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To Green or Not to Green: That Is The Question!

posted by Jael Ever @ 19:24 PM
June 15, 2011

Just as the Japanese government insists on continuing with nuclear power in spite of the death and destruction this energy system has had on their people, apparently the United States plans to give its citizens the same misguided, unwarranted lack of protection with new or retrofitted coal plants. Apparently to avoid public protests, the new game plan is to allow coal plant companies to lease more public land. Coal companies would be allowed to open mines in Wyoming and Montana, in an area known as the Powder River Basin. Apparently, Congress left enough loopholes to allow mining in these areas that would not be possible in non-public lands. Thus, complete hearings on the affects of such mining on air, water and climate temperatures will never take place.

A recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) indicates that building new coal plants or retrofitting old ones makes no financial sense. The report insists: “The truth is that coal is far from cheap, and we can no longer afford the staggering economic, public health, and environmental costs of continued reliance on this outdated energy source.” Instead, UCS researchers call for the same funding to be used to build new renewable energy systems, such as wind and solar power, and phasing out coal burning power plants.

While proponents argue that coal mining is a boon, providing jobs for the American economy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency argues otherwise. One EPA reports posits: “Burning coal is a leading cause of smog, acid rain, global warming, and air toxins.” The report argues that coal firing plants: 1) Produce almost 4 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main cause of Global Warming; 2) Emit 10,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) causing acid rain, damaging forests, lakes and buildings and leaving particles in the air that can go into lungs, causing bronchitis, asthma and poor eyesight; 3) 10,200 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx) forming as much ozone smog as a half million late-model cars; 4) 720 tons of carbon monoxide (CO) bringing headaches and stress on those with heart disease; 5) 170 pounds of mercury, a teaspoon of which can poison fish in a 25-acre lake; 6) 225 pounds of cancer-causing arsenic; and 7) 114 pounds of lead, 4 pounds of cadmium, other heavy metals, as well as uranium–all of which can kill.

Thus, the government is at war with itself–agencies calling for more mining to fuel coal-fired plants versus those advocating for the public health. As President Lincoln said, a nation warring against itself cannot stand. Christians must ask God to give the leaders of this nation wisdom to know how to design job-producing energy that will also protect public health. Proverbs 4: 7 advises: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Protecting the breath and health of children must be a priority. Dressing them in Christian childrens T-shirts is purely a blessing of joy.

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One Year Later: Mystery Illnesses From Gulf Oil Spill

posted by admin @ 11:30 AM
April 28, 2011

Well what do you know,  more downplaying, long delays, and official neglect! Someone’s not telling the truth!   As much as main stream media downplays it, as much as “official reports” ignores it, and as much as BP denies it, the phenomenon of strange unexplained illnesses among those who worked to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill and others in the Gulf Coast region.  Although some scientists claim that health in the Gulf of Mexico is “nearly back to normal,” doctors treating scores of patient complaints there disagree. Physicians treating people with “Gulf Oil Sickness” suspect that it has to do with the toxic dispersants BP used to break up oil slicks, in addition to the toxins in the oil itself.  Moreover, AFP reports that the symptom complaints are the same as reported after the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989, and the 2002 Prestige oil tanker spill on Spain’s coast.

 Doctors report that over 400 Louisiana citizens have oil spill-related health problems, such as: respiratory tract and/or ear infections, racing heartbeats, high blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, nausea, swollen sore throat, gastrointestinal problems, fluctuating blood sugar levels, poor eye sight, eye irritation, memory loss, and psychological stress.  When speaking about his patients, Mike Robichaux, a local doctor who is treating some 60 patients with this Gulf Oil malady, claims “Ninety percent of them are getting worse. Nobody has a clue as to what it is.”  He adds:  “I’m dealing with a wide array of people and the symptoms are almost identical in all of them.”  He insists that there is no question that these health problems have been caused by contact with the oil and dispersant.  He also complains that medical and health scientists ignore the problem.  Instead, he complains to Kim Hutcherson of CNN, media only covers Gulf Oil problems in animals:  “They’ll talk about the pelicans and shorebirds, the crawfish, the crabs, the shrimp and so forth … and there’s nothing on human impact.”
 The World Health Organization points out that governments seldom hold oil companies responsible for the sickness  their mishaps bring to human beings.  Because of long legal battles needed to prove guilt, governments usually pay for citizen illness themselves.  Michelle Jones of The Intel Hub writes particularly about the toxicity of a chemical known as Corexit, which BP used to disperse oil slicks, and which it claims is as safe as “Dawn dish soap.”  Most countries have banned the use or Corexit, and the EPA gives it the highest warning.  So the question is: why did EPA allow BP to use it in the Gulf?  What is the truth?

