

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