Discovered Yesterday: Mad Cow Disease Back in the United States

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April 25, 2012

 Sorry!  I have to interrupt the kids’ reports on other animal stories, to alert our readers about the latest medical and animal news that’s a potential threat to our health:  A case of Mad Cow Disease has been discovered in California.  However, federal and state officials assure the public that there is no danger to human life.

 A non-authored Associated Press account states:  “The first new case of mad cow disease in the U.S. since 2006 has been discovered in a dairy cow in California . . . The infected cow, the fourth ever discovered in the U.S., was found as part of an Agriculture Department surveillance program that tests about 40,000 cows a year for the fatal brain disease.  [That’s only about 3,000 a month!]

 “Mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), is fatal to cows and can cause a fatal human brain disease in people who eat tainted beef.”

 Government scientists insist that the infected cow did not contact the disease from eating recycled beef––the usual cause.   According to Bruce Akey, director of the New York State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Cornell University, it is “just a random mutation that can happen every once in a great while in an animal.”

 In another non-authored article, the Los Angeles Times quotes, John Clifford, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Chief veterinarian, who says that the carcass “was never presented for slaughter for human consumption, so at no time presented a risk to the food supply or human health.”

 This article adds:  “This is the fourth confirmed case of the brain-wasting disease in the U.S. cattle herd since the first case was discovered in December 2003 in an animal that came from Canada.”  At least 171 people died from Mad Cow disease and four million cows have been killed in attempts to eradicate it.

 My point in stressing non-authored sources is that apparently the government does not wish to disclose:  1) What farm the animal came from; 2) Why only 3,000 cows a moth are tested out of what number of animals go through slaughter houses; 3) What sources of contamination was the animal exposed to; 4) Who “presented” the animal for slaughter, and how did that person know that it should not go into the human food chain;  5)  Why does it seem more important to governments and media to protect beef industry profits, than to protect human life?

 Non-authored articles also indicates that prominent news media apparently have no plans to dig further into this crucially important issue where human lives are at risk.  These questions, along with such limited reporting, spells cover-up.

 In addition to watching their diets, believers must obey Christian messages to pray over our food:  “. . . He took the seven loaves, and gave thanks (Mark 8: 6b),” “Then He took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, He blessed them (Luke 9: 16).”  If The Good LORD found it necessary to pray over meals before serving and eating them, as His children, we must do likewise.

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