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Preparing for Winter: Whether At Home or In Auto!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 7:00 AM
January 12, 2015

Freezing-temperatures-january-2015As more freezing cold and snow hits most of the nation in this coming week, police departments and highway patrolmen beg citizens to stay home if at all possible. Winter roads are dangerous. Winter precautions should rule at home too.

Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist for warns in ‘Wintry Mix to Slow Travel From St. Louis to NYC by Early Next Week’: “A storm moving out of Texas will spread a swath of wintry mix and snow on its northern edge over part of the Ohio Valley states and Northeast . . . The southern storm will coincide with another storm pushing eastward across the Great Lakes.

“A wintry mix, including ice, will affect St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville, Kentucky. . . Snow will briefly sneak into Chicago . . . Snow is in the offing farther north from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, New York . . . This will be after heavy lake-effect snow falls on parts of western and upstate New York.”

WeatherWhys adds: “The Dead of Winter is the one-month period when normal temperatures reach their lowest levels. For most of North America, this occurs from the second week of January until the second week of February.

“The reason this period does not line up with the first day of winter when the amount of incoming energy from the sun is lowest is due to the seasonal lag. The land and oceans continue to lose more heat than is gained this time of year and will do so until mid-February.” But remember last year that period extended into April.

Advice for driving from state patrolmen include: “Blizzard Warning: Wind may reach up to 35 miles per hour or greater with snow. This will cause the temperature to be very cold. Make sure you have sufficient fuel for cars.

“Be sure to eat regularly and drink fluids. Watch for frostbite. Signs include loss of feeling or pale shoveling-snow-january-2015appearance of fingers, toes, or face. Watch for hypothermia. Signs include uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, drowsiness and exhaustion.

“Put warm supplies––such as gloves, blankets and hats––in your car in case you become stranded or extreme cold strikes while you are away from home.”  They also say to monitor local weather reports before starting out.

“The National Weather Service is forecasting statewide wind chills to periodically dip down to 20 degrees below zero or lower.  Exposure to these temperatures could potentially cause frostbite and hypothermia, as well as create hazardous driving conditions.

“Stay indoors if possible. If you must go outside, wear protective gear, such as hats, mittens and gloves—in addition to a warm coat. Always protect your lungs with a scarf. Remove clothing if it gets damp or wet. Wet clothing can make you more prone to hypothermia.”

So there you heard it from men and women in police and highway patrol forces assigned to protect citizens under their watch. Remember what wholesale Christian sweatshirts say about such rulers: “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. . . For he is the minister of God to thee for good (Romans 13: 1 – 4).”

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Happy New Year From All of Us to All of You!

posted by The Whole Gang @ 9:00 AM
December 31, 2014

best wishes    Rev. Repriestly: As American Christians attend New Year’s Eve services this year, or pray around together around the family altar, hopefully they will remember fellow believers suffering for their faith in The LORD Jesus around the world––in China, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, and other nations, even in the U.S.

Ally I. Feermeno: To be sure, Satan often changes his tactics against the rise of Christianity in some nations.  For instance in China, argues ‘Christian Persecution in China Is Rising Again’:

“On the whole, the main thrust of Satan’s attack on the body of Christ in China has shifted away from brute force to the more insidious temptation of compromise, money and heresy . . . Rather than the euphemistically named Public Security Bureau kicking down doors, the bigger threats to the church in today’s increasingly materialistic China is the lure of wealth & prosperity and other false gospel, much of it imported from the West.”

Ida B. Wells: My, my Ally that means Christians in the East face the same temptations as Christians here do––only wanting Christ for what He can do for them, rather than asking God what they can do for Him.

Jim Seerfar: Right you are Ida. These bring sure signs of The LORD’s coming soon, as is tremendous activity in space travel, space ‘science’ and what I can space-hooey.  Truly leaders of various nations will face God’s wrath for wasting billions of wealth in space endeavors while humans under their watch go hungry.

Cecil Certifier: It is all so totally insane. Consider what His Eminence Metropolitan Elias of Tyre and Celebrating-New-Years-serviceSidon said at an Orthodox Church service recently:
“  The Church of Antioch, as you know, was founded by the two Apostles, Peter and Paul. And most of this Church is suffering now….in most places, we have either war or pressure from all sides.