 The time is coming when all will see everlasting truth.  Satan is the god of this world.  Jesus Christ called him a murderer, a liar and the father of lies (John 8: 44).  Those following this god of money will not walk in truth. As believers dress youth in wholesale Christian kids t-shirts this summer, they must remember to walk in truth.

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John Calls: Times For Urgent Prayer

posted by Uncle John @ 19:49 PM
March 29, 2011

John:  Hey gang!  I ask’d ma bell to get us all on this tele so we can talk ‘bout ‘portant stuff.  Ok say yourse name so we knows whos’ on line.

Bea:  This sher is me John, Bea.

Ethel:  Tanks much for ‘viting me sir.  I’s em Ethel.

John:  Jude is ya here?  Let me git that operat girl. He’s spose ta be shear.

John:  Jude, Jude she say you’se on da line.  So say somethung!

Jude:  ok ok I’m shar!  So what ya wants me ta say?

Bea:  Why’s hello Jude.  Beens long time I ain’t spok’ or seen ya.  Is ya doing right fine ok?

Jude:  Yeah, yeah.  So wha’s this all ‘bout John?

John:  Well first I’d wanna let us all ta say hi to Ethel.  She’s new to us en’s pals group.

Jude:  Corse I know her.  She’s mys neighbor. Come on!  I ain’t got all days.

John:  Bea, I don’t think ya knows Ethel, does ya?

Bea:  Well, no I guess I’s don’t knows her, or met her or nyeethang.  So’s I gess I’d best says hi to her.

John:  O.K. Say it then!

Bea”  Hi Ethel.  Been meaning to call and say thanks fo the gift.

Ethel:  How ya doing Miss?

John:  Good thang! Now I’s calls us cause we needs to form a prayins’ gets togeth’r.  A phonen’ prayins’ gathern’.  There’s much we’s got to pray ‘bout.

Jude:  First yas gots to pologize fo ways you say stuff bout me in Jael’s page.

John:  Ahhhh!! Come on man. Ya knows I twas just jossen ya.  Taint notin ta bes upsets bout.  Butz ok if yas want, I pologize.

Jude:  Well I guess that’ll be ok.  But I’s still miffed bout it.

Bea:  Com’ on Jude.  We’s got to be ‘n Christian spirit.

John:  Right!  Now da world seems ta be in a mess.  We’s gots to pray bout them peoples in Japan’s sufferin’ and that that thar ‘tomic plant cant blow us all up.   And we’s got to pray for da right peoples to win in dat fightin all round Israel.  And for our boys and them guys trying ta help thems fightin for theirs freedom!  And fer da President and Congress en all.  Ens be sure ta pray what Jael’s askin’ too!

Bea:  Yeah John, but don’t we’s have ta pray fo ours families too!

John:  Corse Bea, but yas do that everydays anyhow.  Oh me! TIME’s UP and we’s still ain’t yet prayed.  God forgive us!  Note dat prayer list.  En be sure ta reads James 5: 16b “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Ours prayin’ for these thangs saves lives and brings peace.  En, we’s all ordering wholesale Christian t-shirts with ours special pictures for picnics this summer.  So tells me ya sizes you wants.  Keeps prayin’.  We talk ‘gain next week.

