More New Mysterious and Untreatable Diseases Everywhere in 2012

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February 16, 2012

 Dr. Adversery Bored:  While we keep our eye on the freezing winter of death and mayhem in Europe and Asia, our research teams sent in other issues that must be reported as well.   And one of these is as close to the United States as Mexico.

 Major media in the U.S. has near to nothing on this story, but newspaper Boys and Girls, Int., learned from their counterparts as far away as India, that Mexico is fighting an epidemic of swine flu.  Just this year, between January 1st and February 9th, more than 3,522 cases of swine flu have been confirmed in Mexico, and at least 81 people have died from the infecting virus.

 Times of India says that “Three seasonal viruses are currently active in Mexico — AH1N1, AH3N2 and influenza B. The AH1N1 — or swine flu — has been the predominant one, with 91 per cent of the infections.” The AH1N1 virus was first detected south of our border in March of 2009.  By June of 2010, more than 1300 had died, and over 70,000 people were infected by this outbreak.

 Maleekie Ambularie:  Another epidemic of Lassa Fever is sweeping through Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.  The disease is spread by the mastomys rat which lives in and around many homes in Africa.  Lassa Fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease.  Kehinde Oyetimi of Nigeria’s Sunday Tribune reveals that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 5,000 people a year are killed by this disease.  Ms. Oyetimi says:  “Researchers have raised alarm of the possible use of the virus as a biological weapon” to thin out Africa’s population.

 Dr. Adversery Bored:  Also in South America, doctors report an epidemic of a new mystery disease that is killing thousands.  Men who have labored for decades in agricultural areas have kidney failure for no apparent reason.  One victim says:  “[It] comes with no warning, and when they find it, it’s too late.”

 MSNBC News reports that this mysterious epidemic is devastating the Pacific coast of Central America, killing more than 24,000 people with chronic kidney disease in El Salvador and Nicaragua in the last decade.   The kidney failure could be from years of farm work, or from dehydration.

 Maleekie Ambularie: Also, universities working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that antibiotic resistance is making gonorrhea untreatable.  As Maryn McKenna reports in, “gonorrhea acquires resistance mutation much more easily than syphilis does.”  The U.S. has 70,000 cases a year of this highly resistant STD, and science is stumped for answers.

 Christian messages say these disease are caused by sin and Satan.  When Jesus died for us on the Cross, He not only absorbed the punishments for sin, He died for our healing as well:  “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed (1 Peter 2: 24).”  So believe in Him to be saved and healed!

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