“And this is not new for us: Our Lord Jesus Christ has told us that we will go through such places and such situations. And, you know, the Church from the very beginning had past persecution and many kinds of pressures. But, in the end, love will be prevailing. As Our Lord told us: You will have difficult times, but at the end you will win because I have conquered the world. So, Jesus Christ is always the winner; love is always the winner; we are the winners if we stay near to Jesus Christ.”

John J. Sr.:  Amen to that Cecil. In this New Year let us pray for precious believers around the world.  And please pray for the that we may be able to reach more and more people through the internet, and other doors The LORD will open for us.

Rev. Repriestly: As Taryn of I.E. Plexus tells us our wholesale Christian sweatshirts insist: “Prayer Is The Answer.”  So in 2015 let us all practice more of God’s Word every day and “Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17).” With that said let us end with “Happy New Year” to all of you from all of us!

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Have a Merry Merry Christmas For All The Right Reasons

posted by The Whole Gang @ 7:00 AM
December 23, 2014

Happy-Birthday-Jesus        Rev. Repriestly: We don’t mean to be Grinch’s this Christmas, but increasing materialism this year shows it is past time for truth about Christmas. The Bible doesn’t specify Jesus’ birthdate, but we do know it was not on December 25th.

Remember ‘Jesus Is The Reason for the Season.’  If you want to tell Him ‘Happy Birthday’ go ahead. But that is part of prayer and worship. It does not necessarily go with gorging food, going into debt to buy gifts, or wild parties.

Cecil Certifier: Actually, for centuries Europeans celebrated winter, cold and snow as part of the Winter Solstice on that date. It was also part of Saturnalia:  “The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, in the Roman Forum, and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms,” says Wikipedia.

Jim Seerfar: Hmm. Sound familiar? Banquets, gift-giving, partying, etc. Like Rev. Repriestly says materialism. This Solstice thing is also connected to astrology star worship. Wikipedia explains: “Winter solstice is an astronomical phenomenon which marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year.”

In ‘History of Yule,’ Lady SpringWolf writes: “The Winter Solstice has been recognized and celebrated for eons by ancient people around the globe. Etymology Online describes Yule as: A heathen feast, later Love-of-Christtaken over by Christianity and from unknown origin. Gaius Valerius Catullus (84 BC– 54 BC) was a Roman poet of the 1st century BC. He describes Saturnalia as: the best of days. . . It was a time of celebration, visits to friends, and gift-giving, particularly of wax candles (cerei), and earthenware figurines (sigillaria).”  Let me ask again, sound familiar?

Ally I. Feermeno and Ida B. Wells: Christians must know what they do and why they do it. Apostle Paul warns: “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (Ephesians 5: 11). In 2 Corinthians 2: 11, he talks about Satan deviousness, i.e. Santa moves one letter of his name: “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

Sarah Newsworthy and Wendy Weathersbee: This blog and our sister site writes constantly that in 2014-15, time is coming to an end. So be especially careful during this season when people drive crazily and do other whacky things.

Earlier forecasters assured that few parts of the U.S. will see snow this Christmas.  But now they change their tune, insisting on “A storm bearing gusty winds, torrential rain, snow, thunderstorms and fog will converge on the East and Midwest on Christmas Eve and will likely create major travel delays, both on the roads and at airports.” So try to stay home and be safe!

Dr. Ad Versery and Professor Maleeke: And for goodness sake avoid people who cough, wash and/or sanitize hands constantly, eat healthy foods and avoid so many sweets and get plenty of rest. Diseases and viruses attack our country now.

Inspector Butterman and John J., Jr.: So they have stepped into the over-eating area, we were going to cover. But one more thing, our Web Advisor Taryn at I.E. would not forgive the team if we didn’t remind you to be sure to get one of those wholesale Christian sweatshirts offered in our store. Otherwise, have a Merry, Merry Christmas and feel free to tell Our Lord ‘Happy Birthday’!