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Unprepared For Winter’s Worse

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:39 PM
November 23, 2010

Worsening winter storms are among the increasing effects of Global Warming. Severe winter blizzards, ice storms, and erratically cold temperatures are the sure results of warming atmospheres. When mounting temperatures from Global Warming melt polar ice caps, it causes water to evaporate, thus releasing more moisture into the air. This moisture enriches clouds, making heavy rains, ice storms and blizzards more likely.

 In January of 2008, China experienced its worse snow storm in 100 years.  Twenty-four people died.  Trains were halted, 19 airports closed and untold thousands of people going home for the nation’s Spring Festival were stranded.  In Europe in 2007, 47 people died as a result of fierce ice storms that swept across the continent. Thousands of homes in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic were without power for days on end.

 And the same could soon happen in the United States.  A Pennsylvania environmentalist reports, “Consistent with the predicted impacts of Global Warming, we found that storms with extreme precipitation have increased in frequency by 24 percent across the continental United States. . . . New England and the Mid-Atlantic saw storms with extreme precipitation levels increase in frequency by 61 percent and 42 percent, respectively.” In view of severe winter storms that are sure to come, the father-and-son research team of Stanley and David Changnon find that American citizens are simply not as equipped to survive severe winters as they use to be.

 Apparently,  Americans have become too dependent on expensive gas and electrical systems that are not supported by aging national power grids. Wood burning stoves and authentic fire places, homegrown food preserved for the winter, and unattractive warm bulky clothes are considered too old-fashion for modern times. Such thinking has got to change. In view of the Changnons’ findings, people should do everything possible to prepare for winter.  Better home insulation, wood burning stoves, long-lasting generators, well-stocked pantries, winterized automobiles, ample battery supplies, emergency radios and flash lights become increasing necessary in this age of Global Warming. And in really far-sighted views of preparation, Americans must do everything possible to end this insanity of carbon emissions and human-causing Global Warming.

 Proper preparation for winter months is more important than shopping for wholesale Christian kids t-shirts, Christian word puzzles, or wholesale Christian Bibles that will make great holiday gifts.  And prayer for protection to Almighty God, Who alone knows the future, should go a long way for believers who want to survive the difficulties of the coming winter.

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Getting into the Christian Way of Life

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 14:06 PM
November 12, 2010

Jesus-Loves-Me-kids-tshirtI was raised as a Catholic, went through many of the sacraments and did not feel the closeness with God and Jesus until I had children and found a Christian church. You can say that my children and I discovered God and Jesus together. The kids have always gone to the Sunday classes and participated in the outings with the church class. They like the bonding that goes on with the group and the feeling of acceptance.

Recently I found some great Christian childrens t-shirts on a website and decided that this would make a good Christmas gift for them. Of course I have to buy toys and games also but I think that these Christian childrens t-shirts are so cute that they will like them also. This year I am going to shop early to avoid the crowds.

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Other Tips to Think Green, Live Green

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:35 PM
October 12, 2010

As the seasons change, everyone thinks of ways to save energy and lessen carbon footprints.  Notice the new cars people are buying lately?  They are smaller with boxed shapes, more compatible with wind flows.  These designs result from government and corporate efforts to cut down carbon emissions.  Other necessary steps demand changes in national economic and cultural priorities.  But tensions arise when people worry that these changes will affect jobs.   Thus, this new era requires workers to retrain in green job skills.  None of this will be easy, but it is necessary if the country does its part to save the planet.

 Additional steps that individuals and families can take to help reduce carbon footprints, include: 

1) Checking with neighborhood associations to see if there is a ban on drying clothes outside.  Electric and gas clothes dryers use a great deal of energy.  Their use arose when suburban planners demanded uniform “beauty,” and generally banned outside clothes lines.  Community leaders may now resist any changes, but energy-wise citizens should stress necessary priorities at neighborhood meetings on this and other Global Warming issues.

