More of Earth’s Imminent Decline: A Look Back At 2012

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December 31, 2012

       Certainly Hurricane Sandy, killer medicines from the New England Compounding Center, and the massacre of precious children at Newtown put fitting exclamation points to the horrors of the year 2012.  Last January we predicted 2012 would be ‘The Age of Catastrophism,” and indeed it has been.

At year’s beginning, bloggerspheres were abuzz about the earth spinning out of shape and orbit.  With record hunger in Africa, some people ate the raw flesh of dead elephants.  By February, the U.S., Europe and the Middle East were suffering wretched winters. New diseases, cyclones and angry waters ravaged everywhere. Americans questioned the safety of our nuclear plants, as Japan tried to recover from its tsunami and floods. And China could not hide its heavily polluted waters.

In March, we watched aghast at Europe’s descent into austerity.  Increasing volcano eruptions caused Extinction Protocol to warn the earth is in “a period of extreme volcanism” hurling its magnetic field toward polarity reversal by 2013.

Farmers and consumers in the U.S. raised national concern about Mad Cow Disease in farms and slaughter houses last April.  Possibly contaminated meats were pulled from grocery shelves, and the government promised reforms.  Severe drought attacked the southwest and still continues. Harsh tornadoes swept through the Midwest; and Japan’s radiation leaks now engulfs the Earth.

The first of continuing protests in Greece and Spain broke out in May over Germany’s continent-wide austerity program. Two unexplainable epidemics––whooping cough and massive fish kills grabbed our nation’s attention in May.

June brought harsh views of bee colony collapse, debilitated human family structures, as well as of broken American cities as harbingers of Earth’s near end.  July witnessed explosions of cholera, polio and Ebola virus outbreaks in Africa and Asia.  And the U.S. wilted in record-breaking hot weather and power outages.

By August, this unmitigated heat erupted into West Nile Virus and Swine Flu plagues across the U.S.  And in September, the medical industry warned us that worse diseases were coming.  Also Japanese and Pepco leaders admitted lying repeatedly about levels of radiation exposure in their country and now abroad.

Swiftly melting Antarctic ice caps convinced even some die-hard critics by October that Global Warming is real, and Americans awakened to growing dangers of our own nuclear power plants.  In Europe suicides and infant abandonment soared.  And the meningitis outbreak proved our nation’s medical system is broken.

NECC’s medical malfeasance was only topped by Hurricane Sandy’s drastic devastation of our Eastern shores in November.  But both were superseded by the Sandy Hook killer’s rampage this month.  Our Newspaper Boys and Girls Int’l warn of animal species vital to man’s existence continuously slip into extinction.

Every month brought more threats to our existence.  Clearly, our only hope is in God.  Christian messages command: “Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I Am God, and there is none else (Isaiah 45: 22).”

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