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The Worm Turns: Nature’s Revolt

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:59 PM
June 3, 2010

Wars come in all types: hot, cold, hostility, conflict, struggle, economic, military, spiritual, etc.  Oppressor vs. victim, or abuser vs. weakling are types of uneventful wars, until, of course, victims and weaklings start fighting back.  

  Human beings have increasingly oppressed and abused nature for decades.  To the enrichment of real estate developers, human populations leave cities and encroach repeatedly on wild-life habitats.  Industrial giants chop down the trees and pollute the air, both which are necessary for bird life.  Oil companies, garbage collectors and careless people have filled oceans, lakes and seas with hundreds of miles of sledging waste.

  But nature’s trying to even the score.  Wild animals now inhabit cities and suburbs; bees––very necessary for human survival––continually disappear; explosively multiplying  jellyfish make ocean swimming impossible, closing beaches around the world.

  Global Warming pushes animal species––such as polar bears, sea lions, sea turtles, birds of beauty––into extinction.  But species more dangerous to mankind––such as wolves, wild boars, pythons and feral dogs––have unnaturally increased in recent years.

  As such criminal abusers of nature, mankind has helped to set the stage for what the Bible calls Armageddon, or the End of Earth as we know it! To forestall or understand these phenomena, one must understand God’s Word.  Various editions and translations are always available through wholesale Christian Bibles.

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