Insane! Another Poor Nation Planning to Join the ‘Global Space Race’

posted by Cecil Certifier @ 18:02 PM
November 21, 2013

st_spacerace_f    This is it!  Space officials in the U.S. and Europe strongly advocate that the space race becomes Global!  I last wrote about India.  But now enough is enough!  Even Ethiopia is building a space program––the Ethiopian Space Science Society!

Insane!  Insane!  Another extremely poor nation that cannot even feed its own people does not need space travel.  Known as ESSS, Ethiopian’s agency will join South Africa, which has its National Space Agency, and a group of African nations now planning The African Space Agency for the African Union. Crazzyy!

Why does South African which has people sleeping on streets, in tents by the highway, and camped out under huge trees need a space program?  Why does the whole African continent need one?  How can desperately poor nations afford this foolishness?  Who is paying for it? And why do space programs have to be Global?

What is this really about?  Are these nations large and small really preparing for war––war on earth, I mean?  Meanwhile, did I mention that while Iran is begging the U.S. and Europe to allow use of its nuclear power for ‘energy purposes,’ that nation also recently sent a monkey up into space?  A monkey!!

Another question:  Why are nations doing bio-germ chemical analysis in space? Since when is better to test for viruses and germs up there?  Is it because testers well know that space travel is bringing more unknown germs to earth?

And on yes, the ‘powers that be’ finally allowed India to join the ‘global space family.’  But because this site and many others questioned how a nation with millions of citizens in dire poverty could have the unmitigated gall to afford space flights, officials claimed it was a ‘low-cost space mission.’

ITN reporter John Irvine says: “India has launched its first rocket to Mars. It is spending $72 million trying to become nj51a17cb8the first Asian nation to reach the Red Planet. But the mission is proving controversial in a country where 400 million people live in poverty.”  According to Reuters journalist, Sruthi Gottipati says the goal was to accomplish space flight before China.

“India’s relations with its giant neighbor China are marked as much by competition as cooperation, and analysts say New Delhi has stepped up its space program because of concerns about China’s civilian and military space technology.  ‘The reality is that there is competition in Asia. There’s the angle of the potential space race,’ said K. Radhakrishnan, head of Indian Space Research Organization.”

Gottipati also points out:  “The mission is considerably cheaper than some of India’s more lavish spending schemes, including a $340 million plan to build the world’s largest statue in the state of Gujarat.”  Hmmm. to worship a statue!!

And in these so-called democratic countries, I guarantee you none of the common people every voted to o.k. to spend billions of dollars in space travel, space exploration, or space ‘anything else.’  To take money from the people for such foolishness at least demands an explanation.

But then, wholesale Christian Bibles tells us to avoid such crazy people:  “Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge (Proverbs 14: 7).” We should just vote them out, if it’s not too late!

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