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Be Ready: January Weather Falls on U.S. in Mid-November

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 16:01 PM
November 18, 2014

jet-stream-cold-2014    Officially Winter does not begin and Fall does not end until December 21st this year, but Storm Nuri––what’s left of Typhoon Nuri which swept through Alaska’s Aleutian Islands––doesn’t know about those ‘official’ markers.

The ‘earthend’ gang usually doesn’t start winter preparation blogs until mid-December, but as winter blasts started earlier this year, it seems best to alert readers to necessary winter precautions even while fall leaves still hang on trees:

Be sure to: Wrap heating pipes coming from basement, as well as outside water faucets, to avoid freezing; Put plastic covers and/or heavy drapes on windows to keep out air; Stock up on rock salt, snow shovels, thick socks, ‘long johns,’ gloves and warm caps for head and ears; and Wear layers of clothing!

Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist for warns that in addition to Storm Nuri: “As the polar vortex gets displaced to the south, the door will open for arctic air to plunge over most of the United States as the new week progresses. Only the Southwest, Hawaii, Alaska and South Florida will escape the grip of the upcoming arctic blast that the polar vortex can be blamed for.

“The combination of cold air, wind and other conditions, including snow in part of the Midwest and northern Plains, will send temperatures plunging below zero in some locations. Such cold will raise the risk of hypothermia and frostbite for those not properly dressed.” So now is a good time to wear those wholesale Christian sweatshirts.

As for travel by car, Sgt. Brad Hessel of the Oregon State Police advises drivers to “slow down, reduce distractions and arrive safely.”  He claims drivers must “allow extra travel time during winter conditions and slippery conditions cause stopping distances to increase.” Other tips from that police force include:

1) Think ahead to avoid dangerous situations; 2) If road signs say chains are required be prepared to chain up; 3) early-winter-2014When losing traction, gradually slowdown–––never slam on brakes; 4) Ice forms first on bridges or concrete highways so be cautious on those; 5) Never use cruise control in icy, snowy or wet weather.

This blog has warned that this cold weather winter was coming early this year and lasting far into what are usually spring months.  In short, this is not normal weather. Global Warming in these prophetic end-time years is one factor.

Another one is that God is trying to get man’s attention while there is still time for repentance.  As Daniel 2: 19-20 says:  “Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed The God of heaven. Daniel answered and said, Blessed be The Name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are His: And He changeth the times and the seasons . . .”

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‘A Child Leads’: Staff Refuses to Report on Climate Summit

posted by John J. Jr. @ 17:16 PM
October 13, 2014

DENMARK CLIMATE SUMMIT    John J. Jr.:  Hello, Rev., I mean Dr., Repriestly, this is John J. Jr.  Do you have a moment?  We’ve got a real problem here.

Repriestly:  Ok John what’s wrong?

John:  Well, before she went on vacation, Jael told us to cover the story on the U.N. Climate summit and the various marches around the world warning about Global Warming. But now nobody wants to do the story.  Sarah Newsworthy told me to handle it as she was busy working with Mr. Butterman on the 35,000 walruses hopelessly stranded in Alaska, because of so much melted sea water.

Ally Feermeno said no one in Asia cares about that, and hung up the phone.  Ida Wells said she could do an expose on the corporate conglomerates fighting against Global Warming, none of whom were mentioned at the U.N. meeting. And the kids scream that I must tell about all the animals Global Warming is killing.

Jim Seerfar said it had nothing to do with his work about space, unless I wanted to discuss more massive wastes of money, and Cecil Certifier said the whole U.N. thing was a show of insanity if I wanted him to write about that.

They just don’t want to do it. They say it is simply a matter of ‘too little–– too late.’  And they are angry that after this blog team has worked tirelessly for years to wake people up about Global Warming, governments have done so little. What am I to do?  Jael will be back soon.  She’ll be furious if we’ve done nothing.

Repriestly:  Well John, it looks like you’ll have to write it yourself. So try!

John: O.K. here goes: John H, Cushman, Jr. says in ‘UN Climate Summit Achieves Successes, But Does It Really Ice_Melting_in_GreenlandMatter?’: “At the end of his summit meeting . . ., UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon put out a list of accomplishments festooned with 46 bullet points, some of them marking concrete new pledges, others diaphanous phrases.” I looked that up. It means ‘ insubstantial.’

