A Peek At One Chapter in Jael’s Coming Novel: “Plunge Into Evil”

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:52 AM
June 22, 2011

One of Joe’s Encounters in Hell:

 Another member of the group welcoming Joe was The Chief Priest of Evil Council.  Dressed in dark robes, designed with moons and stars to plot astrology and time, the chief priest appeared as a young man with dark eyes and hair aflame.

 “Why hello Brother Joe,  we are pleased to welcome you,” he whispered, sluring syrupy words into incantations as he bowed.

 “We’ve kept careful record of your activities so that we can best calculate, or  . . . ah. . . er . . . estimate your reward.”

 In his usual red-faced outrage Joe cried, “You talkn’ crazy too.  Ya’ll are are crazy.  I’m not here.  You’re not here. This is just a Kramden dream that’s all . . . .”  He swallowed hard, gasping for breath, “And what ya mean estimate?”

 “Well ahhhh –  we are not really the judge you see.  He lives far away up, up, up, eh upstairs.  We just turn all the records over to him.”

 “What records?  More craziness.”  Joe wheezed back.

 “No young prince, didn’t you see the scratches of your life coming down on this video pad.  Anything not washed out with the blood of The Most High Priest is recorded.”  As Joe’s low priest, he bowed to the prince, in subservient obedience.

 “Well get to washin’ it out then.  Ain’t nobody’s business what I did.”

 “Oh we don’t have the proper oils for that.  The blood we collect and offer up to The Great One is for guilt enforcement, not cleansing,” he answered.

 “Ok, what kind of time do I get for all I’s done?  Can I cop a plea?”

 “My kind son, that is not our duty to tell.  We will, of course, intercede for you.  But that is up to the High Judge’s council of those who believe in Him.”

 “Look here, I paid my tithes to the triad system––well most of em anyway––and I offered up a whole lot of blood, dirty blood, kid’s blood, animal blood.  I was always offering bodies to you’s all.  You owe me,  you owe me.  So don’t tell me tain’t nothing you can do.”

 “Why, my prince, we have always promoted you and given you great wealth.  How can you incriminate we’ve have done nothing?” The priest flashed his four-inch long nails as he pointed this defense toward Joe.

 “A lot of good that does me here.”

 “It’s what you asked for sweet prince.”

 “Say listen all powerfuless John, get me otta here or shut the hell up.”

 “As you wish sordid one.  But it is always down, down, down.  Never up!”

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