 2)  At those meetings, ask about certification on the quality of the water.  If the water quality meets basic government standards, stop buying bottled water cold turkey.  Or purchase a water purification system that can be attached to kitchen faucets.  And urge everyone else to do the same.  Billions of tons of plastic bottles dumped in oceans interfer with ecosystems, affect healthy air, and kill sea life.
 3)  Leave cars at home.  Use public transportation as often as possible.  Or organize neighborhood carpools for shopping. 

4)  Stop purchasing items that are filled with paper and plastic packaging.  And write the producers, asking them to stop excessive use of paper and plastic.  Also urge them to use only recycled packaging.  As an example of this packaging craze, Jaymi Heibuch reports that “of the 66 million tons of solid waste generated by Californians each year, approximately one third is packaging.”  So much of this is just unnecessary waste!

 5)  Try to purchase locally-grown produce.  This will cut down on on cross-country trucking which produces incredible amounts of carbon. 

6)  Do not reuse plastic containers from new food purchases.  Most are not suitable for reuse and could be dangerous.  

7)  Rather than running hot water continuously when washing dishes,  put all the washed dishes in one place, and  pour the hot water over all of them at one time.   And heat water in a kettle, rather than from the hot water heater.

 As they hang Christian childrens t-shirts on outside clothes lines to dry, believers should remember that faith is measured by the love of God shed abroad to others (Romans 5: 5), including the best examples of good stewardship over neighborhoods, nation and Earth.

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Footprints Measure Commitments

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:55 PM
September 29, 2010

Let there be no misunderstanding: the United States has the largest carbon footprint in the world.  With the planned pitiful lack of public transportation, it keeps millions of carbon polluting cars on the road.  In 2005, the Kyoto Treaty, pledging to curb greenhouse gases, went into force with ratification from 192 nations.  The United States was not among them.  Many of these pledging nations are doing all they can to reduce carbon emissions.  The United States is not. 

 Canada is one of the 38 developed nations signing the Treaty, and with the others, “made commitments that would cut their total emissions of greenhouse gases on average between 2008 and 2012 to levels 5% below 1990 levels.”  In addition, Canada said that it would provide financial assistance to under-developed so that they too can meet their Kyoto agreements.  According to the Eco Slopes blog, Germany leads the world in wind and solar technology, and plans to have 20 percent of its energy supply come from renewable energy by 2020.  Moreover, the German government says that by 2007, Germany had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent, as compared to 1990.

 Today, Norway, another signer of the Kyoto Treaty, runs almost 100% on renewal energy.  Statistics Norway blog states: “For the second year running, Norway’s total greenhouse gas emissions have decreased. In 2009, 50.8 million tons CO2 equivalents were emitted, which is the lowest level since 1995. A great deal of the reduction is due to lower emissions from the manufacturing industries and oil and gas activities, but emissions from road traffic and agriculture also decreased.” Norway’s slowing economy may be a factor.  Eco Slopes points out that Brazil is now the clean energy giant of South America because it is converted much of its transportation to ethanol––a biofuel manufactured from sugar cane. In that nation, where sugar cane is a fertile staple, its ethanol is half the cost of oil.

 Obviously, other nations are taking drastic steps to attack the problems of Global Warming.  But what is not so obvious, is the fact that individuals and citizen organizations within these nations keep constant pressure on their governments to do everything possible to defeat Global Warming.  These groups are skeptical of government reports.  Writers publicly challenge their nation’s reports as too optimistic, and often question the truthfulness of these reports. 

 Many Christians in the United States pride themselves on being born in, and part of, the freest and most Christian nation on earth.  Yet the reticence of some professing Christians to enter the public battle against Global Warming is difficult to phantom.  Jesus says that not everyone who calls Him, Lord, Lord shall enter heaven, but only those who do the will of His Father in heaven (Matthew 7: 21). As many in church communities dress their kids in Christian childrens t-shirts, is it not time to set examples of doers of The Word before them?

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Have You Heard The Latest News About . . . .?