At the end he complains:  “Unless the environmental movement provides the power to overcome the political resistance that for decades has hobbled U.S. negotiators at climate treaty talks, the demonstrators who thronged 50 blocks of midtown Manhattan might as well have stretched their legs on 310,000 treadmills.”

Mark Hertsgaard asks in ‘The People’s Climate March Was Huge, but Will It Change Everything?’ He pointed out that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund controlling that family’s wealth built by Standard Oil is totally divesting from fossil fuels, but that March leaders agreed it was only a first step, and many others must follow.

AFP News staff writers reveal in ‘UN Climate Fund Still Far Short of Goal’ that major nations have given little toward their pledge of $ 2.3 billion to help poor nations deal with ‘rising temperature disasters’. They quote Tim Gore from Oxfam:

“. . . the UN summit had offered “only a partial and piecemeal response. After four long years, the cash is starting to land in the Green Climate Fund, albeit at little more than a trickle.” They also report that world leaders are to meet next year in Paris to make ‘solid’ plans against Climate Change.

So Rev. anyway it looks like those main stream media writers agree with our motley crew––its all a matter of too-little and too-late. I told our gang I was going to tell you about their refusals and that said to ask you to pray for them.

Repriestly:  And indeed I will John.  Remember what wholesale Christian sweat shirts say:  “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith (1 John 5: 4), and to overcome the world’s laziness about Global Warming we must increase our faith!

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Changing Ebola Stories: U. S. Has Best Hospitals in World?

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 10:53 AM
October 6, 2014

First_Ebola_case_diagnosed_in_US_2076450000_8586407_ver1 0_640_480    Every time staff workers sit down to mark up the story on Ebola in the U.S., new questions emerge: 1) Why shifting numbers on number of U.S. patients with the disease; 2) Causes for mistakes in the most recent case in a Dallas hospital; 3) Just who is ‘patient zero’ in U. S.; 4) Why air traffic not stopped from Liberia?; 5) Mainstream media insisting Dallas is ‘first’ case?; 6) Is this a scripted result?, etc.

At least 50 or so of the over 300 Ebola internet and newspaper stories on file at this blog site, state or imply that Thomas Eric Duncan is the first person bringing the Ebola virus to this country from Liberia. But that is simply not true.

Only Susan Heavey of Reuters states plainly in’s ‘Factbox: U.S. Faces Sixth Case of Ebola’: “The United States has seen six cases of the Ebola virus in recent weeks affecting five Americans and a Liberian. Two of the cases surfaced this week, raising concerns about wider spread of the disease, which has killed at least 3,439 people in the current outbreak in West Africa.”

One of the cases she mentions is of course Mr. Duncan’s, but who are the others, and why have they not received as much attention? They include: “An unnamed American who contracted Ebola in West Africa being treated at . . . at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. There have been few. . . details made public about the patient, who returned to the United States by air ambulance on Sept. 9.

And why no public details? Also, “About the same time, the World Health Organization said one of its doctors tested positive for Ebola at a treatment center in Sierra Leone . . . and WHO has not identified the physician.? Again unknown!

While the cases of physician Kent Brantly and nurse Nancy Writebol, treated at Emory, were rather publicized, the case of Dr. Rick Sacra from Boston was not.  He was treated for three weeks at Nebraska Medical Center.

Heavey adds:  “Additionally, an American doctor remains under observation at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, has not been confirmed to have the disease. The physician was exposed while volunteering in Sierra Leone. . . An NIH spokeswoman on Friday declined to give any further updates on the case, citing privacy reasons. The patient was admitted on Sunday [September 28th]. If kept for 21 days, the patient would be ebola-outbreak-550x426released @ Oct. 19.”

Heavey then blithely says: “Another patient was also isolated in Hawaii.” So why has the man in Dallas received so much attention and the media has so well guarded most of the others? Have dozens of people around them been tested and watched? Further, with all of this secrecy can officials please explain:

“Why are airlines flying planes out of Liberia where thousands are sick and dying with Ebola?  How can Liberian officials sue Duncan saying he lied about being sick, when they know his hometown overflows with Ebola victims? So why fly anyone out of there? Can officials and airlines answer! Is this about profits?

