Some Meanings Deeper Than Record Snow This Winter Season

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 9:00 AM
February 23, 2015

US-Drought-West       This site includes images of the United States in a predicted 1,000 year drought in the western half of the nation, and the equally frightening tearing apart of East and West through a wretched earthquake reaching from the Great Lakes to New Orleans. Now a picture of this country divided by implacable cold and snow in the eastern half of the nation becomes necessary. But does it have meaning?

In “Polar Vortex Brings More Historic Cold in Eastern U.S.,” Angela Fritz dramatizes this extreme winter: “ . . . the week’s record-breaking cold is not just Arctic, but Siberian air that has been trudging across the North Pole and into North America — leading many to refer to the outbreak as the ‘Siberian Express.’

“Wind chill warnings and advisories stretched from the Upper Midwest to the Deep South — even as far as Miami, where Friday morning lows around 40 degrees could break records for the date and will surely be the coldest air that southern Florida has seen . . .

“The National Weather Service warns that imminent, sub-freezing temperatures will kill crops . . . Some temperatures in the Upper Midwest plummeted to minus 35 . . . Widespread sub-zero temperatures were recorded from North Dakota to Kentucky and east into Pennsylvania and New York.”

But perhaps most significant she adds:  “Contrast the Eastern Seaboard cold with the above-average temperatures in the West, where record highs fell this week. On the north slope of Alaska, temperatures were running an astonishing 40 degrees above average . . .” See––divided again!

In ‘Dakotas See Record Highs Even as US North-East Digs Out From Record Storm,’ the Associated Press (AP) exclaims: “As a blizzard slammed the north-east, mid-winter warmth was breaking records in the northern Plains.
Record-high temperatures for this time of year in the 50s and 60sF were set in parts of the region on Monday, and Tuesday temperatures were expected to climb even higher – into the 70s even in south-western South Dakota.” How is that possible?

In another article, ‘Winter Keeping Its Icy Grip Around The Eastern U.S.,’ AP adds: “The cold snap Bad-snow-conditionsfollowed snow and ice storms earlier in the week, and weather forecasters warned that more sleet and freezing rain will be possible in the coming days. Residents also had to deal with more school cancellations, power outages, road hazards and water main breaks.”

Does this whacky weather reflect the way our nation is so divided politically, economically and spiritually? Political rhetoric is anything but civil, continuing to divide rather than unite our nation. Acts considered so immoral as to be unmentionable a few decades ago are now publicly lauded. Even spiritual leaders avoid mention of these things as it may influence song, sermon and TV popularity.

Remember the Words of The LORD Jesus Christ in wholesale Christian Bibles:  “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand (Mark 3: 24 – 25).” Then consider that our nation has seldom been so divided against itself.  And think about these things even more so in view of what scientists say about that coming 1,000 year drought in the West, and the unspeakably massive earthquake that could physically divide what only our repentance and prayers can keep together.

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