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:12 AM
September 23, 2010

Because excessive numbers of bed bugs have spread to every state in the union, specialists came together for a huge Bed Bug Conference outside of Chicago this week. More than 400 people attended the sold-out confab. Several bug scientists, or entomologists, were scheduled to speak. An organization called BedBug Central organized the event. Its president, Phillip Cooper says: “This summit will provide a sophisticated level of information to a variety of industries . . . .” But so far that information has not been made available to the public. Until news comes, one must assume that science has no answer for these galloping bugs, other than to continue to shell out money to exterminators for treatments that may not work.

And have you heard of that a theologian philosopher published a thesis in the New York Times arguing that eliminating (i.e. by execution) all Meat Eating animals on earth would solve all of our problems? Its true. Unfortunately, such educated advice was published in the New York Times on September 29th. Kill them all, Dr. Jeff McMahan says, and then let the remaining animals survive by foraging what vegetation they can find. Of course, that would mean killing all the pet dogs and cats that Americans love, because they eat meat too. McMahan says that such drastic steps are necessary as animals are suffering greatly, because people have not solved the “problem of evil.” One must wonder if

And have you heard that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told an audience in Portland, Oregon, last month: “We have a moral obligation to preserve the planet.” As reported by Laurence Lewis in the Daily Kos, while she toured a newly weatherized home, the Speaker said that the issue of Global Warming must move beyond politics: “We have to be thinking about the next generation, not the next election and that is what this conversation is about.” As the third highest elected official in the country, she certainly has the power to push through more legislation affecting Global Warming.

Whether its bed bugs, meat eating animals or Global Warming, it is obvious that no one person or group of people have all the answers for the state of Global Warming that the nation and the world is in today. Today is the first day of Autumn. Time is rushing on toward eternity. Isaiah 11: 2 lists wisdom and understanding as two of the seven attributes of God’s Holy Spirit. As families get children ready for school in their wholesale Christian kids t-shirts, let everyone pray that God would give more of His Spirit’s wisdom and understanding to leaders so that the destruction nations now face may be reversed.

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No Trees, No Food, No Water, No Life

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:40 AM
September 15, 2010

In addition to caterpillars, cankerworms, pine beetles and the hemlock woolly adelgids, and other pests, America’s trees are under attack from Global Warming, virulent fungus, lack of sufficient water, excessive ozone, uncontrolled deforestation, and relentless death.  As Charles Little, author of “The Dying of the Trees:  The Pandemic in America’s Forests,” writes, “the more trees that die, the more trees will die.”  Moreover, the nation’s basic problem with its trees is that dying trees portends the imminent dying of people.

 Through the process of photosynthesis whereby trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, trees are necessary for the very air people need to breath.  Trees and forests also provide homes for myriads of animals like birds, frogs, wild game foods, beavers, bears, etc.  But few corporations kept these necessities in mind when beginning systematic processes of destroying forests in the United States and around the world.
 In her article, “Causes and Effects of Deforestation,” Rita Putatunda writes that for the sake of economic gain, people have cut down millions of trees:  for lumber to building houses, furniture and paper products; to clear land for cattle grazing; to burn them for fuels; to clear them for other form lands and for mining operations, etc.  Putatunda also points out that absent forests means soil erosion, nutrient losses, and disruption of the water cycle.  Thus, trees are so thirsty in the United States because their scarcity means that they cannot release drawn stored water in their roots into the ecosystem.

 One part of Deuteronomy 20: 19 says:  “ . . . for the tree of the field is man’s life.”  Every word, jot and tittle of Scripture is vital for believers to totally understand how God made this earth, and how He intends for it to be inhabited.  Those nine words in the middle of a thirty-plus-word verse speaks volumes to the situation trees and people are in today.  Indeed, most people don’t know how vital trees are for human existence.  But those who read God’s Word do, or at least they should.  In the few years that Christians may have left before The Lord’s return, believers should teach children to love and respect God’s Word.  Starting them on the Biblical concepts included on wholesale christian kids t-shirts, even while they are babes, is a great beginning to knowing God, His creation and His Word.

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