Is it unreasonable to suggest that these inconsistencies seem to come from a ‘scripted plan’since: 1) U.S. health services hold the patten on Ebola, and stocks of companies testing for Ebola vaccines soaring up 200%; 2) Nurses across the country scream their hospitals are not prepared for Ebola; while 3) U.S. military is equipped with anti-Ebola ‘medication,’ and protective gear?

More in future blogs. This site, as well as, begs its readers to triple-down on prayers in these last days. Maybe this Ebola ‘outbreak’ will encourage them to do so.  As wholesale Christian sweatshirts implore:  “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer (1 Peter 4: 7).”

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Money-Making Companies, the U.S. Government and Ebola Treatment

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 18:07 PM
August 7, 2014

EBOLA-BILLBOARD-600-x-450    Because internet and news media stories remain swamped with stories about possible world-wide Ebola virus outbreaks, we thought it best to combine resources for careful consideration of what can be ascertained as “fact.”

Dr. Ad Versery:  First, what company actually produced the drug now given to two American Ebola patients now treated in Atlanta hospital. Washington Post reporters Lenny Bernstein and Brady Dennis insist it is Mapp Biopharmaceutical:

“Charles Arntzen, Regents’ professor at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, who has collaborated for the past 15 years with Mapp Biopharmaceutical, the tiny San Diego company that produced the experimental serum given to the two Americans.”

I.B. Wells, IV: But if MAPP produced the drug, why is the: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Department of Defense funding a biotech company in Canada, called Tekmira Pharamaceuticals (TKMR on the stock market) to produce the serum?

Aimee Picchi of Money Watch then writes:  “But like everything related to Ebola, the story isn’t all that clear-cut. The company disclosed last month that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed the treatment’s trial on hold as it sought to ensure that higher doses are safe, with Tekmira adding that the issue should be cleared up by year-end.” Year’s end? People in Africa die by hundreds! She adds:

“The treatment is considered one of the most advanced medications for Ebola, Vox notes. The company has been awarded a $140 million contract from the Department of Defense to develop the therapy, which protected 100 percent of primates infected with a lethal dose of the virus in an earlier study.”

Ad Versery: Wait Ida, it gets more confusing: “Others are also working on Ebola treatments, with Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg working on an antibody cocktail with San Diego’s Mapp Pharmaceutical, Toronto-based Defyrus Inc. and the U.S. Army. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health told ‘CBS This Morning’ that the agency is hopeful about potential treatments to prevent infection, although he didn’t specify which company or institute is developing it,” she adds.

Wells:  Add to that, the ole nemesis Monsanto––you know the kill bees with ‘fertilizers’, plant artificial food company––also shares these ‘investments.’  Mike Adams at Natural News writes:  “Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, a company working on an ant-Ebola drug, just received a $ 1.5 million cash infusion from none other than Monsanto. . . The deal is valued at up to $ 86.2 million . . . !  He says Tekmira also got a $ 140 million contract with the U.S. military for Ebola drugs.

Maleekie: Please stop!  I can take no more.  Do you mean that now some 1,000 people in Africa are dead, and that Ebola-Killing-the-Peopleonly a so-called Christian organization, Samaritans Purse, was given the drugs to save two Americans, and none were sent to Africa. Please in The Name of God, tell me what kind of Christianity is that!

Adversary: I understand Maleekie. We had better contact Rev. Repriestly for earnest prayer about these issues.  This cannot go on!  The world faces an Ebola epidemic where millions could die so that a few companies––financed by the U.S. government––could make money, and that with risking Americans‘ lives too!

Wells: Can we make a wholesale Christian sweatshirt combining Acts 8: 20: “But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God [i.e. Life] may be purchased with money,” with 1 Timothy 6: 10: “For the love of money is the root of all evil”? It’d make a great shirt!

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Political Wars, Flooding Diseases or ?: 57,000 Kids Cross U.S. Border

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 15:18 PM
July 3, 2014

illegals-children    An unbiased observer has difficulty discerning the truth about threats of new diseases that thousands of children from nations below Mexico could bring to the United States. Clearly, whether at the border, or other U.S. cities, children and adults flooding U.S. southern borders should have careful medical examinations.

