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First Greece, Now Spain: Who’s Next in the ‘Eurozone’ Crisis?

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 17:15 PM
May 31, 2012

   Now bankers and politicians in the European Union (EU) are concerned that there are not enough funds to help their member with the fourth largest economy, Spain which––like Greece––is suffering under the heavy load of stern austerity.

Yesterday, Landon Thomas, Jr. in “Europe Fears Bailout of Spain Would Strain Its Resources,” wrote for The New York Times:  “Spain fast eclipses Greece as the focus of the euro zone debt crisis.”  And, like Greece, Spain complains of extremely high interest rates, and merciless debt-due demands.

And today, Thomas writes in his Times article, “Europe Fears Bailout of Spain Would Strain Its Resources.”  Those resources will soon be in a new $867 billion bailout fund that should be available for EU members this summer.  But, alas, that just won’t be enough money to go around to repay all these debts.

In stock markets around the world “turmoil mounts over the government takeover of the giant Spanish mortgage lender Bankia.”  Upon that news, monied investors started fleeing Spain, and markets sank.  It seems that Spain’s economy will need bailouts larger than that of Portugal, Ireland and Greece put together.

Santiago Carbó Valverde, professor at the University of Granada and a consultant for the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, explains, “At seven percent, it will be very hard for Spain to obtain funding.  “It’s not just the government either, but big banks and companies as well. The markets will close.”

Most startling, is that Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, does not really want a ‘Greek-style‘ bailout, because, as Thomas explains, “as Athens and Dublin and Lisbon [the capitols of Greece, Ireland and Portugal] have found, those rescues typically come with demands for deeper budget cuts and new fiscal rigor.”

Just as Greece now groans under an impossible-to-meet debt load, those excessively onerous demands would make Spain’s payback conditions equally outlandish.  The cost could soon reach an astronomical 500 billion euros.

Acknowledging that his nation’s budget deficit has grown by 26 percent in just one year to 8.5 percent, making it highly improbable that it can meet the EU’s target of 5.3 percent this year, Valverde says, “We are a highly leveraged nation.  What we need is a Europe-wide solution.”

Just as the blog,, asserted yesterday, “invisible forces are quietly forging a war throughout Europe.  It is an economic war.  And the first losing victim is Greece.”

Now its author can add, “And the next victim is Spain!”  Then, the Irish will soon vote on these same issues.  Indeed, we need prophetic Christian calendars to chart the rest of this year’s EU Humpty Dumpty free fall.  In these confessedly Christian nations, leaders surely learned that line in The LORD’s Prayer, “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors (Matthew 6: 12).”  Didn’t they?

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2012, 2060, Now or Forever, Part 1

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:04 PM
December 10, 2010

If prophecies by Mayan Indians, Hopi Indians, the prophet Nostradamus, and other occult, religious, quasi-scientific and cultural beliefs around the world are correct––normal activity on this Earth will be over in two years and a few days. Precisely on December 21, 2012.  Apparently some in Hollywood believe the date to be authentic, as a blockbuster film showing the complete annihilation of this planet was released recently with the title “2012.”  Those who study astrology point out that the date happens to be the time of the winter solstice, which in that particular year will significantly line up with the Milky Way’s equator.

 A very sophisticated people for their time, the Mayans built seemingly perfect calendar systems based on their astute knowledge of star systems, indicating that the Grand Cycle of the earth will end on that 2012 date.  While scientists and others debunk the Mayan prophecy, others claim that the Mayans were instructed about these dates from alien visitors.  (See pic of Mayan temple)

 But then, noted British scholar, Isaac Newton, along with Albert Einstein, considered one of two of the greatest scientists who ever lived, insists that the Earth, as we know it, will not be destroyed until 2060.  A devout Christian with rather unorthodox beliefs, Newton based his calculations on very close study of The Bible, particularly the numbers involved in the construction of Solomon’s Temple.  According to an article in Wikipedia, “Newton believed that the temple was designed by King Solomon with privileged eyes and divine guidance. To Newton, the geometry of the temple represented more than a mathematical blueprint, it also provided a time-frame chronology of Hebrew history.”
 The History Channel’s end-of-the earth studies point out that Newton left his findings about Earth’s end with families that were wealthy enough to conceal them from church officials.  At that time, such conclusions would have been banned as heresy, which was punishable by death. The article adds:  “Newton felt that just as the writings of ancient philosophers, scholars, and Biblical figures contained within them unknown sacred wisdom, the same was true of their architecture.” He wrote that these men hid what they knew “in a complex code of symbolic and mathematical language that, when deciphered, would reveal an unknown knowledge of how nature works.”  From his study of these phenomena Newton concluded that the Earth would suffer a colossal end in 2060.

