Happy Birthday LORD Jesus! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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December 24, 2013

happy-birthday-jesus-cake-5    Rev. Repriestly:  We’ll have to wing it this ‘holy day’ kids.  Jael is behind closed doors praying about the state of things.  You know: Global Warming, animal extinctions, etc.  She insists we give out a shout for Taryn and all the gang at I.E. Plexus this Christmas season.  God’s precious grace upon them now and forever!

Now let us celebrate!  It’s The LORD’s birthday!  Newspaper kids, Animal advocates, Overseas crews, Doc and staff, Space Watch Specialists––Everyone chime in. Rejoice. Today, we celebrate! It is The LORD’s Birthday!

Sarah Newsworthy:  Hallelujah Righteous One!  This Christmas Day, we sing of joy to celebrate Your Coming to earth.  Thank You for giving this team a new ministry to teach about Global Warming in these last days.

Ally Feermeno:  Oh my.  Everything aside Savior.  What can we give You for a present Almighty King?  You give us so much every day. You are so kind and gracious to everyone who wants You in their lives.  Is that the way You want us to be?  Then, that is My gift to You:  to be more like You every day, in every way.

Jim Seerfar:  Dearest Jesus.  I study those stars.  I know how far You came to save mankind from the grip of sin and evil.  And ahh Dear Savior, we pray for You to return for us soon, bursting through the heavens with a shout that You are coming back to collect Your children waiting, looking every day for You.

Cecil:  Yes, Dearest King. Today, we ignore all the crazies popping up, and concentrate on You: The Light of the Jesus-the-light-of-ChristmasWorld!  Happy Birthday.  And as they say:  “Many Happy Returns!”  So Return Soon for us soon please Precious Savior!

Doc Ad Versery:  Thank you Dearest Jesus that we have had less epidemics this year.  Please bless doctors everywhere working to keep people alive and healthy. Please give us more healing ministries.  And please uncover evil health workers who plot for death and not life, who deceive, who serve deadly demons.

Nancy Repriestly: Happy Birthday LORD Jesus.  You came into a sin-filled world and turned it upside down.  Instead of temples filled with naked people worshipping filthy evil gods, within a few years––through all their persecutions against Your People––You closed them down, and built churches for The One True God instead. You alone are King of This Planet, Precious LORD Jesus.  You alone!

John Jr.:  Thank You Blessed Savior for teaching me how to work with these kids. I know this training will one day make me a good father, just as You are The Best Father protecting, providing for, and loving Your children every day.

Lucy Lip:  Happy Birthday Jesus!  Thank You for my gifts.  Thank You for family, health and home.  Thank you for a little brother that I love most of the time.  Please help me to be better next year.  I’m getting too grumpy even for myself.

Brother Michael:  So let us join in and sing as it rings out in Christian prayer books:  “Let Heaven and Earth Adore Him! Let Heaven and Earth Adore Him! Let Heaven and Earth Adore Him! Christ The LORD!

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