On one side, some claim that stories about diseased children are planted to embarrass the government.  On the other side, others claim doctors and nurses face threats if they tell the truth about the numbers of diseases this new group of illegal immigrants bring with them into this country.

Undoubtedly, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Beyond issues of possible diseases, however, other questions need answers: First:  If El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras––where this new wave of immigrants from Central America come from––are such poor countries, how can impoverished parents raise thousands of dollars to pay “coyote” criminals to transport them to America?

It should be apparent that some kind of organized funding is behind the sudden move of thousands of people across hundreds of miles of dangerous desert to reach the U.S. border. What political entities stand to gain by embarrassing their opposite political entities? What criminal elements cross with these children?

Who gains by forcing the American government to send thousands of children back home to possible criminal environments? But then there are criminal environments in the U.S. with hundreds of American children killed on a regular basis, about which little is done? So how will these new children be safer here?

Second: The public is told the immigrant children are fleeing extreme criminal activity in those nations.  But, if criminal elements in these nations are so horrendous as to force children as young as three years old to walk hundreds of miles to get to the U.S. border, then why hasn’t the American government done more to help these nations stem such a criminal tide?

If the U.S. intervenes in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, why can’t it intervene in Central America, which is much closer to America’s shores? What is the strength of diplomatic and intelligence operations in those nations? How could this sudden influx flooding across the southern border be such a surprise?

Third: In groups of thousands, these masses trekked through Mexico. Did that government not see them? What did that nation do to turn them back, or to warn the U.S. of the pending invasion of mostly children? Why wasn’t Mexico’s southern border better sealed?  Where are Mexico’s police and border patrols?train-loads-of-illegal-aliens

Medical science clearly defines diseases that are more than physical.  Diseases of the mind can incapacitate the human spirit. Of course, diseases of the heart can also weaken the body.  What applies to the physical man, magnifies toward a nation?  In this situation, American must strengthen her body and soul.

As wholesale Christian sweatshirts implore men and nations, like good scientists, good journalists must work to get to the heart of an illness: “Her princes within her are roaring lions; her judges are evening wolves; they gnaw not the bones till the morrow (Zephaniah 3: 3).”

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Hollywood Warned: U.S. Unprepared for Affects of Global Warming

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 2:00 AM
January 30, 2014

Freezing-temperatures-2014      Perhaps officials in politically divided Atlanta and Georgia didn’t want to believe that streets and highways would turn into miles of ceaseless ice; that three inches of icy snow would shut down commercial, educational, and transportation services, etc.––because few considered that Dennis Quad’s movie, ‘Day After Tomorrow’ may be a true depiction of the winters Global Warming can bring.

In his lines, Quad’s fictional character kept repeating Global Warming, but no one believes him––not the government, not fellow scientists, and not even movie watchers.  It was after all just fiction, wasn’t it?  But this year’s Polar Vortex storms dispute the skepticism of those non-believers.

With explicit photographs shown here, in ‘Definitive Proof That The Polar Vortex Is “The Day After Tomorrow,” Christina Coleman of  asks:
“So remember that 2004 film called The Day After Tomorrow? The one where Dennis Quaid, aka paleoclimatologist Jack Hall, goes on a cross-country trip to save his son . . . from a storm that throws the world into a new Ice Age?

“Well . . . polar vortex anyone?   I mean meteorologists are warning that exposed human flesh will freeze in a matter of seconds––[stuff] is getting real. . . these negative 40 temperatures are clearly an indication . . . that the weather phenomenons that occur in the movie are happening now.”

Hmmm.  Most American politicians don’t want to believe things are that bad, although in this new year they are using the term Global Warming more than ever.  Certainly Georgia, Florida, Alabama, etc., didn’t believe such cold weather would touch them.  But now it is no longer a matter of ‘belief.’

Shamefully, the same scientists who claim the worse of Global Warming is 40 or 50 years away, or who are paid by corporations to constantly deny that such Climate Change even exists––they deny the movie is a true predictor as well.

