Americans, or even Texans, didn’t fully repent to the point of change after death and disaster hit that state several months ago. Instead of realizing that the floods were warnings from God, rather than ceasing child murders, the clinics there, which offered more paid baby deaths than any ‘clinic’ in the country, offered them for free to anyone who could travel there even though the floods.

Now that such disaster has hit the nation horribly in Florida and several surrounding states, I have prayed to find out the reasons for such judgment there as well, but so far, these prayers have not been answered. But people in Florida, who thought they were safe in nice homes, many which had been in families for generations, have been hit with unbelievable hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Whole neighborhoods and cities which had rested in Florida’s beautiful warm weather were wiped out “in the blinking of an eye.”

Frank Jackalone, Director of the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club writes while begging for offerings to help stricken Floridians: “Michael was the strongest hurricane in history—since record keeping began in 1851—to hit the Florida panhandle. The storm’s peak winds upon landfall were the fourth-highest on record for the continental United States and reached a jaw-dropping 155 MPH.
“What’s especially frustrating is that Michael’s intensity took forecasters by surprise—giving residents very little time to evacuate . . . Warm waters cause storms to accelerate and intensify to dangerous levels quickly—a pattern we saw with Hurricane Harvey in 2017, then Florence and now Michael.”

Believers, churches, pastors and politicians must fall down and ask The Father why are these things happening? We must repent about those things we do know about, and ask Him to reveal other things that we have forgotten about. Such prayer and repentance is urgent! Out time is running out!!

For one thing, the United States–neither by city state or nation–cannot, afford to continue spending to rebuild after such disasters. When citizens of the state insist that the governor must ‘immediately’ start rebuilding the state of Texas, they simply do not believe the governor when he laments that the state does not begin to have enough money to pay for the rebuilding of homes, neighborhoods and towns in Texas.

The same lament will soon be heard in Florida. And then people will turn to the U.S. government to ‘undo’ such disasters. The nation’s debt is already staggering. How is it to continue to pay for such rebuilding? Still to come may be the diseases which can result from such flooding: Typhoid fever, cholera, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, strep throat, digestion diseases, tetanus, salmonella, E coli, flu, etc.

The United States–particularly its Christians–must repent down to the core. We must collectively pray, asking for God direction as to why were are continually hit with such disasters. We must repent for that which we know about–and go about changing what we do know about–and then ask Him to reveal to us that we must also repent about and change. The true Christian’s faith must not be in the government, but in God Almighty.

Was our faith in the houses we owned or those automobiles now flooded to ruined or floating down to sea. As wholesale Christian Bibles often cruelly proclaim: “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: (Revelation 9: 20). Time is running out! Repentance must begin NOW!

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