 However, The Lord Jesus Christ instructs Christians (including Newton), “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only (Matthew 24: 36).”  (See also Matthew 24: 42, 50; Mark 13: 32).  However, Jesus did discuss several signs that would indicate Earth’s ending.  As believers prepare for the holidays with wholesale Christian gifts, they should study those many signs. Some will be discussed in future blogs at this site.

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But California Bedbugs Would Meet Themselves Coming Back

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:31 AM
December 8, 2010

Of course those bedbugs who made it from New York to California would only be meeting their cousins coming back from Hawaii.  On his blog, Attorney Wayne Parsons, who practices in the Aloha state, says that Hawaii especially has a horrible bedbug problem, and that hotels work very hard there to keep the matter away from the media.  Parsons insists that such secrecy is unfair to tourists, and that the bug problem will ultimately affect that state’s tourist industry, if it is not dealt with.  He is hopeful that the federal government’s involvement will give more guidance to state and business health officials.

 Parsons gives some tips from Victoria Fickle, an entomologist with the State of Hawaii Department of Health, for travelers to protect themselves from bedbugs: 1) Remove all sheets and inspect mattresses when first going to a hotel looking for any bugs or blood spots, even pull beds away from walls and check wall areas; 2) Don’t keep suitcases near hotel beds or store clothes on hotel furniture; 3) Keep suitcases zipped at all times; 4) When leaving the hotel, put belongings in sealed plastic bags; 5) When returning home, wash all clothes and dry them at highest possible temperatures.  If items can’t be washed, put them in zip-top bags and place in the freezer for several days; 6) Vacuum suitcases and travel bags, being especially mindful of seams and corners;  7) Do these things immediately and at the first signs of bedbugs––get professional help.  This help is needed, because perhaps the biggest problem with bedbug attacks is the emotional strain it has on the victims.

 Reports from various victims indicate that this emotional strain drives people to drastic measures.  One couple being ferociously attacked by bedbugs finally moved out of their long-term leased New York apartment, gave up their aspirations for Broadway, and returned to their birthplace in the South.  They simply couldn’t take it any more. Exodus 8: 21 should be added to other examples from Scripture on bedbugs:  “Else, if thou wilt not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of FLIES upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of FLIES, and also the ground whereon they are.” Again, as explained in several past blogs, the term “flies” means various kinds of attacking insects.   As believers shop for wholesale Christian gifts this holiday, perhaps some of those gifts should be pretested for these bugs.  On the other hand, good Bible translations that make God’s requirements and intentions clear would also make great gifts.

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Keeping Score? Who’s Ahead? Man or Nature?

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:07 PM
November 20, 2010

Let’s see.  Let’s check the score.  People verses Nature.  Birds are either going extinct or becoming deformed.  And science supposedly can’t explain why.  Frogs are no better off than the birds, as they are being born with several arms, legs, heads, etc., turning them into some sort of monsters.  Again, the smart body of learned men doesn’t know how to stop it.  Then, honey bees have been disappearing in mass for years.  And, although these bees are vital for food production around the world, science still can’t explain their disappearance.

 So, obviously, Nature looses that round.

 But then again, the vast majority in all scientific fields is more than convinced that Global Warming is a definite threat to the existence of all life on earth.  Yet those who have the political power to change those corporate and economic practices causing Global Warming either deny that the problem exists, or else they refuse to do anything about it.

 Here the score is probably tied.  Although man-made Global Warming is definitely destroying Nature, it is also hurting people with increasing diseases, stifling heat waves, rolling bouts of drought and the destruction of fish, vegetation and other food sources vital for human life.

 But then maybe Nature is retaliating against its man-made Global Warming.  Volcanoes go off more often, and earthquakes are more quickly multiplying across the globe, along with hurricanes, typhoons, floods, mudslides and sinkholes, etc.   Crazy weather with heat waves, erratic rain and snow storms, heavy smog, etc., helps that retaliation along.  These phenomena have, of course, killed thousands of people, but have done nothing to move national leaders who have the power to do something about man-made Global Warming. 

 To keep accurate score, it is necessary to know if some of those in power don’t care if people die or not.  Just maybe there are a few people in power (or controlling those who seem to be in power) who really want most of the earth to be destroyed.  With about three-quarters of earth’s human and animal populations gone, there would be less interference with the plans of these few to rule the entire planet.  And, if these evil miscreants can exercise such power, without interference from human protests, then both man and Nature loses that score.

 The Bible says in Proverbs 29: 2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”  In a democracy, the power of the vote decides who rules.  As readers shop for wholesale Christian gifts this Christmas, it’s a good time to decide whether they will work and pray against such evil plans, or they will simply enter the New Year believing that the only realities are those they see and think they know about!

