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No Time To Harden

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:58 PM
June 2, 2010

If some of the issues discussed in this blog seem frightening, be assured that the purpose of this blog is not to frighten, but to encourage people everywhere to repent.

  Repent is a Biblical word that means to turn to God in earnest prayer, asking forgiveness and praying for His grace.  It also means to turn away from wrong behavior.  To ask The Lord Jesus to come into one’s heart, and to be The Guiding Light in one’s life, is the first step of repentance.

   We cannot change some of the horrible things that are happening around us––such as uncontrollable oil spills, suffocating volcanoes, damaging floods, etc.–– but we can fight to change our selves.  

   We can ask The Lord to help us in every area of our lives.  We can ask His help to flush away filthy talk and destructive behavior.  And we can turn to The Bible, His Holy Word, for instructions on how to live the God-way.

  Written almost 2,000 years ago the Book of Revelation foretells that when these multiples of natural disasters occur, signaling the end of earth and time, that people would stiffen their hearts toward God even more.  They would refuse to repent.

  But that book of prophecy also says that those who would turn to Jesus would have blessed rewards of everlasting life, not the cursed ends of everlasting punishment.

  In these last days, it is also time for Christians who know these things, but who have been lax in prayer and repentance, to get on their knees in prayer, to pray for, and witness to, more to friends and neighbors.  Distributing wholesale Christian books is a good way to start.

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