Even after writes to disprove Quad’s film in ‘The Day After Tomorrow: A Scientific Critique,’ The-Day-After-Tomorrow-2they have to admit that much of what the film claims is legitimate:  “Jack [Quad’s character] describe[s] this ancient climate shift. As the world was coming out of the last glacial period . .  melting ice sheets added so much freshwater to the Atlantic Ocean that certain ocean currents shut down.”

Can anyone deny that melting glaciers now quickly raise ocean levels? “Jack’s portrayal of the event is surprisingly accurate: a sudden change in climate did occur around ten thousand years ago, and was most likely caused by the mechanisms he describes. To scientists, it is known as the Younger Dryas.”

Younger Dryas––named for a flower preserved in the ice––lasted for thousands of years. Climatesight at best gives weak denials about Quad’s movie:  “Jack’s statements regarding the plausibility of an imminent Gulf Stream shutdown due to global warming fly in the face of current scientific understanding. However, a complete shutdown of the Gulf Stream is extremely unlikely within this century.”

That’s not much reassurance for much of the world that is either hit by this frantically freezing Polar Vortex or sweltering in 100º plus degree heat.  Surely, as one wholesale Christian sweatshirt espouses:  “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men (1 Timothy 2: 1).”  Indeed it is time to pray for all of us in this world!

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Happy New Year! Get Ready for 2014! It Will Be A Zoweee Time!

posted by The Whole Gang @ 11:49 AM
December 31, 2013

happy-new-year-farm-2014    Brother John:  Well, as Newsworthy explained yesterday, be glad that 2013 is over!  And pray that 2014 will be much, much better!  Those in charge tell us to be positive in this year-end blog, to look forward with hope, not back in despair!

Doc Adversery: Oh, positive!  Let’s see, we haven’t had major epidemics in 2013. But now, H1N1 is re-surging in the southern U.S. Government researchers puts Texas and other states, in the ‘widespread’ disease category.  People with flu-like symptoms there are dying. What’s positive? It hasn’t spread to other states yet!

Butterman:  Doc’s right.  We haven’t had major poisoned food scandals in 2013. So––although China is importing chicken to the U.S. soon––we pray for the same record in 2014.  Also, we must clean, cook and serve only healthy foods?

Feermeno: Yeah right! Who knows.  Things are ‘rather’ quiet in this part of the world where Jael stuck me. Japanese leaders still transgress forbidden shrines, hoping to rewrite WW2 history. North Korea’s Un executed his uncle. The Fukushima nuclear plant still leaks radiation into the world’s Pacific Ocean waters.

Underpaid workers struggle to remove radioactive fuel rods at the clean-up site, and the Japanese government has set aside $ 970 million for new facilities to store those deadly rods. People fear poisonous milk! Positive?  Nothing’s changed!

Brother John: Come on gang, someone must have some good news for 2014!  Cecil Certified emails that continuous negative thinking leads to depression. And we are people of faith and good news, not of depression.

John, Jr.:  Well don’t look to the kids Dad. They are furious that nations still do little to save animals from extinction, and that we had so few blogs about it in 2013.  Their research shows many more species will go extinct next year.

Jim Seerfar:  But these insane world leaders still follow the deception of global space exploration.  It is as though they plan to finish destroying the earth, so the few of them can fly off into space. But it’ll never happen.  God forbids it!

Nancy Repriestly: I am praying much for our nation, that: people find jobs, farmers prosper with good crops, the poor are fed, diseases stay away from our shores, our politicians rule with God’s wisdom and all of America will be blessed.

Brother Michael:  Yes, Nancy. That’s the way to go!  Alright you guys! Snap out of it! We have everything to thankPeace-Hope-Days-Ahead God for in 2013––our health, our families, our salvation! Thousands read your blogs. As wholesale Christian sweatshirts proclaim: “Jesus Is Still LORD in 2014!”  So say it!  And Believe it!

Then concentrate on God’s precious promises, such as:  “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him (1 Corinthians 2: 9).”

So good bye 2013. Come on 2014.  We’re ready for whatever you bring.  We stand on The Solid Rock, and His Name is Jesus Christ. Though rains come and winds try to knock us off, we will still complete His work. The Center holds!

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