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Bad Winter Coming, More Things To Do

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:22 PM
October 13, 2010

Although the New Farmer’s Almanac says the opposite, government officials expect the coming winter to be rough and cold, especially in the mid-western United States.  These officials insist that a combination of Global Warming and El Nino wind currents will lead to increasingly freezing cold, snow and ice.  According to Joe Bastardi, Chief Long-Range Meteorologist for, “Chicago, Omaha, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Seattle, Alaska, central Canada and Portland” will receive “the worst of winter’s cold and snow.”

 And, discouraging winter travel, Lindsay Godfree, of Cross Country Travel Examiner, expects ice storm damage from Oklahoma to Kansas.  Moreover, predicts that Russia will have its worse winter in 1,000 years.  In addition, the unusually successful forecaster Stephen Adams, also of Arctic Snap, says that Great Britain is “for another bitterly-cold winter, with widespread snow and Siberian temperatures.”

 In view of these dire scientific findings, this blog presents further things to be done in this winter of continuing Global Warming’s traits––i.e. boiling hot summers and freezing-cold winters:  1)  Close off all rooms that will not be used.  Close their heat and air ducts.  Seal their windows and put draft stoppers at their door bottoms; 2) Use rugs, blankets, heavy drapes or other linens to cover windows that are not double paned or air tight.  Try to avoid using plastic panes if possible;  3)  Avoiding heat sources, wrap the hot water tank with blankets or other thick insulation to avoid frozen pipes;  4)  Put towels, rugs, flaps or other types of closures on all under-the-door drafts on all doors leading to the outside;
 5)  Tightly close all outside faucets and wrap them with cloth or insulation to prevent freezing;  6)  Also wrap pipes in basement that are prone to freezing;   7) Put bags of ice in freezer storage areas in case of power outages;  8)  Try to cut down use of the hot water tank by: only wash clothes in cold water; rinsing dishes with hot water warmed on the stove; taking showers instead of baths, etc.  9) Try to use artificial logs, newspaper rolls, discarded wood or other burnable waste in fireplaces.  Clean air demands that healthy trees must remain in place and uncut everywhere possible; 10)  Wear warm layered clothing to stay warm.

 Many in the world see winter as a time of death and sorrow.  But the Bible says that winter was made by God (Psalm 74: 17), and is intended to be a blessing: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Genesis 8: 22).  So while preparing for the holidays with wholesale Christian gifts, everyone should take precautions to preserve life!  Global Warming won’t last forever, because Jesus is returning soon!

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Decline of Blessings with Increase of Disasters

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:10 PM
June 14, 2010

Discussion of feral tigers in the last two blogs Biblically centers around the background of St. John’s prophecies in Revelations 6: 8 “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the Beasts of the earth.” There are approximately 8 billion people on earth today.  A fourth part of that number would be two billion, and as four different manners of death––i.e. sword, hunger, death (by pestilence), and beasts––are listed, an even division would mean that up to 500 million people could be killed by beasts.

 The United States has been so blessed and prosperous in the past, that its citizens cannot imagine that many of the protective safeguards keeping it safe may not always be there.   At least three factors influence that decline.   One is the gradual removal of God’s protective blessings; another is economic decline.  And last are irresponsible, and even corrupt, people who deliberately weaken the nation’s safeguards.  All are connected.

 In the 1960s, most churches in the U.S. stopped Wednesday evening prayer services, often substituting Bible study instead.  Individual and group prayer from earnest Christians hold back forces of evil from nations, governments and families.  Most Christians are not aware that some of their countrymen deliberately serve the causes of evil.  Many of those who seek to glorify evil have purposefully imported these dangerous animals, perhaps preparing for the attacking beasts of Armageddon as cited in the passage from Revelation. 

 Experiences in the Old Testament prove that lack of repentant prayer and empowerment of satanic worship can remove God’s blessings from any nation, and economic collapse could soon follow.   As the United States takes multiple hits with drastic oil spills; killer hurricanes, tornadoes and floods; two major wars; domestic terrorism; near economic collapse, etc.––rather than returning to earnest prayer, many solely seek political solutions.  How many see today’s headlines as urgent reasons to cry out to God for His forgiveness, and asking Him for true spiritual revival?

 Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26, and other Scriptures, indicate that God’s judgment comes upon a nation in waves of increasing intensity.  After each set of disasters, God calls upon the nation to change its ways.  If its people refuse to repent,  God allows more severe judgments to fall.  In addition to repentant prayer, and standing against forces of evil in the civic arena, believers may consider other ways of witnessing about these apparent Armageddon times.  Reminding others that it is time to seek God’s forgiveness and blessing is laudable.  Why not consider wholesale Christian gifts in that regard?

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